Violet Evergarden

Director: Taichi Ishidate
Series Director: Haruka Fujita
World View Setting: Takaaki Suzuki (Strike Witches World Setting)
Art Director: Mikiko Watanabe (Maid Dragon Art Direction)
Color Setting: Yuka Yoneda (Maid Dragon Color Design)
Director of Photography: Kouhei Funamoto (Violet Evergarden CM and PV 2 director of photography)
3D Director: Rin Yamamoto (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! director of photography)
Little Goods Setting: Hiroyuki Takahashi (Hibike! Euphonium 2 instrument setting), Minoru Ooda
Editing: Keigo Shigemura (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!)
Music Producer: Shigeru Saitou
Music: Evan Call (Jikan no Shihaisha)
Music Production: Lantis

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>Director: Taichi Ishidate
This worries me a lot.

eyy boy,why are you posting all that staff list info here?we can always use MAL or ANN for something like that.

whoa wtf kyoani is doing the fate route adaptation?


Ishidate is best KyoAni director and rightfully got to adapt their best novel with VEG. Yamada or Takemoto can not compete when it comes to visual direction and emotion - might have to do with Ishidate actually being non meme kino fag, that only got into anime because couldn't find job at cinema studios

That counts against him. He only entered the anime industry because he was too trash for live action. The other directors actually do care about anime so they went to anime first, meaning there's still a chance they are talented enough that they may have been able to enter the live action industry too if they tried.




What did he mean by this?

It's the list of the staff, of course.

Who's the filter director?

Not washed out enough.

>Director: Taichi Ishidate
Why is this hack still at KyoAni? Why couldn't VEG be helmed by a good director?

Great pasta. Kill yourself.

>calling the truth pastas

No you should kill yourself. You're the cancer killing Sup Forums.

>Yamada directed 10/10 K-On!!
>Ishidate directed 6/10 Chuunibyou and 4/10 (being generous) Kyoukai no Kanata


Go back to your DBS/JoJo generals, Pedro

Chuu2 was Ishihara

KnK was a 3/10.
That doesn't reflect well on ISHITdate, does it?

I just can't believe they didn't get one of their other directors to do this. First episode was incredibly disappointing.

This happens when you have expectations for anything.

Yeah, my bad really.

To be fair VEG is almost the opposite of CGDCT. Maybe Yamada directing is not a good idea.

Tamako Love Story and Koe no Katachi say hello.

Nobody cares about your purple greenhouse show stop shilling it already okay


Awful lyrics.

What? No, the lyrics fit the piano perfectly.


It's true though.

Which of those cunts is responsible for all the DoF and bloom?

Funamoto and Shigemura

What was so disappointing about it? I went in without any expectations or knowledge of the original and the first ep seemed pretty promising to me.

yeah same, im starting to think these threads are full of trolls

Ishihara is KyoAni's best director.

We can't all have your shit taste.

Fate is Hate

Saber "is" Clone

Why don't you guys talk about the show?

We've been spoiled by LNfags already.

We've been spoiled by Adult game fags already.

>Violet Evergarden is flopping

It's not fair Kyoanibros

This isn't some cheap eroge or self-insert story bro.

So did erased, everyone still talked about it.

I'm not worried, falseflag-kun.


I've killed eight men in my life. Five in Iraq. Two in Afghanistan. One in my own hometown. I had nightmares that left me swimming in my bed and exhausted by my fear. At first the cigarettes helped, though they never cured me. Then I turned to strong drink. At last I fell down a hole I couldn't see myself climbing out of. I'm not proud of those times and won't expound on them.

But then I found Violet Evergarden.

Never before had I seen a show that understood the soldier's plight so well. Never before had I seen a greater understanding of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and its cascading effects. And never before had I seen a show that healed me as truly and purely as Violet Evergarden.

I'm going into the police station tomorrow to confess to the murder of an innocent man. I know now that the only way to reach true salvation is to atone for my crimes. I only hope that, while serving my time, they'll allow me to watch the rest of Violet Evergarden.

Shouldn't that mean it has more to talk about? /lit/ still has threads about books everyone read centuries ago.

You're new aren't you?
Crossboarder too, shocker.

You sound pretty angry to discover that maybe your LN doesn't have the depth you thought it did.

Why did you become a storm trooper of the empire and helped to commit one 9/11 scaled atrocity after another to other people?

They deserve it for letting ISHITdate direct it. They'll recoup the losses from the Hibike films alone anyway.

Hello LARPer. Stop shitposting.



An Ode to Violet Evergarden

What can be said of higher art
Than this that stands above them all
That did reach out and formed new heart

Ne'er since Man's original Fall
have he and God been near as now
nor flew so high above his crawl

Like oil anointed on our brow
Came Violet Evergarden
And offered us a sacred vow

We and our sins granted pardon
With naught required but taking part
In that which our waifu starred in



Just watched the first episode. What a load of crap that was. It's pretty. That's all it is.

Is that why you're not a new IP ITT?
Don't you have some other thread to infect?

Excuse me, but you are just plain wrong. This was my first post in any Violet Evegarden thread. You are delusonial if you think that someone has to be a troll to dislike this.

That is some really shitty fanart.

user, some of us have plugins for this site and can see which IPs are new.
Go shit on some other thread and let this one die, shoo shoo.

hiroshima nagasaki toyota

> let this one die,
> but bumps it anyway

The nigger above that post bumped it nigger.

Personally, I wouldn't call Violet Evergarden an anime. I'd call it a revolution. Nothing before it can compare, and nothing after it will be without its influence. In the same way Galileo's brilliant insights saved us from the Dark Ages, Violet Evergarden will take us into a new age. A better age, free of the darkness that has permeated our modern society until now. Its profound understanding of the human condition will remake our philosophers, inspire our scientists, and uplift the common man. If anyone cannot see truth, love, or beauty within their own life after viewing Violet Evergarden, his is a soul forever lost to us. For there is no more spiritual moment, nothing that mankind has ever experienced to truly connect him with the divinity he holds within himself quite like Violet Evergarden. It is beyond our petty labels.

I am aware of said plugins and either you or the plugin is simply mistaken. I have no reason to shitpost. Or lie.