Whens the last time an anime/manga made you cry?

whens the last time an anime/manga made you cry?

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Everytime I rewatch the date episode of bake, I can't help but cry as Hitagi tells Araragi how much she loves him and what she can give him, makes me long for a gf like that.


shit taste

Just remembering this Anime makes me sad, fuck. America-chan never got home either.

Closest I ever got was when Guts got off that ship.

Never because I'm not a faggot.

I go to anime and manga to escape the real world which does make me cry.

3-gatsu 10 min ago

never cried with anime. but erased and onanie master kurosawa had some of the most emotional momments. also oyasumi punpun, but not because of the romance but family relationship instead.

I´m currently watching ashita no joe and Its delivering some emotional moments one by one. and last ep. of logh made me realized I loved the story and it wasn´t just a strategy + politics show.

>whens the last time
when i was reading dolls

>grisly forlorn self-sacrifice in a kawai furshit ecchi


Here's to you, Admiral Wen-li


Only ones that have managed to make me cry were Wolf Children and Kemono Friends.

NGE and Grave of the fireflies came quite close thought

The end of Ten, a while ago.

>race mixing is good you dumb nips open your borders

More like made you suicidal

1hr ago with Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

A while back when I rewatched the first Garo anime, and then again when I watched the movie.

fuck you

this is really the only scene in anime/manga made me feel bad for the MC the fact she's still "alive" is icing on the feels cake

The end of Drum kingdom. Every fucking time.

I rarely cry with manga.
As far as anime goes,I'd have to say Naruto and in F/Z when Archer didn't kill the kid

End of Shoujo Shuumatsu got me

All the shit animation nowaday make me cry

Shit animation wouldn't bother me if people didn't keep praising it

>clearly rotoscoped off of a 3D animated model
>"Wow! So fluid, so realistic! Are other studios even trying! Wow, more proof modern anime can be well animated too!"

In the last episode of Hunter x Hunter, it was like a "where are they now" sort of thing, and it showed Meruem and Komugi's hands lying by the gungi pieces.

Koe no Katachi manga, nishimiya's childhood be a spitting image of mine

Rereading Berserk and getting to the part where Guts and Casca are reunited at the end of the Conviction Arc.

Me too user, me too.

At the request of a friend, I read Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.

I wasn't ready for this.

I rewatched Big O, then I listened to the audio theater.

Only piece of fiction that's ever made me cry was the last half of Clannad After Story because it made me realize how shitty of a person I was.



Inuyashiki's ending



The last time I’ve ever cried during an anime was episode ten of Madoka and before that Clannad Afterstory where his daughter dies.

This came really close but I survived.

Why did you cry during Kemono Friends user
I'm confused

the last time I teared up was Inuyashiki's ending, the last time I was actually crying was No Game No Life: Zero
yes, I was crying in theaters

and since I'm on a roll, I cried the most at Legend of a Strongest Man Kurosawa's ending, pic related

Made in Abyss. There is something about mercy killing that gets to me.

America-chan got filled with cum and never came back... Just depressing

i came really fucking close during this scene

About a good 70% of flashbacks in One Piece made me well up. Especially Trafalgar Law's and Sanji's (Germa 66 Sanji).

For some reason this for me a little misty eyed

And this

the complete annihilation of humanity
the show left me utterly empty

I didn't cry during it, but the entire middle section of Oyasumi Punpun that consisted of Punpun's day-to-day life after graduating hit me pretty hard because of how relateable it was.


this fucking scene

When the magician did not return

fuck this anime

Same here. Was not prepared for this.

>crying at fiction
lamo pathetic, everything wrong with our society.

plastic memories

>As far as anime goes,I'd have to say Naruto
>far as anime goes,I'd have to say Naruto
>anime goes,I'd have to say Naruto
>goes,I'd have to say Naruto
>I'd have to say Naruto
>have to say Naruto
>to say Naruto
>say Naruto
>N a r u t o

All of my whats

That one got me, right up untill the last moment I was hoping they would find a "solution", or that she would be different than the others after going rogue or so.

Maybe the Haku arc.

not him, but desu there is some tear-jerking moments in Naruto. Not that I cried myself, but I can understand
>The arc with Zabuza and Haku
>Jiraya's death
>Kushina and Minato's death
>everything involving Itachi
>the final farwell from Naruto to his dad after they won the war


>No Game No Life
Now I am the one confused. I thought that was supposed to be some side thing between seasons. Did I misunderstand and is the movie the conclusions to the story presented in S1?

b-but why would you watch such a terrible show to start with?

