Holy shit every day is literally a pain waiting for the next episode of this, I never supposed that it can be so good

Holy shit every day is literally a pain waiting for the next episode of this, I never supposed that it can be so good

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I just want more Rin. Her retarded pink puppy is fine too but the rest I don't care for.

I wish I was rust on Rin's blade.

That's what everyone wants.

agreed. almost every aspect of this production is gold. it's the gem of the season

In the mean time, you could be camping.

I normally don't go in for "retard moe" but this girl and her theme music are too much

I've showed this to friends who do not even like anime like this and they enjoyed it. It's a very nice show that can be fun for many.

We're so lucky that the MC of this anime is also by miles the best girl. It's like if Kinmoza starred Karen instead of Shino.

I'm intimidated. Wanna go together ?

This is better than slow start.

Fight me.

They're both good but in different ways. We're lucky to have both in one season.

It is better though.

Rin needs a small car like a Prius to carry all her camping stuff.

how much bun is too much bun?

I-I'll go user...

i dont want her to join the outdoors club, her lonely camping is 100% comfy

I do not know if there is any brave to our side here



The comic version of the nose is very eye-catching

>Fight me?
Y tho? It's worse than not only the Kirarashit; but the A-1 Kirarashit last season.

I'm only sticking with Slow Start because 3-episode rule at this point.

Why did they make her a Conehead for the show?

w-what is she trying to do here?

>big tits
Is she, dare I say, the best girl after bun-chan ?


I want more Kagamihara.

Slow Start is boring and the art style and gradient eyes suck.

They say that time goes much faster when you go camping in the snow-covered forest alone.

Slow start is souless trash, I love CGDCGT but ST is just bad

It's almost physically painful

>ep one
>boiling water with no lid
you fucking dumb bitch you're wasting gas you slut its inefficient and you should feel bad you're setting a bad example cunt sort your shit out goddamn

Fucking this. She's by far the most attractive character in the manga but in anime she looks like a fucking alien.


She want (You) in her mouth.

Soft girl

Go to the moon camp

Take off and land

Soft in the head.

Captain Europe

Satisfied girl


Driving the girl with the horse Mercedes-Benz it

Damn i wanna

Watch Sora Yori, a new episode aired a few hours ago.

Someone definitely pressed her head's soft spot when she was a baby.


what did she mean by this?

>camping at a campground
>paying $20 to pitch a tent, be around lots of strangers, and not have to shit in a hole
pathetic bitchmode highschool girls

This is why it's called yuru camp

She's retarded, it's jibberish.

What do you mean you don't know how to set up a tent properly?

Prepare for death!

Why are gyaru so lewd

Kumin is CUTE

Hope to give her some sweet

You like this property?

I want to see them burn more pine-kuns to death.


>that pic
>these girls
This season is great by default

>worst girl from its respected series

Wrong, wrong and wrong.

Left is cute, middle is ugly, right is okay.

I feel the same for franxx