Was Kyousougiga a good anime?

Was Kyousougiga a good anime?

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It was okay to watch with Sup Forums.
She did way better with Kekkai Sensen

It's a small masterpiece.

>Boring AF anime
>Not original
Yeah, no.

It was better as an OVA

It fell apart in the end, but started off good.

The OVAs were really great. The anime took a lot of the ideas that were in the OVAs and butchered them and/or tossed them out completely. Was enjoyable to watch anyways, but I think they didn't know which direction they wanted to go in with the series at first.

The OVA stuff was amazing. Still haven't finished the anime personally.

episode zero was the best thing

The early PVs and shorts were hot sex, but I lost interest when it came out for real

it made me wish I was a normalfag and had a daughter, it was a strange feeling


It was simple but awesome, still my favorite anime ever.

The OVAs were great
The anime lost my interest after episode 2

I'm not sure why desu, but seems I'm not the only one that felt this way.

This, my second favourite anime after Hyouka

OVAs were great.

I love Koto's design. The second episode made me upset, with that boy growing up but the girl not.
Haven't watched past ep. 3, but I still plan to. It doesn't emit a large pull, without it airing like back then, though.

OP song is cozy

I don't really see what was better about the ONAs. Seemed disjointed. TV series was great asides from being squeezed for time (you can tell that there would have probably been a flashback for Inari if they had more time).

It was an 8/10 series and a 9/10 OVA.

the OVA was

Koto a cute! CUTE!

The OVAs were great. The anime was entertaining enough I suppose.


Ending is nostalgic as fuck.

Ups, forgot link.