Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

Episode 3 soon.

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Time for the cute ojou to join the party.

Waiting for a male character to come and fuck one of the girls and ruin this show for you faggots.

Waiting for a nigger to come and rape you at your house and ruin you for life.

feels good to go to sleep knowing that you'll wake up to comfy antarctica girls


episode 3 PV
the gang gets its 4th member

obviously, what else could have possibly happened?

more enjo kousai?

Which one will die first?

Now that they will have all the girls introduced after this I hope they hurry up and get them on that boat ASAP. I don't want this to be a "they only get to Antarctica in the last episode" thing.

The butthurt will be legendary if they aren't there by ep 6 or so.

blue jacket seems the most expendable , though no jacket should die of hypothermia in just a few minutes

With the way things are going, they won't be lingering in Nippon for much longer. The 4th girl is their ticket into the expedition judging from the preview. Expect a timeskip montage and departure in episode 4 or 5 at the latest


mari is a monster

psst onii-san, which way is Antarctica. Will you help me find it? I'm kinda scared all alone. I'll do a "special favor" for you later...

PAATO PAA- Oh wait, wrong show.

How can you get confused? Hanayamata was good.

Why doesn't this show have an OP and ED even a fraction as good as Hanayamata?
What went wrong?

The ED is beautiful tho

>why aren't they in Antarctica yet like omg muh plot
>muh realism

These threads so far have been fucking shit and I really hope I won't have to read the sentiments expressed above over and fucking over for this entire fucking season.

Get some taste you fucking philistines. This is aoty fyi

Hinata's voice is amazing

The one on the right will discover ancient city of the Old Ones and go mad, killing the rest of the crew in the process.

is this anime made from leftovers of tsuki ga kirei?

Holy shit, talk about no fun allowed. There are like zero antarctica-based anime so of course people are gonna make posts like that.
If you're so assblasted about it stop coming to the threads.

If that's enough to make you consider these threads to be shit, then you are better off not reading Citrus or VEG threads. Now that's cancer.

>muh plot

Wow I wonder what the twist will be xD

Are they finally going to find the star gate?

The citrus threads on /u/ are better

The one with the camera. The recording of her last moments will be all that's left of her.

Which one pleases old men for money? And which one pleases them for free?

Why the girl on the right dressed like that. They are not in Antarctica
Is this related to the plot twist?


This show feels like a more serious, Antarctic K-On!

I really like that.

Oh u mad

I hope when and if they get to Antarctica its a frozen hellscape and the cutesy OP is just a decoy

>more serious

I meant, less cake and more plot.

literally gots


>lost for 3 years
>in a frozen wasteland
Is there even any hope?

She was saved by nazi penguins.

Can't wait. I have to admit that this is one of the best this season, if not the best.


What the fuck kind of pose is that?

The irony is that you are shitposting you pathetic autist

Maybe it's an evolution of the dab


the one with the camera because she's die by hypothermia

>Where were you, Shirase?

Hey guys, let's go to Antarctica!

This character design is perfect for an Asanagi doujin.
This is what you get for going to 南極

I like this pose more.

It's been a while since I last heard hyperactive Yukachi.

Subs in half an hour.

Of course, user, isn't this Stargate Atlantis: the anime?

Is it just or the personalities of the 4 girls correspond perfectly to the ones in KOn? This new girl must be the Mugi one.

>just me

Just you.

What's the age of consent in Antarctica?


subs out


So this anime will have these types of absurd coincidences, the probability of it having an actual plot raised.


Jesus christ there's a lot of yelling going on

She finally realized her mother is dead?

Oh no, her secret is out

Here we go

B-but she's way better looking than Shirase IMO. What kind of shittaste does Japan have?

So much bullying.


This girl, holy shit.
The cast is all around amazing.

>the probability of it having an actual plot raised.
what? it obviously had an actual plot from the beginning

>prettiest girl
>funniest girl
>deepest girl
Just how much shittaste one must have not to have her as favorite?


I wasn't sure of that from the beginning, no. Thought it was going to be K-On in Antarctica.

What a meme song.

sorry dudes. she's canonically ugly. gotta deal with it.

Slice of life OVA when?

I think this episode saved it for me.

Damn, that was rough. Good thing she met 3 better girls to be friends with.

Rough? How sensible can 2D girls be?

It's near impossible to get a better cast for the 4 main characters

Thought there would be some law against high school girls working until after 10pm

>let's break her neck just to get a butt shot
How lewd and cruel can madhouse be?

This episode was really nice.

>they bumble around for 10 episodes
>get a not so mysterious offer to go to antarctica
>dead mom on episode 11

I didn't know this show would appeal to ryona fags.

These girls are total dorks.

My heart.

Hinata is best girl and Antarctica looks like a monkey.


It's like I'm watching Citrus.

Yuzuki is the type of girl that would start sniffing your sheets and clothes if you leave her alone for too long.


Confirmed for first death of dehydration.