I just finished watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes, does anyone feel like episode 40 where they go in depth about the founding of the Golden Baum dynasty should have come earlier in the series? Goldenbaum is continually referenced through the series, but it's only in episode 40 do we see exactly the full extent to how his rule managed to affect the universe and the reasons to how the noble's government became so shitty.

not really, i dont see how it affects the story at all

It seemed fine to me.

schenkopp 2 pure for this world

In the original novel it, FPA's founding, and Reinhard's and Yang's past was the prologue of the series (in that order).

Literally the first thing that happens in the series

yeah but the novels goes on a lot of muses by the author talking about things. It really can't be compared to the anime.

They could have inserted it anywhere but I think it would not have been good in the first season when you are focused on the characters a lot more.

A couple of questions. I'm planning to rewatch the whole series before remake starts airing, but this time watch the movie instead of first episodes. How many episodes could I skip safely after watching the movie?

movie only covers the first episode

Another absolutely important question. How do you think, what kind of underwear Empire officers wear? We saw FPA underwear, and it looks like generic modern stuff. But somehow I can't imagine Reinhard and other wearing striped trunks and wife-beaters under their posh 19-century inspired uniforms.

Oh. I thought it at least two episodes. Probably should just watch everything yet again.

it was an anime original episode followed by the first episode with higher production values

Lacy thongs probably.

I meant male officers.

So did I.


i bet it's a union suit

Heh. Now someone need to draw Reinhard dressed like this.


Agree. After Gaidens I love Schenkopp even more


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Based Attenborough.