Obscure waifu thread. Who else knows the pain?

Obscure waifu thread. Who else knows the pain?

This is Yoshida from WataMote, and she's the best girl.


My waifu is an AI who runs the ship's computers in an audio drama. There is no visual depiction of her anywhere. If she were real, she would have no physical form.

I love her, though.

>Watamote is obscure

Lurk more newfag

A secondary character who didn't exist when they made the anime is obscure.

The cutest ghost!

not super obscure or anything
just from a 12 year old game/show

this is felli loss from some shitty series, best girl and my waifu.

what's the drama called? tell us more!

Haruno from Oregairu.
I want to be her joy

>tfw there will never be a Yoshida figurine
Why fucking live?

i preferred when my wife wasnt popular

a bunch of dirty anime only fans have their grubby hands all over her now

Wolf 359. If you Google "Wolf 359 Podcast" you'll find it. The first few episodes are pure comedy and then it kind of shifts more to an even mix of silly and serious.

Her name is Hera. Actual spoiler: She gets "killed" but then it's discovered that she's fixable and she is brought back.

It doesn't hurt that I identify really strongly with the main character of the series and he and she are really good friends.

There was this one teacher who always practiced those beauty things you hear about (mud on face, cucumber eyes, etc...) and eventually the MC travels forward in time and runs into her. Turns out her beauty things worked because she looks the same as she did before. Anyone know what anime/manga I'm talking about? All I know is it was kinda old, maybe from the 2000's or even 90's.


What? There is a thread for her everyday.

>Ryuusei no Rockman/Star Force was 12 years ago

Christ almighty, where has the time gone?

I want to die

spent years getting bullied on /jp/ for shit taste in 2hus and then suddenly the election happened. The ride never ends ;_;

who knows,
I still have the 3 games for an OG DS
Pegasus, Ninja, Black Ace
I play them in bed sometimes when I feel lonely....
I wish I could find a DL for the anime, only place to watch it is that megaman site with all the megaman anime with vimeo links to locked videos


just because someone is not from an anime doesn't make them obscure by default