Episode 2 in a few hours. Are you excited?

Will it contain hot steamy lizard sex?

CD is confirmed stronger than Shalltear despite being a lower level. NW talents and gear are too much for Nazarick. It's basically an expansion character vs a vanilla

that doesn't bode well for Nazarick

Are her pubes twin-colored too?

If it doesn't than this adaptation is shit.

They will conclude the whole lizard arc in one episode?

>Implying she has any.

Only Albedo is a real woman, the rest are all hairless children.

If I solved the Rubik's Cube would she let me impregnate her?

Only if you hit her in the face while you solve it.


Reminder that Lupu is practically perfect in everyway.

Looks like friendly Jinmen lol

Why haven't we gotten nore CZ? She'd be perfect for advertising how technologically advanced Nazarick is.

>a tease
>badmouths colleagues behind their back
>isn't doing her job properly
>-200 Karma evil bitch
She's objectively shit.


>a few hours
Isn't it like 8 hours?

no i'm not excited. in fact i am sad because i won't be here for the thread to watch it since eu should've gone to sleep long ago already
good night


So much Entoma this season.
I'm too excited.

Ainz should have lost to Go-gin in the Arena. I bet he cheated and cast a spell to weaken him before the match started since that's the only way a skeleton like him could take on a troll like Go-Gin.


Isn't it implied that Nazarick characters are innately strong but in terms of technical skills they can't compare to people from new world. Like how Momon was battling against Clementine but he couldn't win against her with sword skills but instead won with overwhelming strength

That was more because Ainz was a mage fighting with swords. I'm sure his technical skills became much better once he started to use perfect warrior to actually transform himself into a melee class instead of a magic caster.

Martial arts werent a thing in Yggdrassil.

>Are you excited?
No, i already read this book and watching same story no fun.

>i already read this book
So has nearly everyone else in these threads.

Do you never re-read things you like?

Not him but I will trow up in my mouth if I re-read Overlord another time. I did it like 3 times between vol11 and vol12.



>3 times is t-too much!



Nothing happens to this daughteru pls.

In a year, that's like 10 volumes every 4 months.

Demiurge is going to soar in popularity and I can't wait.


>failing to depict delinquent eyes



Well not so perfect then!

Hopefuckingly but nah it will be a 4 parter at least. Too much stuff happens before Ainz No Goal shows up. You have all the villages being visited. The fight with tryndamere. Gathering all the villages. The party. The fight with baby ainz. Then cuckkitus getting fucking rim rodded in front of everyone THEN Ainz showing up and then final battle.

honestly he did pull some bs
>I won't use magic
>except these magical daggers
>also my very touch decrepifies

Magic items are allowed. negative energy touch is a racial skill, troll was regenerating, right? same shit.

Nazarick characters just win by being insanely strong compared to NW denizens. Ainz and the guardians are Yggdrazil lv100 while for example Gazef Stronoff, the strongest warrior in his country, is like lv40. There's an abyss of difference.

This. Even the troll recognized he didn't cheat.

Do you hate Ainz-sama or something, traitor?

this is kinda hot...

You know that brain turns on procrastination mechanisms when you do the same shit over and over, right? It goes for repetitive manual labor and going over known content. You just get bored out of your mind after some time. Ideally Overlord should be re-read once a year, that's my personal Golden Standard.

Where the white female lizardmen at?

>a humie gets bored of Ainz near me

I love Ainz and Overlord but Lich Roland from The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich is a better lich protagonist. Overlord on the whole is still a bit better than this web novel, although Overlord never made me cry like a bitch.

I don't

how many hours exactly?

>tfw very little retard this season

About six. Go to sleep or eat and jerk off if you're not in a dark timezone.

Lizards seem more accepted as heroes in Japan.
How do you think the first lizardcentric episode will be received by anime audiences?

One thing I dislike about Overlord is that the cast is so large that individual characters don't have a chance to develop much. It would be better if either the Guardians or the Pleiades did not exist, and the present group fulfilled both roles.

The Pleiades get all the BD specials though!

It depends on how scenes with the main characters are dispensed across the arc. Japan doesn't have the Western world's religion-rooted bias against reptiles, but anyone would be annoyed if a series they liked abruptly focused too heavily on new protagonists.

You get the sisterly fight at the climax though!

probably very poorly i always felt like the reptile arc dragged on needlessly. you learn so much about them but they just get btfo anyway.

I just can't fathom hating on lizards/vol 4 when climb/vol 5 are bad for the same reasons but ten times as much.



I just want the Gargantua scene already.

Except everyone is actually tsundere for Climb.

Are you out of your mind? He's inoffensive when he's with Gazef and/or Brain, but those vast stretches of 5 that are just him made me want to die in ways that other good stories I enjoy never approached.

Why do people hate climb?
he's been manipulated his entire life have some sympathy.

Nobody reads Overlord to get smacked in the cock by dozens of pages about a bland human shonen protag.


Take that back.

I wish Lupu was my big sister

Why? She'd fuck around and NTR you.

Shitposters don't count

Do NW people find Entoma beautiful or nah?

She seems nice and fun to hang out with.

Oh, it's always the shitposting if someone unironically likes character that you don't. How convenient!

There's quite a bit, it's seasons 3+ if we ever get any that will be largely Narbless.

I'm glad you understand.

-200 Karma tease? Fun to hang out? Plz user, she'd bully the shit out of you.

Who do you guys think will voice Blue Rose?
Lakyus: Ayako Kawasumi
T&T: No idea really
Gagaran: Kujira
EE: Maaya Sakamoto

Bonus Round
Victim:Rie Kugimiya

Friendly reminder

I like how Lupu and Climb have things in common like both being dumb useless dogs

>stronger than 90% of warriors in the Kingdom pre SPLAT
>can defeat tiger barehanded
>swings 4kg sword 400+ times every day
>protects the smile
Only one dog is useless on this list and it's a bitch.

Climb has someone who loves him.

but climb is only being built up so his idealism gets crushed probably the same time renner is outed as more evil than nazarick and everyone LITERALLY everyone who isn't a pleb can tell renner is an edgy shitlord except climb.


Hoping for some Pandora's Actor in volume 13, how disappointed will I be?

Try again in English.

>implying simple farm girl's innocence wouldn't be destroyed without the bodyguards

>Gazef Stronoff, the strongest warrior in his country, is like lv40.
He is level 29. But that's no excuse. According to fantasy rules, regardless of the power difference, you can always win against the evil big bad by having enough guts and determination. NWers just lack them.

probably nah
she's kinda errie with the fact her face never changes expression and hers lips don't move when she's speaking.

Lewd youkai need not apply.

tell me the part you are having trouble with and I'l make it an anecdote.

>wouldn't be destroyed without the bodyguards
Her orders are not to harm Enri and consensual lesbian sexing goes against her mimidoshima settings. Lupu literally can do nothing to Enri.

>stronger than 90% of warriors in the Kingdom pre SPLAT
This ant can lift 51x it's own weight compared to these other ants that can only lift 50x!

He is a useless jobber that nearly everyone that is even remotely important could slaughter in an instant.

Except those rules don't seem to work here. Unless Ainz wasn't bullshitting when he appraised Gazef's sword, and someone stabs him with it

cringe is only good in small doses

>not realizing volume 12 was almost totaly doppelgängers

> that nearly everyone that is even remotely important
You're unimportant. Climb can slaughter thousands of you.