How can Chitanda continue to e so cute and charming?

How can Chitanda continue to e so cute and charming?
I'm rewatching Hyouka now and Chitanda is just as amazing and captivating as when I first saw her.

chitanda is a slut,she pleases old men for money.

She’s genuinely retarded. Surprised she wasn’t in the special ED class

Satou Satomi pushing the charm dial on the voice to the max.

Chitandael is too pure for this board.

She is top of the nation in all exams and everything.

Kyoani nailed it

Its even more kawaii that she gets into an arranged marriage in the LN, and Oreki gets cucked.

you are lonely

She's all keions.

Chitanda was annoying as fuck

How could I be lonely when I have Sup Forums?
It makes much more sense that Chitanda's happenstance existence is a miracle of the universe.

it's the eyes

She's simply the best

High grades don't mean someone is smart or not retarded, though yeah Chi chan is not a retard.

Mayaka best girl
Satoshi I have no words for

He could do better.

Mayaka is cute

It didn't occur to me that Mayaka was such a small girl. She's borderline loli at this point.


I want to penetrate her eyes

Man, imagine if Takemoto was the one who directed Violet Evergarden instead of that ISHITdate hack. I am so mad.

>High grades don't mean someone is smart

of course not

I can tell you're very smart.


No anymore. They hand you free points for homework and attendance nowadays. If grades were all about testing aptitude and knowledge like they used to be, you'd have a point.

>mysteries are just bland enough that I always forget what happens
>every rewatch feels like I'm watching it for the first time

The world government?

The schools, teachers and professors. Have you been living under a rock?

The schools, teachers and professors that the government clones and sends to every country on the planet? You're a smart guy, just like

tfw I still haven't rewatched Hyouka

Are you genuinely retarded or only pretending to be?

How far up your own ass are you? Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that in a physical sense, if you know what I mean. Anyways, it is interesting that you think every country on the planet offers the same quality of education.

>>every rewatch feels like I'm watching it for the first time
I wish I were you. I'd give my life to experience Hyouka for the first time again.

I didn't start liking it until deep into the series, so the second time actually felt more like the first time.

The fact that there exist many countries on earth in which grading is done like that suffices to invalidate the claim that "getting high grades mean someone is smart". You don't seem to be the brightest tool in the shed. I wonder how good your grades are, and if they're good, I wonder how good the education system in your country really is.


There is nothing charming about an annoying cunt with no concept of personal space.

>that there exist many countries on earth in which grading is done like that
You would know

Of course I would. Keep proving how much of a brainlet you are.

You seem all-knowing.


Not that guy but what the fuck is this (you) meme? How long has it been used? What does is mean?

>implying attendance actually matters
>implying homework contributes more than 20% of total grade
Guess you are a genius in your neighborhood just by going to school. Keep it up user, you are doing great.

Have you considered proving your dubious claim? It does seem kind of difficult, which makes me wonder why you said something so stupid to begin with? Let us be honest, you're just making shit up at this point.

>Implying Oreki won't crash the wedding and kidnap her old fashion

Just shut the fuck up. This was supposed to be a thread about how cute my wife Eru is

This show gave me an eye fetish

Isn’t Hyouka the best example of that controversy ?
Chitanda has the best grades, Oreki not. However, Chitanda can’t connect the does, Oreki can. He is smart, she has knowledge.

Normally schools only try to find the best Chitandas, only at college / university, it could be, that you have to think for yourself.

I finished school over 12 years ago. Also, I am not the one who claims that getting good grades means you're smart (which is a dumb thing to say).

Go back wherever you came from.

It makes a cute couple, their interactions carried the show.

>what is correlation?

Well yeah, Chitanda herself said it several times, how its not too special, getting good grades is just practice. And something about getting how the processes work but not the systems. I didn't understand that one actually.

>t. a mathematically illiterate brainlet


Japan still has arranged marriages? I thought that shit was exclusive to India, Pakistan and their neighbours.

>Kyoani will never top this

Chitanda is retarded and a pest. God I hate her so.

Cause she almost exactly like me.

Are you cute, user?

>Yui's personality
>Mio's haircut
>Mugi's money
>Ritsu's voice
holy shit it makes sense

Dunno about that but he's just memeing, that doesn't happens in the novel.

>90 lbs
You can't even user.

Not him but I rewatch it about every year. I always find something new to love about it. Last time I watched it with the comedy in mind and loved it.

>tfw gf 5' 95 lbs

Chitanda is smart, she always finds ways to challenge Oreki's theories with evidence quickly and notices a lot of things he doesn't. Rewatch episode 4 and watch how all the main 4 are smart and come up with good theories, and how they all find the flaws in each others'. At the end of the movie arc, the other 3 also found hints that Oreki missed or dismissed in his theory and the three of them were right. By the last episode, Chitanda could solve the same mystery that Oreki did, except she did it her own way: with her intuition, the same way she came up with valuable theories and ideas that helped in most mysteries.

user, let's just say I have a number of subtle physical traits that ladies would find attractive. Would never say I'm hot though.

