New poster, what the fuck

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Huh, neat. Would have preferred another Koike special, though.

>blue coat

"Hey guys remember me?"
cuz TMS sure as hell didn't

Is it still set in France ?

Pretty cool stuff but I wish they would keep the tone of the Jigen/Goemon movies in the series too because they're so much better than the last TV series. But I guess I can understand having a light-hearted TV series and then going grittier for the movies.

>they are still pushing the retarded tonally fucked up new characters with overarching plots in fucking LUPIN

Fuck me.
To all people that have praised Series IV because it had like 3 good episodes, you've enabled this.

Fuck you. Blue jacket was great and it had more than 3 good episodes

AOTY right here, boys.

Looks cyberpunk.

I preferred when Lupin was international instead of only being in one country.

honestly i'm glad he's still in blue jacket, seems pointless to change jackets when i can't imagine they'll be a drastic tone change between a few years

They should give him the green jacket back, it looks the best.

>hating on the most /fa/ jacket

Looks hype, I hate it already

what the...? Is that set in the matrix? Looks more like a movie to me

Go see Woman Called Fujiko Mine

Part 1 and Part 2 were only five years apart

i loved that last movie, so good, that last fight was gory and disgusting, but really fucking great

Yeah, it seems like Lupin's going to visit his grandfather's old house.

this might be an unpopular opinion but lupin 2015 was by far the best lupin show to date.

Has someone uploaded Goemon movie OST yet?

I didn't finish part 4, what's with the monocle

Totally new, it never appear in part 4

Is the guy in green also Lupin? Is the city in the back japan?

We sci-fi now.

it will take place in france.

I liked Liam Neeson guy

Dead or Alive

Weird that the jacket is still blue, they said it was going to change when they annunced part 5

Doesn't look like it, looks like a Digimon crossover

Maybe it's the original Lupin? Last season brought back fucking Da Vinci, I guess it could happen. But we don't know enough about what will happen so It's anyone's game.

Yeah the image tells nothing, but it was mention last year when part 5 was announced.

His grandpa wears a suit and top hat

Part 4 was in Italy and every promo art had italy's location in them
Is that skyscraper somewhere in france? Nothing of that poster says france

What about the original Lupin III, as his days before Part 1 and the Fujiko spin-off?

There's this already user, they don't need to do things exactly the same every time.

I actually think it was the most consistent one. The other shows have some great episodes, but often it's in the middle of complete crap (anyone remember the episode of Red Jacket where a couple of loons attempt to get to space with a popcorn powered rocket?)

I wasn't fond of the finale story, but it wasn't that bad in comparison with some older one shots.

Lupin is the one in the green jacket. Blue is an imposter

Lupin's past hasn't ever been that important except to use as a plot device for an episode, the guy in green is just some new character who is probably going to be an antagonist.

Oh yeah i forgot about that one
Still the OP image is weird, i hope it not going to be about virtual reality shit
France is poison for the Lupin franchise, remember Lupin VIII?

I still want a serious Zenigatta movie

that's closer than i thought honestly

me too

He's the only main character left to get a Blue Jacket spin-off focused on him, I'm hopeful he'll get something sooner or later.

Cautiously optimistic.

I don't see any reason to be cautious. Blue jacket was good and the movies, while not without flaws have been pretty solid. I suspect this will stay that course.

>retarded tonally fucked up new characters
All the new characters in the last series were good.

I could have used less Rebecca to be honest

I have and it's shit. That's not what I'm asking for.

Pity that Okouchi is doing the writing

And a Goemon or Jigen spin-off series would be the same

Are you retarded?

No but you sure act like one, are you that fucking stupid user that used to make lupin threads all the times and post his jackets collage?

>>they are still pushing the retarded tonally fucked up new characters with overarching plots in fucking LUPIN
>not loving Rebecca

Seems you failed reading my first post and are in damage control.

As long as the character designer is the same as Part IV, I'm on-board.

ho shit green vs red is officially canon

So it is you

Nope, not him. Try again my ESL friend.

Yesssss. Even if the overarching plot will be shit we are guaranteed some good classic episodes.
Also reminder that if you hate the Fujiko spin-off you have bad taste.

It mentions the France stuff again, but talks about how the setting will be a "modern digital society". Right alongside the classic cars and P38, Lupin III will be using the internet, mobiles and digital gadgets.

Also, it seems like the weird monocle is a reference to Arsene Lupin.

If Lupin III is so good why is there no Lupin IV?

Damn it didn't even cross my mind. Guess that confirms red won.


Because Fujiko is feisty

His fucking arm! What the fuck?

Wouldn't call it the best TV series but its the best Lupin we're had in a good while outside Gravestone. Like this user stated its probably the most consistent entry just for the fact that there's no outright bad episodes (the Goemon episode comes close) and it manages to have two of the best episodes in the entire franchise (both are Lupin and Zingata episodes) and an actually good Fujiko episode but between those are mostly mediocre to forgettable ones (thankfully they're all the ones ties into the main plot). If it has any real fault is that all the new elements and characters are underdeveloped to the point where you wonder why didn't they just make this an episodic TV series like the previous ones instead of adding in a half-baked plot.

No. Koike Zenigata is the worst one. He's devoid of everything that made the character likable.

