Nagatoro Chapter 7







If senpai gets sick and has to go to the nurse's office, will Nagatoro still bully him?

>that last panel

Jesus fuck.



I hate Sup Forums for making me love this


>literal handjob
what a fucking whore


I can't wait for the obligatory graduation chapter when senpai graduates and leaves Nagatoro all alone.

>oy vey

This makes me feel really,really uncomfortable for some reason

>dat sweat on Nagatoro's face
Could it be, she was nervous?

It'd be much better if some soap landed on her face.

plz spoiler this smut

>doki doki


i need that panel of her rubbing her hands as a reaction pic


mc is such a fag and doesnt realize she wants to be pinned down and ravaged

>let's get closer


so is this weekly bi or monthly?


delete this and waste yourself faggot

>touching hand
>blue board

I just realized, is that soap attached to the faucet in a little pouch? That's fucking genius. Why don't we have that here? What will the japs think of next?

it will get stolen

W-what is this liquid?

>Nagatoro is actually nervous

That's your first time seeing that? Just google soap bag

>tfw Senpai gets more action than you ever had, aside from that one moment when the nurse had to check my penis and it got rock hard but she checked it anyway so I could be ashamed of myself for the rest of my life

Fukken saved


Oy vey, senpai knows. Shut it down.

>it got rock hard
how do you even manage that?
>she checked it anyway

What do these faces convey

Best Nagatoro is nervous Nagatoro.

Way too lewd

Wet panties


She literally has had his dick on her hand

The teasing has become much nicer and cute lately. I like it

Forgot picture.

Chapter where Nagatoro finds out Senpai's name but it is never revealed to the audience and she keeps calling him senpai anyway when>

I unironically took a minute to fluff before letting my nurse check me, because I didn't want her to think I had a small penis and then laugh about it later with her friends

>that filename

Next chapter on the 30th of January.
Bi-weekly, every Japanese Tuesday.

That was good, thank you user

Fuck off tripfag

How is this even bullying? MC is just being hyperfaggot about pretty much everything.

That last panel is exploitable

>Fuck off tripfag
isn't he a translator

Kys newshit


im worried that with batotos closing all the nice fetish mangas will be gone

No credit mean user did it newfag

>being this new

Even if I agree with you, "kys" is newshit speak, user.

I'm really surprised how well he does panels with stylized faces. Have never noticed them being so good in his other works. Maybe it's just because it's Nagatoro?

god damn, how thirsty can that bitch be

>muh sebret klub words XD


I really want Nagatoro to call him Hachiouji. His name sounds pretty cool to me

That's assuming his name is the same as in the cgs?

Why the fuck would a nurse be checking your penises

>sloppy jewish handjobs

>Next chapter on the 30th of January.
Cool, thank you stalker.
Blowout soon, fellow stalker

Said it before, and I'll say it again. Nothing Nagataro does is particularly egregious, excluding the NTR fakeout that happens later in the CGs, it's this MCs ridiculous behaviour that disgusts me.

When I was getting my health checked for the military the nurse made me take my pants and underwear off so she could check my dick. Still don't know why it was necessary.

venereal diseases and crabs

they dont want the military camp to be filled with STDs shit cause some fags cant control their dicks

Maybe dicklets are more prone to go on a rampage when getting easy access to weapons and explosives.

Lucky. Most sexual contact I've had in my life was when a doctor fingered my ass as a child

Except for the time when she used him as a kicking bag.

Thanks for giving me the serious answer, those guys talking about STDs think they can fool me? Nah.

Eh, I'd let a girl practice on me, it's not like I'd get injured. Wouldn't do it how he did though.



What’s her ulterior motive for bullying goy-senpai?

Goddammit, how long this will last?! Just confess already! I want nagatoro to breakdown and insult senapi while her face is full of happiness and tears of love!

Viper pls bully me




>fingered my ass as a child
Citation needed,and a detailed one at that.

It was a hot blonde 35 year old girl doctor Actually, it was a 60 year old jewish guy

Here they check your testicles only, not sure if they still do it, since they didn't to me at 16.


next step Nagatoro soaping up Senpai's asshole as prep for an enema

This user isn't me, but he's not far off. It was by a 30-40 yr old jewish guy. I don't remember much other than the feeling of the fingers (I hope) sliding in. I think I had a urinary infection


Could you draw them?

Is she even wearing panties?

The original design had her wearing spats.

Man, she just keeps pounding him with those hips.
Poor guy, how does he deal with such horrible bullying?

She can't help it. They're moving on their own.

Not japan original. My country used that in last decade too.