Darling in the FranXX

Who is your favorite couple among these?

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obvious choice

MC x Cocona

Anyone but the fat fuck's couple

That would be interesting. I would've liked to see that kind of take on it as well.
Although, I don't mind the genericness of the situation. From all the interviews and PVs of it I've seen beforehand, I guess it set my expectation pretty low.

The fat fuck's couple

Reminder to all darlingbros

We don't know them enough yet.

Megane Kun's going to be NTR'd.

>mfw one of his fingers is right over her butthole
Please tell me this two will be together and we see him pounding her ass

far-left is my favorite, dunno why everyone ignores them!

One is an asshat and the other's freckles are barely noticeable.

These two. And I like their mecha alot

Ichigo x Me

Slick hair will obviously betray them.

I feel like people will stop giving a fuck about everyone except Cockona and 02 3 episodes in. The group scene was underwhelming and did nothing to their characters

Ichigo is the cutest so i'll go with her

Boring lame

She is the only other hot girl in this series other than 02, old man has good taste


The fatso and his girl hit me as the only ones lacking stick up in their butts, so i will go with them for now.

All of them

The no fun allowed guy on the far right.

>this trigger the Hollywood star

Aside from Hiro and Zero Two the next pairing I like are Kokoro and Futoshi, the gentle girl and laid back guy. Their Genista is cute.

I also like Miku and Zorome and looks like they may become a tsundere couple in the future. I hope they give entertaining banters.

Genista makes my 556 go doki doki

I wish 02 was the actual protagonist, we don't need another weak male self insert

Speak for yourself faggot.

He speaks for us. Fuck off.



Isn't that the fat girl from LWA


After reading all the VA interview I have a basic understanding of how the pairs will be like,
but they are rather spoilerish.

(coming over from another thread)

Well, the shape of this tie is practically similar to the one used in Diebuster.

Since To Love-Ru was published 2 years after Diebuster's airing, it's pretty obvious that Koyama wasn't inspired by any of it back then, and there was no chance of him making a reference to a nonexistent thing.

In darli-fra, he just added some stripes (or whatever there is) to that tie. Even if it looks identical to something you already know from To Love-Ru, it's nothing but a pure coincidence, like the very fact that they hired Yabuki to draw the manga long after the mechanical designs were done.

Idk dude, to me it looks like you're just bargaining with yourself in a process of finding a way to justify liking this anime, by associating it with some other works you already know or even fanatically love.


Aren't they siblings? They have same eyecolor and glasses guy said some shit about their 'papa' (weren't they supposed to be all some sort of test subjects/orphans?).

Episode 2 preview when?

I want pairing with codename 072 and 119.


>glasses guy said some shit about their 'papa'
Probably another symbolic metaphor thing. Considering they can be "sent back to the Orphanage," they're all likely unrelated.

How long until we get dakimakura of the robots?

>hating best couple with best robutt
Shit taste user.

It sorta feels like this anime is about kids from strict homes that only become free when they go to college. For some, it'll be liberating, for others it'll be disastrous.

>To Love-Ru
bullshit, To Love-Ru is much more like FGO OVAs than Darling in the FranXX

She's not a pig, she's fat in right places

2 and 3


Glasses girl

If it weren't for her short height that'd be a 10/10 body.


Let me tell you, it's not inspired by To Love Ru. Instead, to love ru and DarliFra are inspired by same manga/anime: Urusei Yatsura.

Nishigori said it himself in the interview that Zero Two's calling hiro darling is a reference to Lum, that also explains why she's oni. So I'm not surprised that Yabuki got asked to draw the manga since TLR is also another Urusei Yatsura-inspired manga.


Well, at least something makes sense now. Anyway, it was a pretty idiotic discussion. We are talking about drawing some very basic shapes after all.

/our guy/

Do you even know what flat means?

So that's why the darling shit felt as forced and pandering as it did in UY.

02 is like a cat. She'll probably sneak into Hiro's bed at night and curl up ontop of his pillow and lick his face

You're a fag. Go suck dick somewhere else.

Every thread.
Until she comes back.

It's just a weird, somewhat uncommon Japanese thing. It's popped up in several places and stories before. It sounds weird to EOP because that's not how we use that word.

>How dare 8 characters appear on screen for 40 seconds and not get a full character arc.
If anything I'm sure people will still care about 02.

