Kimetsu no Yaiba 93

This was probably the worst chapter I've had to typeset so far.

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It looks like he cut at least halfway through it.



I think what happened here is that Tanjirou really did consider for a brief moment becoming a demon for Nezuko's sake, but then he remembered that the demon hunters would go after both anyway if that were to happen.

One of the things I really like about this manga is how you can feel the weight of blows.

Please no



Btw I don't remember what 'the forge' is



Check the replies on the archived TL thread, IIRC forge was a mistranslation of flash made by TL user


Oh, that makes sense.

Also here's god speed as two words


Some pages don't work...


Did his face just get cut in half?

What pages? I deleted but only cause I posted as a revised version

I must have missed it. oops

I'm pretty sure this fight will end next chapter.

That's going to leave a big-ass scar if he survives through this
Yeah most likely, we're getting a color page after all. If that's the case then I really enjoyed it, Gyuutarou will go down as the man who manhandled a Pilar and 3 above-average demon hunters by himself despite being the weakest Upper Moon.

he's fucking dead even if he does survive this fight

This is a really Great chapter, thanks op

I'm inclined to believe that he will survive the fight and go to live a peacefull live with his 3 wives as a one armed/eyed hero ;-;

Will you upload the chapter on batoto? Or make an imgur album?

nah he's just understanding that he and the demon aren't so different

Batoto it's not worth it anymore.

Aggregators still rip batoto though

I'm fine with just a mediafire link. Inevitably someone's going to end up passing it around.

fucking hell, give me the next chapter. love you OP

Oh you still around or you asleep?

I am still around, may have some time to edit tonight but we'll see

Oh okay. Then I'll go have a quick look.

pan 1 bub 1: These circumstances will never change.
pan 1 bub 2: If one thing went differently, I probably would've ended up in this situation myself eventually.
pan 2 bub 1: If I ever became a demon,
pan 2 bub 2: I'm sure
pan 3 bub 3: Will come cut my head off.

>pan 1 bub 2: If one thing went differently, I probably would've ended up in this situation myself.

pan 1 bub 1: I know how fast your techniques are!!
pan 3 bub 1: Move it, freak!!


pan 5 side 1: I used it once to get out of the wreckage, so I don't have any more charges left.
pan 6 side 2: I'll cut her neck off for sure!! I will!!

pan 2 bub 2: He's trying to drag me in and rip me to shreds...!!


pan 2 side 2: Of his attack is increasing!!

pan 1 bub 2: Is Uzui Tengen's unique battle formula. The analysis takes a lot of time,

This is the last one.

pan 3 side 2: You'll just keep being pathetic, no matter how many times you try to come at me.

He lost much more than an eye in that panel. Just keeping Inosuke alive is pushing it for this arc. Easily been the most brutal fight/arc of the entire manga.

>all the good people keep dying

Batoto hasn't died yet, you can upload this chapter.

will happen soon enough.

Hard to guess with all the blood but it looked that way to me too, though he shouldn't be able to speak with half face

I think Kimetsu no Yaiba is my favorite manga in WSJ now

In two days.

Well, I said "soon enough", in 2 days qualifies.

Maybe Xenosaga style?


Well yeah, but it's enough time to upload the new chapter.

True, unless they lock/block uploading.

Hm, they could do this, but they haven't yet.

>daily dose of great KnY chapter with a dead general

Will it ever be popular?

Never, people would rather circlejerk over girls like in bokuben.

I mean, if you combine all three of the week's thread's post counts, it's close to a whole thread

Check out the KNY korean scans thread

But we have Nezuko

Yeah, just her. I kinda hope totally not Tanjirou's romantic interest ends up joining the party. She's not super OP or anything and autists developing feelings is always cute.

>mfw Inosuke is more pretty than Nezuko, Shinobu and Kanao

He also happens to smell like shit.

I hope it never does so threads stay comfy forever

But that would only mean Kimetsu will never be popular and it will be remembered as that one obscure anime liked by nerdiest anime fan.






>daily ch 93.rar

although imgur converted them all to jpgs

press F

It's a shame that imgur will always fuck up quality.

It feels like they've been trying to cut off heads for half a year now.

It's popular in Japan though and that's all that matters, being popular with an audience that actually supports the series is more important, even though I often miss these threads if I'm too busy because they don't last very long, I still have more fun just reading the comfy discussion after its dead every week rather than just watching the series get overtaken by a cancerous popularity that devolves into meaningless shitposting

Thank you so much!

It is reallllly popular in japan, it is in the top5 a lot of times. Its just not that big in the west, but that doesnt really matter.


Japan is only relevant for now but the west is a bigger market than Japan.

Tanjirou started fighting Daki back at the beginning of September. So not that far off.

It died so fast this week they had to make a second one.

Weren't there three threads?

I'll enjoy the comfy threads as much as I can. At least I'll have something to remember after the generalfags ruin it.

one was Japanese raw with someone TL'ing.

Do you seriously believe that? The sales number in the US can't even compare. And

I meant korean

More people =/= bigger market

For one thing, China is more into manga than the US and has more people (and then there's Korea as well)...stuff gets translated to like three or four European languages before it ever gets to English

And ultimately, the profits for the people actually making the manga do not come from licensing translations, they come from Japanese popularity, so that is all that matters if you actually care about the series continuing

That was ch 91 or 92...

That was because a stupid newfag made a thread too early and didn't dump it properly. Doesn't mean anything.

>the west is a bigger market than Japan.
It’s not, and the majority of mangaka don’t profit from overseas sales aside from their initial licensing fee.

Well okay, as long as Kimetsu’s here to stay then I’m not gonna complain further.

Its like people always forget that the leaks are usually chinese/korean

At least it won't be canceled. We should be happy about it. And in Jump festa there were more merch about KNY than The Promised Neverland

>tfw want to buy tons of KnY merch but feel it would be irresponsible since I lost my job
D-do you think the merch will be available for a long time...I really wanted those hanafuda earrings

What’s the english translation of Kimetsu no Yaiba? Demon Slayer?

I wanted to buy at the day, but almost everything was sold out. (what is a good thing for the manga)

Probably they will add some new stuff in Animate soon

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba