Shokugeki no Soma

Reminder that Momo is the cutest girl in the series and you literally cannot prove this fact wrong.

She's garbage.

I'm going to marry Megumi!

Your waifu is garbage. They're shit compared to the Cute Queen Goddess, Momo.

Deserves to win over that tsundere cunt.

>About to get wrecked in her own specialty by a former tenth seat

She's shit.

>Implying Erina is confirmed to be the winner

t. Takumi

Who is the most boring character?

Momo and Megumi

I love Alice

Hold on to all the little bit of hope you have left. Because come Friday, it'll all be over for the shit Loli.

Megumi without a doubt

Because you're already trying to start shit again, I'll bite the bait:
>Both Erina and Megumi by far. The same tired tsundere/caring duo of characters that is seen over and over again. And the worst fanbases ever spawned.


I've watched a few episodes of S1, does Erina ever get put in her place by MC?

>literally instagram/twitter e-celeb whore
Trash. I never been more disgusted at a loli in my life.

No, she became best girl is leading an rebel army against the elite 10.

Yes. Multiple times.

your husbando

and is*




>marrying a retard without any sex drive

Good luck on your life, user.

That dumb bitch Rindou

No u. Souma-kun is PERFECT!!!

Only good with wet hair.


How lame, she's such a stuck up elitest bitch that looks down on commoners. Like Satsuki Kiryuuin.

It would be a shame if she won based on how little I've seen.

Thanks for proving my point.

>how little I've seen
That's your problem.
Also, Satsuki was right.

Why do people hate Rindou? How can anyone despise such a harmless creature!

Retarded bitch trying to hard to be funny.

Megumi, it is.

She's cute but she's so WILD, LMAOOOO

>How can anyone despise such a harmless creature!

Momo is to Erina as Nene was to Souma. Except Momo is going to lose without making a lame temperature mistake.



I wanna see Takumi drawn like that. Then he would look way hotter than Soma.

They're just gay.

>Then he would look way hotter than Soma.

Bitch, Takumi Is drawn like a bishounen faggot.

>wet hair Takumi.

If only.

Rindo is so damn fine.

I want to cuddle a fresh bathed Takumi.

Lol no. Takumi's features are too feminine.

Fuck this Momo thread. Lets all talk about best girl and her cousin.

Do you think an italian chad or a carefree exhibitionist stole his waifu in highschoool?

I would love to talk about Alice and her inferior shitty cousin

Well ok.

>I would love to talk about Erina and her inferior shitty cousin

She's the Cute Queen for a reason. A prodigy on all things cute is the cutest.
>we are gonna see naked Momo soon
My body is ready.

Alice is perfect.

They shouldn't lewd Momo.

> Takumi looks feminine.
So does Tsukasa yet those two are way hotter than Soma.


Megumi. You'd know that if you've read or watched the series at all.

I know what I said, bitch. Alice is the best girl. Daddy's little girl is shit


>Daddy's little girl is shit

So, Alice.

>carrying over garbage from the last thread
Come the fuck on.

I mean, you're not wrong. Soe should show up more though.

Why are they both so perfect?

Don't be so annoying and selfish. Momo needs more love too. I hope Momo won't lose, but Erina's plot armor is probably too strong.

Reminder: Azami see's Erina as the key to his plan.

He will turn her

Momo is seriously super cute and god tier. She's a loli, so that's pretty much a given.

>mfw Erina jobs in her debut

Will Erina get a pity vote too?

Hahahaha, no

>things that won't ever happen

Momo is the jobber here since it's likely she, a third seat, will lose to Erina in order to hype Erins's debut that Souma is seeing for the first time.

This is why the best Takumi has brutally short hair. .

But all Takumis are best

Ogata is best girl. Fight me, Royal.

You post this every thread user.

>ywn try the cake rolls Momo gave out to her fans
It's not fair

Fucking plebs, you guys are not lit at all.

I see what you did there.

>there will never be a SnS x Bokuben crossover with Erina-sensei and Mafuyu-sensei teaching their pupils the importance of solid education

Real best girl btw

y u do dis, user. don't remind me ;_;

Dem Nakiri genes

>Characters that will never show up again

A single panel is all you should need

White Nao showed up again in an omake.

Am I the only one who really likes the Polar Star members and wants to see more of them? More of them cooking that is. Their styles actually seem interesting but we only got to see them each cook once at most. Really annoying how they got totally sidelined in this arc (apart from Isshiki and Soma obviously)

Stop exaggerating. People like you need to chill with the "author totally forgot about this or that character" shit. No he hasn't and obviously they'll appear later on in the story. The reason certain characters aren't shown often for the longest is because they are insignificant for the most part in this kind of arc which is long. The author didn't forgot about any of them. Imagine if the karaage arc lasted 30 chapters meaning it's all Soma, Meat and Kurase. That doesn't imply the author neglected/ forgotten characters like Erina, Megumi, Alice, etc in the series. They're just insignificant and have no role for this arc and once that arc is done, then depending on whatever the next arc will be about, will focus on those characters. For this particular arc with Azami, the main focus is towards Soma, Erina and the elite 10. Hayama, Alice, Ryo, Megumi and every other character aren't the prime focus of this arc so them being insignificant is understandable whereas in an arc like the Autumn Elections, that's an arc focused on every first year which was why the PSD fodder, Nao, Hojo, etc all had their moment to shine.

Why is Erina hiding her body? Does she have a rash on her skin or something?

Erina-sama is not a whore.

Why do Nakiri girls have shit taste in men? Alice has a dog, Erina has a bum, Erina's mom married a psychopath. Leonora is lucky to be chosen by Soe. Apparently men with Nakiri genes has patrician taste.

I don't like Erina because I don't like tsundere characters.

The soba chick

Except Nao is a even bigger side character than Isami. And I was referring to White Nao. Nao will definitely get some minor appearances, but you are delusional if you think she has any significant role to play.

Women are just dumb and naturally inferior to men.

Royal is alive! what's your progress on the novels?

Black Nao is better

Pick any and all of the of the auxiliary Polar Star Dorm kids except for best senpai. Really hope most of them fail to pass the year regardless of them being saved now.


>Sada Tsukanao
I don't even remember her. When did she appear? Even the wiki doesn't have her page.