Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan S2

Less than 10 hours until season 2. Who here is excited?

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Oh shit

I can't wait.

On one hand I'm glad because I love the series, on the other I'm mad because the manga will never catch up.


Isn't ep1 the Gintama crossover?

Any confirmation anyone is going to sub this? And are they still doing the mini episodes?

is it going to be daily again?

Low budget entertainment is the best.

I have missed Kaidou.

remove fatass glasses
remove curled hair

series saved

Plz be daily again

Is it gonna be a 24min or 5min?

Any news on simulcast for this?

I sure am.

>having terminal shit taste
I feel bad for you

Should I watch the shorts wait for the full episode? This will be the biggest test of patience and choice making I will have in a long time.

Has it been confirmed for two cours btw? Seems like they'd need a ton to even reach the new characters much less the island arc even.

Cant wait for Saiki to bring the revenge for the shit Gintoki done to his original timeslot.




>tfw a Saiki thread finally appeared after months of Saiki drought



Didn't realize it was this season. Will the Gal show up?

I think yes is the correct answer. Didn't they air the 1st season as shorts that were compiled to a full episode?

Nope for both questions.

ITT: My aibous of great taste

Now let’s discuss best girls.

Yes Akechi as well


Ta-ta-ta-ta-TERUHASHI SAN!??


Miko is obviously best


Saiko is the best tsundere. I thought I'd hate his addition to the cast but he grew on me.

IIRC they stopped releasing as shorts and just did the compilation still in the middle of S1.

Objectively pic related.

Here have a gyaruhashi-san

I'm just glad that the manga still gets scanlated so well, even though it will never catch up. It's good to see people still care about Saiki.

>tfw still not translated

I love how obsessed with trying to get a reaction from Saiki she is.

Wait I don't remember this.
Is this from an OVA ?

I hope they don't cut too much from the anime this time. Some stuff like Saiki thinking people could easily kill him when he was walking to the movie theater is pretty good. and adds to his moe character

Teruhashi-san is the only right answer.

I’m just glad Saiki is still popular. I’m sure someone’s bound to sub the series

Did you watch the second half of season 1?
After the first 13 episodes they stopped releasing the daily shorts and only released the entire compilation

Isn't it a 2 cour ? I only watched it recently.

At least funi subs don't look like absolute garbage anymore.

Is the live movie any good?


I'll say this once a thread for now.

eyfey at tumblr is one of the scan team's members and they publish a lot of nearly-full chapters that are much further than what's really out. Just head to the "Saiki Translations Masterpost".

Go there and find lots of Aiura and Teruhashi goodness that will melt your heart.

Funi aren't doing it this time like last time? What the hell happened?

Yes, but the first 12 or so episodes got cut into 4 minute shorts that got released daily except for the weekend.
A compilation of those short got released on sunday.
After the first cour they stopped releasing the daily shorts and only released the compilations so a lot of people didn't know the anime continued after they stopped releasing the daily shorts.

Posting it again in this thread because I'm hyped.

>opening theme
>by Saiki-kku Lover feat. Kusuo Saiki (Hiroshi Kamiya), Riki Nendou (Daisuke Ono), Shun Kaidou (Nobunaga Shimazaki)

It already sounds great, because it doesn't have Hanae Natsuki in it.

Excellent taste

How much longer bros

No one simulcasts it so unless you speak moon you're out of luck my mate.

Like 1,5 hours until it airs


I heard it was good

Fucking funimation shits why aren't you simulcasting this

HS don't have it on their schedule too, I guess I'll watch the raws and guess 50% of it.
This is just teasing.

Is there a good DVD/Blu-Ray subbed version of this yet? I've been holding off on Season 1 for this reason.

Who's the sound director for this? I've been rewatching it the past week and some of the SFX remind me of Heavy Object or Sidonia.

I'll riot if the first episode doesn't have JUDGEMENT KNIGHTS OF.

Looks like the Davinci version is good. Just remember to get the 1080p version because Saiki is actually full HD.

Wait what

Oh thank god. It hurts to see Saiki being neglected.

>converted to 256kbps AAC
Retarded. He also uses the wrong aspect ratio (corners are clipped off yet the resolution remains the same compared to HS)

So yeah. How can he fuck up so badly?

Have no fansubbers shown interest in saiki? This is an awful day guys

They've been dead for a while, user.

nvm, he fixed color and resolution in his 1080p release compared to his 720p. Converting audio is still a shitty move though

But can it surpass the first ED? That sequence was comfy as hell.

Where do i watch this?
I forgot the site I used to last year.

We're gonna live stream it on the front page, password is offu

Why would you livestream it if you can't understand it?

I think their partnership with Crunchyroll? Crunchyroll hosts most subs now so it might show up there, but they only have one unannounced simulcast left for this season and if it was this I think they would have announced it by now.

Or Funimation could still be sitting on it, or maybe the bluray release(s) didn't do well. No idea. I bought both parts though, so it's not my fault.

>he doesn't understand moon

On the front page of what?

Thanks for reminding me of those awful season 1 songs sung by him.

>partnership with Crunchyroll
At least this did away with the hardsubbed releases and stupid typesetting Funi used to push out.

Sup Forums

What is your problem? His ED especially was great.


Yeah, it's definitely better but it makes figuring out whether it'll be subbed or who's subbing it more annoying.


It begins





Fucking hate his bitchboy voice gotta admit the ED is okay. The OP though, listening to it makes me want to slit my wrist while hanging my neck.


best girl returns


Okay, Sup Forums please tell me I'm not insane. I watched season 1 recently after reading the manga and I swear fucking down they used Saiki's normal narration voice when he was Kusuko in the shorts but in the full episodes they swapped it out for a female seiyuu. I watched from episode 1 up to 94 as the shorts and the last set as the compiled full episodes.

So first episode has Kuriko?

The ED is nice.