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Totty is worst Matsu though

Wrong. No one is worse than Fappy.

That explains why I'm not enjoying this season much. And here I thought the writing had just gone to shit.

Choro and Todo are top matsu in no particular order.

Pretty shit ep, didn't laugh once

>totty is best Matsu though

I didn't know Matsubara posted here.

Choromatsu makes me super horny.

Both answers are wrong tho

But neither are cute.

How much money is too much money to spend on gay incestuous muppet porn?

Any, but that shouldn't discourage you.

There was an user around fucking months ago who had 500 doujins or some crazy shit like that. I wonder if they'll ever do us the honor of scanning some of them so I don't have to spend a fortune on used out of print copies. I keep hoping I'll find some hidden cache of scanned doujins that have been kept hidden by spitful tumblr fucks that don't believe in the idea of equal distribution of porn.

Didn't knew we have landwhale fujos here

Is it even possible for Ichi to regain his edge at the point in the game?

How's your first week on Sup Forums?

This website is populated by the lowest classes of humans on this earth. Of course you knew there were landwhale fujos here.

holy shit they had a situation to use tottyface and they drew something new instead

Then you must be really new

Eh, it's a little weak.

>Totoko's name is written in Oso's color
So this is end game, right?

he can always go back to acting edgy but no one will treat that seriously. Campaign skit and Oso's recent interactions with him prove that no one finds him threatening anymore.

>It wasn't another dick quiz game

They found him threatening in the bedtime skit once he went into full intimidation mode. He still has it in him.

>then he actually yells "NYAA"

Ichimatsu is cringiest matsu.

>minnna donogurai no peesu de yatteru
is 'pace' a slang word for the frequency of masturbation?

He is becoming the new Karamatsu after all.

>Wants to be nice and encouraging
>Channels Karamatsu
>Karamatsu actually acts like a huge prick
Really makes you think.


What was the punchline of karamatsu taxi? The girl didn't have a job?

She was acting wise and like she had a lot of life experience when she was just a recent grad with no job. It kind of missed the mark though, since you don't have to be a wise vet to school somebody as incompetent and Karamatsu through life. Maybe it's cultural differences or something.

I think it's obvious, they are perfect for each other.

Ichimatsu is most overrated matsu.

But does most overrated mean worst?

Personally I don't really dislike any of them, but Chorofags piss me off with their moefying him and that turns me against his character.

No, it just means frequency/pace. Glorious nihongo is very context heavy so in caes like this you just have to read between the lines and "get it" that he is talking about masturbation.

dead thread
dead series

what's the correct answer?

both are half true

is this meant to be a euphemism for dicks and ass?
And they weren't sure which was better?

peenor and vagoo

why would they consider bener being better than vagene if they're straight?

Ichi genuinely annoys me in-series. I disliked him before I knew how loved and excused he is by the fans.

What did you think of Choro before encountering Chorofags?

benises are objectively really aesthetic

rip in piss, thread

we already hit bump limit with the last one though

yeah, but not with this one

How is the show in terms of popularity right now?
First season was a fuck-huge phenomenon in japan, normal ratings elsewhere. Now it seems it's almost forgotten elsewhere while in japan is just "popular enough".

All this talk about moeblob Ichi aside, this is kinda cute.


This cour has a lot of cute parka interactions so far. Oso is trying really hard to be a good big bro to Ichi.

There isn't much to discuss.

Oso being doting and caring only towards Ichi and Ichi coldly rejecting his affection because Oso is an asshole 90% of the other time is never not funny and my favorite brand of parka.

Suzaku is trying to make up for misunderstanding Lelouch

I'm convinced that the series might have kept its popularity longer if S2 didn't air. What S2 of an original anime has ever done much good for the series as a whole?

This show reminds me of Yume Nikki.

he became a good brother after episode 9

the cutest

I actually liked Totty Quiz a lot, once again Totty episode is the most entertaining.

OST when ?


Whose key will fit in Totoko's lock?


>The size difference between the matsus and Atsushis key

does that mean Iyami has multiple dicks?

Could Atushi satisfy them all?

They work so well with each other. That's not to say they're not shitty, just that she completes him.

Hattori? Has that been subbed properly yet?

I'm still upset Karamatsu taxi wasn't a Crazy Taxi parody

Isn't it too big?

Choro looks so confident. Cute.

Didn't they use the same OST of S1?

They make up for the twisting of the arm. I haven't laughed so hard on a scene and it still sends me into fits of giggles. Get rekt Totty hahaHA

It's pretty rare, so it's really nice to see him like that.
Yeah it is, I don't see how his could fit in anything.

they just need to practice a lot

>I don't see how his could fit in anything

That does more damage than it does good.

No pain, no gain

Reminds me of Oso's.

Confident Choro a cute!
Choro a cute!


Holy fuck, those voices are spot on.

I think the Jyushi VA should have gotten louder when he did 'uwaaa yattaaaa!" at the end, but he's still perfect

When Karamatsu Taxi transformed, the "Karamatsu go, go, go!" reminded me of the gun morphing from Space Patrol Luluco: youtube.com/watch?v=DiIT4EW_UeU

The fucking "Totty's amazed" bit is what got me.

It reminded me of that too. That "Karamatsu go go!" was really cute though. I love his normal voice.

Osomatsu san os sorta good again for two weeks in a row! How awesome!

Nice to see some painful Kara again even though it was an AU. A bit odd the brothers had a change of heart and stopped ignoring him this season.

Ichi and Choro were the only ones who understood the question, the other three were too dense

Well that's based on opinion isn't it?

No, dicks are objectively better.

member when he feed Iyami and baldy to tigers? Wait I get it. The tigers come at night. That's where he is most edgy.

It has never been bad this season, except for that dekapan and dayon skit.

something had to happen to the six of them between S1 and S2, some serious talk where they decided to change up few things, and whatever it is I don't like it

jesus karamatsu is such a fat piece of shit

They have made new music and tend to use it more than the s1 tracks. I'm not attached to any of them except the sexy sax one.

I interpret the sanematsu skit to be a non-canon dream sequence. All of the were too cordial to be in character. It was just sanematsu’s idealized delusion.

>Karamatsu is such a fat sexgod in the making


Sanematsu himself isn't real, it's supposed to be a tv show

Saying this, the previous Sanematsu skit actually hinted at future episodes, I wonder if this one did that too


Esper Nyanko, clearly.