Is this the pinnacle of anime?

Is this the pinnacle of anime?

Make a decent thread instead of throwing around fap templates, numbnuts

what anime?

No, the lack of nipples will always be holding it back.

crab pinching cat.gif

that doesn't help

And no, it's not a stylistic choice you fucking Shaftniggers.

kys newfag

considering the levels of radiation and eye damage caused by the gif, it's something from shaft

You're really a lazy boy. Don't you.

Ah yes, i remember this absolutely important scene. Truly a pivotal moment in the series.

Is monogatari the most forgettable series? I remember jack shit from any of the seasons other than the fanservicy stuff. Or maybe I'm just retarded.

Just look at the size, who in their right minds would choose left over right?

your not alone. nisio is master of forgettable dialogue. there's too much of it in the series

though it helps a lot with building characters and when it tries to be emotional,it hits really hard i.e. hachikuji end

Sup Forums, spoonfeed me, what is this anime.


something by Shaft

If you don't recognize it at a glance, you shouldn't post on Sup Forums.

You have to go

But I don't know, and image search gives me nothing, so tell me already.

boku no pico

stop posting and lurk until you find out. then lurk more before posting

actually scratch that just go

Why, not? Old Sup Forums culture of keeping tight lipped is, was, and always will be retarded, spill the beans.

die newfaggot

retarded in your eyes,i'm still all against enabling newfigs. if this makes you leave then that means more pleasent threads for me

Monogatari series

Go eat your stinky peas and get the nurse for to wash you oldfag, generosity is a virtue i've been told.

Are you giving me a fucking candy bar or letting take the car out for a joyride?
It's called being a normie and telling people about the cool anime on the anime board.

What the fuck are you doing faggot delete your post

You idiot. Anons need to lurk moar, always being newfags so that they continually seek validation from us, driving them to try and develop our mindset. Then they finally get how anons think, and by that point they are so far removed from society that they can only feel understood and accepted here on Sup Forums, further driving them to us and binding them to Sup Forums forever. This is why we tell anons to lurk moar.




So wait, you mean to tell me crotchety old otaku aren't just being a bunch of selfish twats, and it is ultimately to initiate a terrifying downward cycle until they are what you hate, namely yourself?

No, but you picked the right show.

Oh, which saga is it?

no he is completely wrong and trying hard to fit in. just as new as you. it is to keep you away from here leave never come back thanks

lurk more : the animation

you must share of our suffering, to truly belong.


I think i'll go tell all the chads at the gym to Sup Forums, so that way we can have 45 more JoJo threads, just to spite you.

No, that isn't even the webm version, you fucking peasant.

you should honestly try reddit you'll fit in much better and have a much nicer time

You mean that leftist hellhole that would yell at me for liking such filth, how and why?

Asking for stuff is normal, user. I know it's Monagatari, which saga is it from?