Cocona should've been the main heroine. Has a way cuter design than the "pink haired slut but not really a slut" archetype.

Which one is best girl anons??

Frigid bitch. Couldn't take Hiro's big fat dick.

I'm already here.



It's not the usage of an english word in moon dialogue, but the fact that a female character immediately latched onto some random fuck they met for the first time.
Self inserting faggots seem to love it though.

why is MC always a giant cuck? That girl is literally lusting over his cock, if hes not gonna hit that in next episode...


>boys: X on the outer jacket, Y on the inside jacked
>girls: X on the outer jacket, X on the inside jaacked
deepest lore

>gets sued and fired

>Zero Two will never smile blissfully for you

Cocona x tactical glasses dude

>pink haired slut but not really a slut archetype

Name some examples, please?

He already hit it in the first one man.

>Self inserting
It's a buzzword.

People can really use it for anything. It's very popular when there are shut-in characters, often even though every single other aspect of them is totally unrelatable to most "otakus".

Imagine a character has 1000 personality traits. Now 1 out of those 1000 is "being a hikikomori or NEET", while the other 999 are traits that usually do not apply to the "normal otaku". And guess what, even though the character does not match the "normal otaku" for more than 0,1%, they still call them "self-insert characters".

A popular example that comes to mind is Sora from No Game No Life. He is often called a "self-insert character", but honestly, I doubt there many people who could REALLY emphasize with such a character, whose life is mostly focused on one person (Shiro) and aside from that has a rather nihilistic perspective on life not to mention the fact that he is a genius... But wait! He is a hikikomori, so he must TOTALLY be a self-insert character!

And... who the hell would call Tatsuya a self-insert character? That's really going beyond my suspension of disbelief, unless in that case "self-insert character" means "this is a character whose hardships I don't want to carry, but whose positive experiences I want to experience!", but if there is really someone who uses that definition... well some things are better left unsaid.
Really, "self-insert character" and "wish-fulfillment stories" are buzzwords that are used far too much lately, escpacially against Web Novels, as if people want to show off their "maturity" that they don't read such "wish fulfillment stories with self-insert characters for the typical Otaku". I fear those phrases may become the new "Dues Ex Machina".


he didnt hit shit

You're a self inserting retard. I got it the first time. Go away.

>Doc grabs you by your cock
wut do?


>A common name of the genus is bird of paradise flower / plant, because of a resemblance of its flowers to birds-of-paradise.
>The bird of paradise represents faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness
>The symbolism generally associated with bird-of-paradise is freedom and good perspective. When a woman gives it to a man it symbolises faithfulness.
>The 9th wedding anniversary for a married couple
>Freedom and the ability to travel, due to the flower’s resemblance to birds in flight (note similarities with the bird monologue in episode 1)
>Magnificence, excellence and success
>Joy through challenges and successes alike
>Faithfulness in romantic relationships
>Optimism towards the future


surely nothing could go wrong

Fuck off

See you cock-sucker.

why is MC always a straight girl that becomes a lesbian after meeting a random girl? That random girl is literally lusting over his vagina.

Hahaha, time for the Greatest Love Story Ever Told

candidate for goddess had better/more interesting pairings

Move your hips.

Is this the Kimi no wa of our generation?

I'd rather a romance started like this, rather than MC meets girl and they make a promise or some bullshit.

NTRetards are not welcome here, Cuckonafag.

I hate men who self-insert into female characters like (you).

You have to go back.

I'm criticizing faggots who insert themselves into main characters, not necessary characters written to be self inserts.
And no matter how you look at it, crudely smashing two characters together is wish fulfillment and pandering at its finest. What is wrong with some proper character development? Your audiences aren't 100% composed of short attention spanned nukige-eating faglords who drops out unless the girl spreads her pussy within 5 seconds of meeting the main character.

I feel we can expect more fail level pilot romance.

No way the jap beta will take advantage of the girl lusting for his cock.

"Started"? The romance is already finished. That's why it's a shitty ADHD way to start a romance.

The "MC meets girl and they make a promise" cliche isn't the only other way to write romance either.

Ugh…so this is another show with waifufags and yurifags shitting on male MC and overstating the female characters with filthy waifufaggotry or screaming ''I want a female MC'' ?

They do that for every show, but its a slow thread right now so people are replying to them


The absolute state of trigger threads.

Scene of the season right here.