>if you like the Fujiko spin-off you have bad taste.

Hard boiled Zenigata is intertaining. I also love goofball Zenigata but it's nice to see a serious side too.

i love the gore in that movie, especially the part where goemon nonchalantly slices entire yakuza group

Was it, dare I say it, too "edgy" and "pretentious" for you? Rewatch episode two and tell me it's not one of the best Lupin episodes.

the only thing i didn't like is that Pops didn't seem to be as obsessed about Lupin as usual. Still not the worst Zenigata portrayal as many red jacket specials reduce him to a totally incompetent jobber

Nah it was just shit.

> Rewatch episode two and tell me it's not one of the best Lupin episodes.
Its not. Its just a Jigen episode which are always good.

>Hard boiled Zenigata is intertaining
Not really. He was pretty underutilized in spin-offs other than looking grumpy and Okada thinking it was a good idea for him to fuck Fujiko for some reason.
>Still not the worst Zenigata portrayal
He tried to fucking kill Lupin, that's like the main thing Zenigata doesn't do. How is he not the worst?

Pity that you have prejudice

>Okada thinking it was a good idea for him to fuck Fujiko for some reason
Fujiko will fuck anyone if either she feels like it or if she can gain something from it. Zenigata complied because he had to gain from it as well, or is your point that he should be too much of a goody two shoes to do it?
>He tried to fucking kill Lupin, that's like the main thing Zenigata doesn't do. How is he not the worst?
So what? You might as well last out at Lupin for trying to kill/killing people.
Zenigata ranges from bumbling idiot to serious badass depending on the writer, nothing is set in stone. If we want to play this game I might as well say Cagliostro Lupin is crap because I didn't like Miyazaki turning him into some sort of white knight.

At least half of part 4's episodes had nothing to do with the overarching plot.

It's not prejudice when he's proven that he can't write for shit more times than he's proven he can

>it's a jigen doesn't want to go to dentist episode

Why doesn't anyone acknowledge season 4 treated Jigen really bad? It had only one Jigen episode (even if it was good as usual) and Zenigata admitted he was better than him with a gun. Aside from that he did nothing and got humiliated in the castle episode.


i was surprised Jigen never tried to bust Lupin out of jail like in the original green jacket episode

For that matter, Fujiko is an emptied out whitewashed character to make Rebecca stand out more, Goemon was either played for a joke (like in the dog episode, which wasn't bad at all!) or was nearing grimdark levels not even Koike passed, and Lupin was even more goody-two-shoes than in fucking Cagliostro.

Everyone was starved of any Lupin that resembled the old formula outside of TV special, so I guess that's why Series IV is accepted, even though it wasn't much good at all outside of very well done animation.

Zenigata's portrayal was very good though.

I didn't watch much of part 4. The only prevailing memory I have of it is that episode where Zenigata finally trapped Lupin in a seemingly inescapable cell, and Lupin started refusing to eat. I thought it was going to actually be a really interesting character study, but it threw that out the window and went with a dumb as balls "haha I was using the food pigments to draw an optical illusion on the floor or some shit, T R I C K E D" ending instead.

Wait no I also remember an episode involving the ghost of a little girl, that one was pretty good if I recall.

god bless

Where's the fucking hair on his hands?

Maybe I'm a bit biased because Jigen is my favourite, but I felt Goemon was there (the killers episode was excellent) and Fujiko at least was a bit fun, acting as a bit of a tsundere for the first time (the wine episode), Zenigata had the best episodes. Jigen on the other hand only left me a sour taste, come on making him get drunk with one glass of wine and pissing around.

>Green Vs Red
Please no, I hated that. It was such an awful concept

Shit the guy on the right does looks like the fake-Lupin

>will be using the internet, mobiles and digital gadgets

Well, my hype is gone

So the same ridiculous technology as in every Lupin series but with a different skin. Take your head out of your ass

Look at this mediocre opinion

The Fujiko/Zenigata fling did nothing but degrade both characters. I think Zenigata being fiercely uncompromising should be a core ideal of his and yet he throws it away letting Fujiko do whatever she wants because she does the Kama Sutra on him. Meanwhile the rest of the Lupin gang can stay out of trouble just fine but Fujiko has to do put her heels behind her head for Zenigata why?

On top of that, the only real purpose the relationship serves in the grand scheme of the plot is as fuel for one of the absolute worst side characters in the entire series, Oscar.

It's simply needless and evokes awful melodrama later on. Mari Okada is one of the writers in this series, and frankly I wouldn't be surprised if this whole idea was her doing.

>So the same ridiculous technology as in every Lupin series but with a different skin.

Oh so you think Castle of Cagliostro would have been without the steam-punk? It's just a skin after all, let's give Jigen laser-guns

I just said that i'll probably not going to like it and for sure i'm not hyped for it, i don't see why you need to attack me for my own opinion

Because it fits the tone of the story. Fujiko was in it to get free, Zenigata to put in action a ploy to snare Lupin. Also don't pretend Fujiko doesn't go around sleeping with one in two people.
Oscar was as shitty character, there is no aguing about that.

>The only people who defends Fujiko TV are people who don't care about the characters

Its become a lot more obvious over the years as well that the people who give it praise have nothing but contempt for the characters if they saw nothing wrong with the way how they acted.