Love Live! Sunshine!!

Do you miss them? Because I do.

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Only miss Kanan.

This, and Dia

Chika is best Aqours.

I miss Kunikida Hanamaru, Sakurauchi Riko and Kurosawa Dia: my lovely wives.


They did not go anywhere.

Also, the manhole cover project is now almost 90% funded and it’s not even one day. Aqours stronk.


anchan is ugly and has man shoulders

When will Ucchi screw up?

We've still got a movie, a major game launch, an ongoing manga that hasn't even assembled the full group yet, and lives already scheduled through the summer. They're not going anywhere anytime soon.

Can anyone explain me this Yokai YouRiko thing? Where did it come from?

>Mimori doing LL show while getting banged by Chadkada
Absolutely fucking based


I miss You!

Begone brainlet

Why Jimo Ai so strong?

Because they're cucks whose love interest is taken away by another girl, so they have to settle with each other.

no because this

>an ongoing manga that hasn't even assembled the full group yet
How long did the µ's manga run for? At this rate I'm worried that barely anything will happen before Sakurako is forced to start writing the next franchise's manga.

Fuck you, user of shit taste

anchan is not feminine at all
she's too tall, has broad shoulders and a tanned skin (probably due to outdoor activities)

On what planet is 5'2" too tall?

What a manlet.

King of manlets please.

Why everyone falling for this bait?

I miss her.

They're alive on my phone.

I miss the originals, not the shitty knockoffs.


What do you think of the full version of WATER BLUE NEW WORLD and WONDERFUL STORIES?

>listening to snow halation

Aren’t they supposed to come out midnight?

It's out on nyaa

I miss You and Dia but that's about it.

Fucking chinkshits, at least wait until release

I miss her so much

How pathetic is it to bring back dead group and invite two used goods to the stream. That is what selling out looks like.


this but me instead of chika

That was fast.

The manga for the original series is actually still ongoing, and has been since it first started in January 2020. The Sunshine manga will probably continue even after PDP takes over in 2020.

Good, can't wait to get my little manhole cover.

I love all of them.

And it keeps rising.
Stretch goal - bring LL manhole covers to the world.

The cutest.


I miss Ainya-chan.


>154 cm

Her seiyuu is 148.

>no more very cute rk
>no more cute chuuni
>no more jimo ai
>no more noisy marri

but i am not sad .-.

i dont miss ruby or dia


sorry i'm team pop team now


The songs are out.

Something to look forward to after getting fired.

You scared me.

Keep that shit out of here.

>idolmaster rejects
I want to like them but they didn’t even try this time.

>didn’t even try this time.
the irony

I wish they already abandoned moose. It's just seems messed up that they have to ruin main timeline, so they can put dead group with hags in project that not even started yet. Imagine 5 year anniversary of LLsif:AS and Emitsun (37), Mimorin (36), Ucchi(36) going on stage as cute high school idols.


OG Im@s is still around no matter how arrogant CGkids get.


I hope the movie ramps up the time travel/reality warping/supernatural stuff.
Coming up with wacky theories and head canons is a lot of fun.

>Asami Imai, 40

I wish that too. Mooses already cast shadow over Aqours but they endured it and came out on top. Pdp will never catch on if hags are there to hold them back. I think another seiyuu scandal is needed to put final nail in hag's coffin.

Geez, it's just Muse getting new stories interacting with Aqours and the PDP girls.
It's not like they'll be performing lives or getting new anime. Calm your tits people.

they should have made Nijigasaki school for idols, and µ's and Aqours the teachers in it

I love Riko!


it creates hypes duh
it washes brains
it's hagfags going "hey don't go, myuzu! stay!! pls ;__;", and thus, it gives them a reason to pander it and build it further
An experiment
It's not about the present, it's about the future and consequences

Don't know what Love Live is doing these days

my pinkku is better :

I love Riko-chan/Riko-pi/Rikocchi/Lilly!

Is Riko the prettiest anime girl ever designed?

that's what i thought :o


why people like riko so much

Me and every nip fan are expecting new songs.

She has a very simple yet recognizable design. The contrast between her dark hair and bright colored eyes is a nice aesthetic. The outfits she's drawn in often complement her stature and face very well. Her slanted but rounded eyes is a unique trait she shares only with Yoshiko. Her personality is very "vanilla" but is subverted by her love for doujinshi and making silly faces.

why Rikyako looks like she's about to warning you to never mess with her girl

Did King really have to wear high heels?

Aikyan look so silly.

King should be tall.

It's really like giving your pinkie to a devil. Everyone will demand more hags and it will hurt both Aqours and PDP immensely. I hate this pandering to the moose fans. Their age is over, they had 6 long years and they are still not satisfied.

please help, enlighten my memory, but didn't Emi (or someone else, maybe Nanjo on -that- video) said that their disbandment was something that they all agreed? that they decided to leave their history as a kino legacy, as something to be remembered with their hearts or something like that?' that they were actually looking to move on further with their plans and carrer???.
It was a decision

wtf is this then.
An ending ruined

Movie speculation time.

just die already

Doubt it. They will choose the most boring country in their most boring city instead.

What's your problem?

don't forget

Why was Sunshine S2 so bad?

Undeniably so.

Runaway Truck Hanayo!

Kashikaze/Cat2Sora's O3P alternate universe with Chika as cute human girl with You and Riko as her faithful protectors/lovers. It's a very cute idea.