Oh no, Sup Forums!

Oh no, Sup Forums!
You just held hands with another loli, and your main loli doesn't like that!
What do you do to make it up to her?

I suck her dick.

She needs to do something for me to prove that she is more valuable than the other loli.

Headpat the waif

>implying all lolis aren't valuable
fucking delete yourself

I bap her! Teach it her place.

Who are you quoting?
There are lolis that have more value than others, that doesn't mean that there are lolis with no value.

Stroke the cunny

>There are lolis that have more value than others

That's noy very egalolitarian of you.

intense headpats


I have two hands, one for each loli.

Tell her only one of them is going to be having the kids so a little handholding shouldnt make her jealous

And because of your greed they will slip away from you.

>slip away

Lolis + rimjobs are one of the top tier fetishes for me.
How degenerate i am?

Rape her?Like what the fuck is she even worth for

High tier degenerate. Seriously, that's gross, user. We all know you should only cuddle and play games with lolis, not rim them or have them rim you.

I stick my dick into her vagina and pound her like mochi


Bruh, I'm tongue-fucking that butt.

I want to play games with a loli. What game would you play with your loli, anons?



Save the princess

Old MMOs.

Continue to ignore her until she's a well aged cake with a taste for good whiskey, then tell her how beautiful she's gotten and marry her.

House. I'll be the dog.

Loli is wary of you. How do you earn her trust back?

Are you a cuck?
Your logic sound like a cuck because that's how you get forced into a marriage with a women with other people children.

Cakes don't have children retard.

The exact opposite actually, and why would I want to raise a child instead of just biding my time, fucking other women and waiting for her to become a decent, functioning adult worthy of an adult relationship.

You know who thinks like you? A Cuck


Greedy = getting stabbed by a yandere.
Hove you not learned anything from School Days or Mirai Nikki?

I'm honestly bored: do we have a loli isekai story yet? Shotas have beaten lolis to the punch because they got an isekai-mecha anime/series. Lolis, are you even trying?

You mean the mc is a loli or the mc get a loli?

Not that I know of. This is the closest I can think of, and only because it's related to an MMO.

Loli rimjob is patrician you pleb.


Reverse handholding.

I don't.
She's going to bait me with beer and old rock records later.

The Naked Man game.

Pat her head.

but pic related is not a loli

Head pats.

But she still eats ass.

she's for sucking my dick with heart pupils

What's a titty monster doing in a flat-chest zone?

he's been tainted by the thickfags and titsfags

Why not both?

a foot jo- I thought we were playing monopoly!!


Why are lolis so dangerous?

Because they can ruin your life if they really want to.

Self-rape is dangerous, yes.

/f/ pls

They're moral-less monsters that lure in poor workers with their cute exterior.

>oh, a JS...
stop doing this shit.

Don't mind me, just doing justice by reporting your thread.