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Where were you when Sup Forums discovered that the author of some of the best BNHA doujins out there is none other than Hori himself?

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Post more then.

Who would think Hori would be such a izuochafag?

Alright, I'll post the first page user posted last thread. This one isn't porn. It's done by Hori (aka HK). He's also the author of Lifeline, which is very vanilla porn.

I'll post the next couple of pages until there's more activity on this thread, just for caution.


It's incredible how much the style is similar to the original.

Thanks user.

I wonder how fujos feel, knowing their delusions will never be more than that.

>Hori is good at drawing in Hori's style
Seems pretty credible to me.

That's pretty awesome.

How do you read manga if you're blind?

Depends on how delusional they are.
There's fujos who accept that their fetish is just a fetish and will never be anything more.
There's fujos who can't accept that and get angry when they realize it.
There's fujos who can't accept that, get angry, and try to act like they're taking the moral high ground by saying it's about representation.
And then there's fujos who are delusional enough that they don't even realize their delusions are delusions. They can either have their reality shattered when the canon contradicts their delusions, or live happily ever after if the endgame pairings are left open ended.

With your heart.

Page after this one is the pic in OP.


Have a friend who's really good at vivid descriptions. This is a lot easier if you went blind later in life and know what things look like.

I miss the todo baku inasa mini arc already

The art is spot on



It isnt really Hori is it? Still dude should get a job as an assistant.

It wouldn't be the first nor the last time a mangaka makes doujins of their own manga.
There's the fact that this author's name is HK (as in Horikoshi Kôhei), and the art is practically no different from the real thing.

I hope that someone will translate it.

I mean if it really is him IzuOcha confirmed.

Whens the KamiJiro one?

>become famous mangaka
>have unique style and characters
>draw porn of those characters
>pretend like you're a different artist

I could try doing it myself, but I'm just a JLPT N4... I'd have to take a couple of liberties here and there.

Plus, I'd rather use higher quality scans. user who posted this in the last thread NEEDS to find a scanner pronto.


If this really is Hori could he get in trouble for this?

That doujin sure is taking its time.

It's definitely him.
This Jirou in the first page being so janky despite the rest of it looking exactly like Hori's art is what confirms it for me.
It looks like he started to draw a little bit worse to make it not as obvious that it was him, but then saw that that was a terrible idea and just drew the rest of it normally.

You need to be dedicated enough to buy his doujin that isn't available online and still attempt to screw him for that.
Also the hard task of proving that it was him and not some pivix/dA artist imitating his style.

Frankly, I don't know. I know Japs aren't as prudish as Americans, but given that WSJ's mangas are published worldwide.
Although To Love-Ru's author is basically a porn artist nowadays.

*forgot to complete that phrase
Given that WSJ's are published worldwide, I suppose the execs expect different standards from their employees.

>I know Japs aren't as prudish as Americans

There's some subtle hints that it really isn't Hori, whoever DID draw it is very talented at imitation though I wouldn't be surprised if the nigga stenciled some of Hori's work to make it look authentic.

Spent ten minutes looking through the pages and got immensely warm inside. I've missed being fond of Deku. He's the cutest boy in the world. As expected, Deku and Ochako are the best, separately and together. How will Kacchakofags ever compare?
I hope we have a moonrune reader so they translate what they're talking about. But we can assume that this is somewhat canon, right? Deku has his scars, there's a flashback of Ochako thinking of Mina saying "You're in love" (here ) which was during License Exam Arc and all.

>but given that WSJ's mangas are published worldwide.

They still don't care and only pandered to the Japanese target demographic.
Which is the wisest and best decision since it was because they pandered to those people that other nationality start liking their stuff.

Seems like just a really good imitation to me. It looks very much like Hori's style but something seems slightly off.

Why would he?

Care to say what do you think it's off? Perhaps it's done in purpose just like says.

Only Middle Easterns are as prudish as Murricans.

Then again they are both fanatic warmongering dicks.

We’d know if it was really him if Kouda was in the story, Hori’s the only one that draw him right.

Please tell me you guys are just memeing and are not retarded enough to think this.


Wheres the proof?

It's honestly too on character to not be him
It's really fucking hard for a doujin artist to copy the art AND the personalities

No. Middle Easterners are way more prudish as Muricans.

t. Middle Easterner

The panels are too plain/light, not enough shading on the walls and stuff. Also, Hori very rarely uses the circle tone for shading.

Isn't that the editors' job? Would explain the lack of detail on the backgrounds

Last page.

I guess we ought to compare it to Hori's older works, like the 'pilot' BNH one-shot.