End of Evangelion when Misato was yelling all that stuff at Shinji

That "Like it or not youre still alive" part really got me

>"Like it or not youre still alive"
>Don't like it
>Commit suicide

It isn't quite the same as, for instance, going to ghetto jail and having the big ass niggah telling you "Like it or not you are going to get fucked by me". In that case it really is a case of "like it or not" it is going to happen.

When I read the manga some year or so ago this shit didnt faze me at all, but when I watched the anime I fucking cried like a bitch during this, and I can't even recall the last time I ever cried to any show.
Its fucked up man, I am still confused why it touched me so.

>this show has a manga
well have I ever, it being so good I sort of just assumed it was an original seeing as how rare it is for adaptations to be anything other than cheap shitty adverts for the mongo.

Dude, anime only is rare as fuck you know, there is like 1 every season. Its like 99% of all anime is based on either a manga or LN, and some VN's and WebNovels.

MagiMoji Rurumo

there is no season two planned afaik, and it takes place WAY before the main story, when the races were still warring
so yeah, just a side story I suppose

Yes, I know, and I thought that show belonged to that 1%. That isn't to say I don't consume the cheap shitty adverts, I do quite a lot, more so than manga/VNs/LNs usually as I can completely switch off my brain and watch 1 or 2 eps, something the other media doesn't allow.

>there is no season two planned


you can always END IT ALL user :^)



I too cried at realizing I had wasted my time worse than I usually do in watching that tripe.

Pretty much the only time.

November 3rd 2017, late afternoon
Why do you ask?

My eyes watered during this scene, I find it sadder than the mercy killing, maybe because I used to be suicidal at some point so I understood where Nanachi's point of view.

This arc was so healing and bittersweet

Two Days ago when I started watching Inuyashiki

If you cried to that, you really are a stupid idiot.

TTGL was the last time i cried at any piece of media and it's only cause they cheap shotted by loading like 80% of the feels in that whole goddamn series into like the final two episodes.

That, and you're stupid.

wow thanks user

After finishing the SZS manga, every scene with Kafuka in it as well as all OPs and EDs.

Talking about that show, can you imagine being so mad at the show you create pic related.

>taskbar on the side
Just end it allready you miserable fuck.

I found the ending conclusion and it confuses me.
"In conclusion, Inuyashiki is a bad show; one that is bogged down with poor writing, idiotic characters and mediocre production values, but I fucking loved every second of it! It’s pure dumb shlock on every level, with a stupid-as-fuck premise that I enjoyed due to just how silly it was. But, at the same time, this makes Inuyashiki hard to recommend to people since, as I said before, your level of enjoyment with this show is dependant on whether you enjoy shlock, and if this premise is one that you may enjoy as a “so bad that it’s good title”. As it stands however, I can’t bring myself to hate this show, despite how shitty it actually is, since it brought me nothing but enjoyment, and while I am disappointed on some level with this show, as I’ve heard amazing things about the original source material, this show is certainly a better one than MAPPA’s previous effort, Bukkakegurui, a show that not only was bad but also boring! Inuyashiki, in my opinion, is the good type of bad show. The type, that despite still being indeed bad, is still able to make an entertaining show despite of that. With all that said and done, and finally ending my longest review yet, I thank you for taking the time to read this and, who knows… maybe your grandpa is also a cyborg too!"
How the fuck is Inuyashiki "so bad it's good", it's just good. Now Big Order, that's so bad it's good.

the first time I saw this I laughed so hard I felt like I was going to die

all the time,i get very emotionally immersed but dont confuse it with self insertion i dont do that shit, i think selfinsert fags have one or another form of autism

mahoutsukai no yome is a goddamn masterpiece i dont care what anyone says. had me crying regularly since the 2nd ova.

Tsuki GA kirei, at the end
Not because it was sad but because I was so attached to the characters that I felt so good for them

Spirit Circle for Manga
18if For anime

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I was weeping at this part.

The absolute STATE of western males.
I'll start weeping when we get wiped out by the chinks or so because our male population is too busy with their feels.


She had a hard life.