ITT: best loli anime you've ever watched

ITT: best loli anime you've ever watched

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Does Non Non Biyori count?

Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

I tried getting into prisma but I just couldn't. I was only interested in the fanservice and even that was just a novelty. The plot outside of that seemed like a stinking pile of crap. Furthermore, I can't even masturbate to loli. It just doesn't go.

You sound like a huge casual that maybe doesn't belong here, but since you at least avoided the usual reddit virching, I'll give you a pass for now.



Miu is extremely cute

What's she saying?

That's porn.

Yes, exactly

I liked Ro-Kyu-Bu, and Tenshi no 3P. (same creators AFAIK)

Not lolified in the source children can be good characters as any humans do, did you try Yotsubato?

Alice to Zouroku was kinography.

rec threads



Crime Edge appealed to my hairfaggotry.

Its a good one, but sadly the author is a retard and ca'nt make a good ending.

I miss lolispats.

Kodomo no Jikan.

the manga, yes
the anime was meh except for THAT

Anyone did read the novel and know how it ended?

the anime was meh because of the original ending that was shit. Somewhat like Koi Kaze.


Game was better.

If you enjoy pegging.



The definitive loli anime right here.

Since this is a not so hidden rec thread, might as well spoonfeed an user here.

Shinji Ramones

Maison Ikoku in retrospect was kind of shit.


Don't know why that made me kek


Good soundtrack.

Currently watching it, pretty gud.

Enjoy the ban.

Ooyasan wa Shishunki! is a 10/10. Sadly we will never have a season 2 or even the manga translated.

If there was ever a requirement for being allowed to post in loli threads other than having a sadpanda, it would be to have already watched and be able to instantly recognize that anime

On one hand, saucefags and casuals are pretty annoying. On the other hand, I think it's okay to be lenient and helpful with them when it comes to stuff like lolis, since it at least means they have a desire to not be surface-level reddit-tier shonenfags. If it was a guy asking for "more recs just like boku my hero academy", then yeah, ban that guy.

Liking lolis should be the litmus test for belonging on Sup Forums. Normies are repulsed by it and traps are basically guys with dicks who look like legal chicks which makes it borderline normie.

Considering this is the only shot I ever see from this show, and I have seen this posted alot, I'm going to assume the only noteworthy thing from it is this screencap.

I loved this show/manga. I'm so sad that the mangaka died. She was so young ;_;

Is there any question?


As much as I agree with you, you did use normie instead of normalfag
True, lolis are love after all. Shoujo Ramune for those who need it. Yes, it is very lewd but you’ll enjoy it anyways, you dirty lolicon, you.

My bump > your sage

No question. Mashimaro is the number one loli anime.

It does not!

>not bumping the loli thread
What are you, a faggot? Here, some loli should calm you down

>announcing reports
You never learn, do you?

I always end up re-reading KnJ when it comes up, fuck it's hard to believe I didn't off myself towards the end- monthly releases are hard

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou is good.

Nothing. It's just a condescending and smug Miu.


sumi-chan is too cute


I know the rules, but since nothing can happen to me and nobody cares about these threads I don't care much.

The panda doesn't let jpgs to be reverse searched sadly. I'm doing my best to find it.

You tell yourself that, yet you’re always here

Someone has to put those idiots in their place.

It's Shoujo Ramune dude.

Retarded spoonfeeder.


I'm probably going to get bored of it sooner of later, maybe today is the day!

You're the reason newfigs like him feel like they belong to us and stay. "Us" excludes you btw

>muh secret club
doesnt get more reddιt than that

those are adults, just suffering long term malnutrition

t. reddit

>let's conform to them instead of making them conform to us!
Doesn't get more fucking retarded than that.

Report and ignore the landwhale and post lolis

What would be your party?

Not them, but what's wrong with reddit or using other websites? Why do you guys have to be so competitive?

me on the bottom right

Forgot my image

The image search doesnt even works on it retards, you talk about newfags and fit in but you try way too hard yourself. Literally "muh secret club".

Old pseudo rivalry with reddit but they probably just act like that like most of t. reddit poster because they saw it before without knowing where it comes from.

Thanks appreciated.

I wouldn't give source if it wasn't loli hentai. We need all the troops we can muster against the shonenfag menace dominating Sup Forums right now.

reddit is full of normalfags and faggots who hate loli. Then they come here and bring their normalfaggotry with them, and think its ok. We're all user, so its possible to use both sites without anyone being the wiser, but those faggots usually stick out plain as day.

Reddit is full of ultra-casual virchers that want to suck the soul out of anime to make it more mainstream-friendly so they can watch it with their parents or whatever. There's a lot more to it than that, but that's one of my main issues.

Like for example is the most blatantly obvious reddit post I've seen today.

Bard gives me a boner.

>more mainstream-friendly
And this is bad cause what?

How do you know how reddit is if you hate it and go on the site ?
I have never seen anyone here claiming being a redditor (outside shit places like Sup Forums or Sup Forums ) and going in full crusade against animes or lolis .
I dont use reddit, i dont know what they think about anime, Sup Forums or shit. I dont give a shit about them and dont hate them.
This is paranoiac and stupid, also a very cancerous behavior...

I browse a handful of anime forums. I don't browse reddit anymore because I just couldn't take all the normalfaggotry and general reddit-ness anymore, but I did for long enough to get a pretty good understanding of the userbase.

I browse it, now what?

if you watch "loli anime" you're an ironic weeb

Maybe not reddit, but normalfaggotry sticks out and shows that you didnt lurk long enough to know how things are around here. Before reddit, it was gaia. Normalfags coming here and pretending to fit in has always happened, and was always called out.

Where were you when Sup Forums decided JC are the better lolis?

I bet you baka gaijins can't even appreciate the beauty that is dlsite loli.

>tits this big
Go away.

I want this meme to end, worst forced meme since "reddit spacing"