The body size to head ratios are slightly off, Hori uses slightly bigger heads compared to the body and the shading is more simple compared to Hori. Also the necks on the males are too unnatural looking with no natural flow through shading, also like a previous user said the backgrounds are too simplistic. The panels are too "eastern" feeling Hori's panels are dynamic with a more western feel since he's a westaboo.

Uraraka and Deku look almost exactly like they do in canon. So that's either a really fucking talented doujinshi or Hori himself.
That does look like his current, rounder style though. Hori hasn't even drawn any of his sketches in his angular style for a while now.

Essentially, contracts determine that the manga he does for Shueisha becomes a Shueisha asset, so even if it's him making it, selling it outside Shueisha could get him into trouble.
That's why there's rarely any smut on works that aren't for adults from the original authors. Didn't Naoko Takeuchi get in trouble with Kodansha for drawing Usagi nude? I may be misremembering this, but I do remember that a popular mangaka from the 90's got into trouble for doing something like that.

>they can't even tell apart official art from fanart
This is not the first time that happens in BnHA threads but it's still pathetic to read. Are you newfags?

Doubt it's Hori, the slight nuanced differences are because of style than anything. The artist is talented as hell though.

So much yaoi/gender bend/tsuyu shit.

While this is true, due to how much imitation doujishi circles do of popular artists, they can always use that as a defense as long as the money trail don't lead right back to them and circle to a friend or a relative.

The teeth are what give away the fake. Hori puts lots of detail on teeth, feet and hands. The teeth of this doujin dude are pretty shit.

Tsuyu stuff is the best part of the fandom. It is great for us. The only reason to follow.

>no hand holding


I don't know how doujinshis get away with it, to be honest, but I'd think that publishers wouldn't want their authors to be related with those circles.
I wish this was not the case, and I would be begging to Hiro Mashima and Matsuena Shun to draw all the doujinshis I can buy from them.

That panel with Ochako with the action lines is what makes me think it might be Hori, actually. Looks close to when Izuku lost his shit at All Might.

Wow it's fucking nothing.

It'll end up being like that time Chaplin entered a Chaplin look-a-like contest and lost because "he didn't look like Chaplin"

hori can hardly work weekly.

Why else do you think he took those breaks last year? Sickness? HA!

That is not done by Hori.

The artist is just good at imitating Hori's art.

You do know that Hori doesn’t ink and shade or draw the backgrounds for hero aca right? His assistants do that for him.

>The Ochako
Talented as fuck. Her Deku's weird-looking but it's fine.

It is difficult not because of art style but rather the money trail problems as one of the easiest way for companies to enforce contracts is simply to demand investigators check which bank account receive the payments for the the doujinshi and who it belongs to.

You need to have strong social contacts and a personality that can trust people with your money to navigate around that and most mangakas aren't known to be social superstars.

Simply put, it is too much work for people to be bother with it and that's exactly what the management want to ensure.

The artists you mention still draw porn as they are Japanese men, they simply don't bother to publish it.

>expecting to see Hori selling his doujins himself
He would be eaten alive by otakus if he stepped on Comiket. You'd have to hire someone to sell the doujins for you.

>Deku's weird-looking
And that's what confirms that she didn't draw the doujins. She's a good artist, but you can tell her style is different from the doujins'.

Those bottom two panels really look like something Hori could’ve drawn

He will. The manga will be cancelled, he'll go to jail, and finally Black Clover will become Jump's next One Piece.

T.Deku self insert.

Ochako is for Bakugou.


What was the other doujin Hori suppposely did?

This guy is the perfect example of how to fish (You)s.
>post something completely irrelevant to the conversation with a shitpost-y opinion

Lifeline. Note that the author is refered to as a male. I don't know if that's an error, but it's interesting, nonetheless.

>Selfish Izuku
Whoa. How selfish can this get? Him asking Ochako out? Having feelings towards her? I literally can't imagine a selfish Izuku.
Also, I suppose the "he" is a translation thing and not actually in the Japanese.

So where's the hardcore fucking?

you got me to reply good job

You fucking idiots, this isn't Hori art. Why must shippers be so dumb?

>I-it’s definitely hori guys.

Can't post the panels below because blue board.

So this is done by the creator himself, huh? Nice.

I’d like to share my Kendos with you one last time

5/10, Deku needs more blush.

I'mma need an ex link for this.

>Not porn

What's the point?

I can't believe some of you fags literally believe this was done by the author

user... I know you said you wouldn't do pikatard but is Nejire or Sero an option for you? I love your clean style.


literally who gives a fuck if its not porn

>reddit spacing