Why are there so few great sports anime?

Why are there so few great sports anime?

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Because now studios wanted to pleased the fujoshi audience; these ladies will literally throws money at their husbando.
The problem is that fujoshi wanted more character drama instead of on-court actions. A good sports anime need to balance both these aspect equally.

Are there any Sports Anime that don't break the rules all the time or depict unrealistic strategies and techniques that would never work?


i feel like most anime watchers are the opposite of sports fans

>but tomoko references a basketball anime

doesn't mean i'm going to watch it..

What would be the fucking point. Real boxing doesn't have jet sounds as they punch, that's why is boring and shit.

I hope that gif isn't suppose to be your idea of a good sports anime.

I want this. Fuck KnB.


Because nowadays it's so constrained every series in the sports genre is basically the same story.
As in they barely have a story: first year high school dude in new school joining a X team, and they play other teams. The only difference is whether it's executed more competently with better characters, better action, better fujobait etc. There's barely ever any real theme.

Don't just watch and read shonen sports, you dingus.

Mahjong is a sport right?

Seems the fujobait aspect is the only thing that's gotten stronger in sports series.

Last good sports series I read was Eyeshield 21.

It looks retarded if it is unrealistic, and it looks autistic if it is realistic. You can just watch real people playing sports instead.

Hinomaru Zumou is pretty great and has an anime coming up. There was even a cross-over chapter with Kuroko, though I found KnY mediocre.

Because most people who write anime and manga don't play sports.

pic unelated.

The reason is because most sports anime are also shonen, and shonen is inherently trash.

do you actually believe this?

Baby Steps, manga is better

Not that poster, but


>Anno Domini MMXVIII
>Still no Curling anime
Step it up Japan.

Kagami-kun maji tenshi

Sports are boring.

I'm not going to watch your Youtube video, but in the one season that I watched, the main pair's whole trick was that the spiker would keep his eyes closed and just hope that the receiver would send him the ball. This isn't something that happens in real life.

Because who wants to watch that? Its hard to make a compelling sports story without destroying the rules and making the sport look autistic as fuck.

Watching sports is only fun when you're crushing brews with your bros. I don't have many friends that want to watch anime and do that. One does but he doesn't like sports at all, we also get so blitzed that I usually have to watch half the episodes again on my own due to memory loss.

One outs is great, but you can hardly call it sports anime.

Because it's shit genre. It either ends up being not about sports at all, or devolves into endless series of matches that all follow the same exact pattern to the point you can tell outcome and how many episodes left until the end of match before it even begins. And every episode ends in cliffhanger.

Overall is more realistic than most tho.

Yuri on Ice. I know Sup Forums likes to pretend that its only appeal is the gay, but it was a pretty accurate depiction of ice skating. The sport is ever evolving so everything that might have seem a bit unrealistic when the show was airing, has already been done in real life.

This is why pro wrestling is the ultimate sport

i wish there was more ping pong girls anime, Or at least more Shakunetsu

It needs less shounen and fujoshi, and more badass girls. Especially if they're cute as well as badass.

Most of Adachi Mitsuru's works.

How would anime secondaries react to Kumami monopolizing season 2?

You'd be fine with it if it were cute girls though

The only good sports anime is Keijo.


The loli shogi anime this seasons seems to have real shogi strategies to the point it completely replicates a professional match at some point.


Because fujoshi ruin everything

The man is obsessed with Koushien but his 80's makes me a sucker for his manga.

that was basically the only unrealistic thing and they dropped that gimmick by now anyway
it was always a stopgag measure because Hinata was too retarded otherwise

There's a reason why that crap got rightfully axed.

Because most are either boring as fuck or a rehash of a good one.