Whoa, deep.

Because you wish a dreamy pixie girl traveled back in time to a teenaged you to save yourself from a youth wasted on boredom and social anxiety

This is a pretty interesting scene, the way the colors are all hued pink, and the clock's pendulum is a heart, and it stops swinging for a second when she takes a break, but then everything goes back to normal when she asks about the favor. I guess Oreki got really excited over the thought that she was going to confess.

I never wanted to say that Chitanda is stupid, she said that about herself. I also never tried to say that Oreki is perfect. My plan was to stop that arguing and to bring the conversation back to the topic.

Chitanda can’t even be so stupid, because you also have to understand the questions in a test. Normally the biggest part of a test is application. So you are completely right when you point that out.

>The ways dumb people delude themselves.

I agree with everything you just said, I just want to point out that the post you replied to was my first post in the thread, I was just bringing my point into the conversation. When you said "He is smart, she has knowledge." you made it seem like she's not smart. I think a better way to put it is: She's smart (they all are), Oreki just has talent.


Maybe it would be even better talking about it from the other perspective:

Someone, who has no knowledge trying to take a test has only the option to produce the missing knowledge by themselves. So every time a person with knowledge (and the understanding how to apply it) uses that knowledge, the smart guy has to reproduce everything that was shown in the lesson (best example is mathematics with its derivations, possible but hard work).

With that, it leads to the situation that the school system prefers kids, who learn the whole day, which is not the same as being smart.

You don't know which of those Chitanda is, all they say in the show is that she's at the top of the class. They don't mention if she's a bookworm that studies everyday to memorize the lessons or if she's the kind that has the ability to understand and analyze. From what I see in the show, I would actually argue she's the latter, compared to someone like Satoshi who admits he just knows a bunch of trivia. Chitanda's greatest tool, again, is her intuition and, when it's relevant, her emotional intelligence (see episode 11, episode 22). Oreki's tool is his observation and creativity to come up with theories that other people will confirm or refute (again, episode 4, episode 11). I don't think I would consider any of the two truly smarter than the other, I would consider them both very talented, with very different skills that complement each other well.


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It's been years already and I still haven't seen a better anime than Hyouka. Disappearance came close though

Oh fuck off, if anything I'd like more of Sup Forums to be like him because he's actually discussing a show instead of shitposting.

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Here’s a (You), on the house

She said she practices. So maybe the former.

She's just being modest. Actually, now that I think of it, I'm more interested in reasons why one would think she isn't smart; the show already tells us that she's at the top of the class (which, let me tell you, plain old practice and studying isn't enough for, sometimes it isn't even necessary), shows her being valuable when solving mysteries, and even tells us at the end that she chose the science division, and that she intends to research ways to improve the crop. So, what is it that makes people think she's dumb? Is it her curiosity? That's not really a reason to think that. Is it her personality? Maybe, but they also show a really down to Earth, aware, and in control version of her, so her personality isn't that much of an argument either unless you choose to ignore a big part of it. Is it that she always looks for Oreki's help in solving mysteries? I would say she does that out of admiration, maybe even fun to some degree, not stupidity. Honestly, I see no reason to think Chitanda isn't smart; I think this thread had it wrong when we started looking for proof she's smart, when the burden of proof should be on showing she's dumb.

oh, I forgot to change the name of my pic before uploading, sorry for disturbing your world image. I was never on tumblr and I don't even know how that page looks like.

>Is it that she always looks for Oreki's help in solving mysteries? I would say she does that out of admiration
People don't really think that she is stupid. Not at all. But she says herself that she can only learn, but not really understand how you can use that knowledge to connect all the dots as Oreki does. It is more a situation, in which Chitanda imprints her own understanding onto the viewer. However, since she needs help to solve the cases, she can't be as talented as Oreki.
I don't think you can say, that she does it out of admiration. That would be very egoistical and not very Chitanda like. Whatever she can do herself, she will do it herself. Now, she is unable to fill this empty feeling in her by herself (that is the feeling of not knowing, which is shown by her curiosity) and Oreki can help her with that.

>chitanda effortlessly picking up 40some kg like it's nothing


>not really understand how you can use that knowledge to connect all the dots
This is true, but again I'd argue she's still smart. Connecting the dots is obviously Oreki's great talent, and nobody else in the show (except maybe Tomoe) has anything that matches it. Doesn't mean that's an argument against Chitanda's intelligence. I think people project Oreki's advantage into Chitanda as a disadvantage just because she's the one that's always curious and pushing him forward to use it. So, is Chitanda smart? I would say so. Does Chitanda have Oreki's talent? Certainly not, but she definitely has her own talents that compensates for that. Proof of that is the last episode, when she knew who derailed the parade just with her intuition and ability to understand people's feelings.

Nice filename, by the way.