With Abe really wanting to push out article 9 of the constitution why isn't his government pushing military anime...

With Abe really wanting to push out article 9 of the constitution why isn't his government pushing military anime? Surely all the weak MCs getting bullied around by tsuntsuns isn't what you want your younger generations to grow up watching when you want to push for more militarization?
I am not even talking about wanting more manime, things like GuP or FMP are full of military hardware as well.
Gate is the only anime that comes to mind in which the government had at least some lowkey involvement.

Personally, I think that for the exception of right-winged America, animation creators worldwide do not have much interest in the politic and military. Sure, they may be into weapons and combat vehicles, but it is only because of the aesthetics and not because of the nuts and bolts of the bureaucracy.

In other word, there are not many artists who are also military/history nerds.

Beside, the nuts and bolts, they require so much attention to details that you may spend more times researching than actually writing anything. For your average Shounen writer, it just does not worth it.

>implying otaku vote

Well this is why I specifically wondered why the government doesn't get involved. They did so with Gate (despite their involvement being limited) and that is one the more nationalistic hoorah Japan number1 anime of recent times.

>implying not every nip kid grows up watching doraemon and other kids shows.
Like I said, it doesn't have to be gunsablazing full of gore and violence manime for it to be an anime that militarizes the viewer.

Mind you it isn't that I want that sort of anime, just struck me as a prime medium to use to influence(/indoctrinate) the population as Japan. America is filled with it with all the capeshit and bay movies. Sure there might be some thoughtpieces on morality and some ethical dilemnas in them, but at the end of the day it is usually still about US no.1 saving the day with milatary hardware and 2cool4school buff men. Before that we had all the various arnie/stallone&co movies.

In Japan however on the one hand they are trying to push for militarization, but on the other they are feeding their younger generations emasculating programms. Despite all the screeching feminists and their complaints about sexualization of women in Japan, I can't think of a medium other than anime that has more strong female characters dumpstering all over men, given important roles, given female-female scenes (i.e. discussions independant of male characters) or a medium that has more weedy needy wimpy male characters (TBBT comes close though, hello california).

Anno was obsessed with military, Miyazaki's dad worked in aircraft production for Imperial Japan.

Ya, but the only things he has semi-recently worked on that fall into the sort of anime I am talking about are the Yamato movie and Rebuild

He's about as pacifist as they come, I don't think any governmental funding could compel him to make a pro-military movie. Just because his dad worked for Imperial Japan doesn't mean a whole lot, I am sure there are AntiFa zealots who's ancestors were Jew killing Nazis. Yes Miyazaki made a movie featuring military planes, but anyone who thinks that movie was pro military didn't really watch it.

abe is a sell out to corporations/big families like every other japanese politician

They know china will inevitably come to"puppet" japan in a couple decades and the japanese working class will hardly give a shit (they are already almost slaves)

" but on the other they are feeding their younger generations emasculating programms"

Lol they fuck are you talking about

japan is the full 100% patriarchal/conservative/capitalist society some of you idiots are craving for

But by tradition full power, come full responsability

in japan, if you don't have a good job, YOU ARE LESS THAN SHIT, after decades recession the good jobs are few and THIS is the ONLY reason of the japanese herbivore man stuff

This is just too much nonsense in one post to properly adress without writing something longer than I care to type out, so have a spidey pic instead.

Also hard returns after every sentence is reddit, stop that shit.

I'm in Japan and he's right, tho.

Except for the fact that he isn't

The JDF soldiers are considered normal civil servants and can quit anytime they like. If Abe really wanted to go to war, he'll have to change this first. Unlikely.

Except he is.

The last election here was a fucking depressing performance, with literally the lowest participation rate since ever, and that the Abe-clan is highly nepotistic and hence cannot fix the economy because he doesnt dare or care to clean the shitty nepotistic corporate culture is not a secret.

Yeah, yeah, t.davido-kun etc. Your most propable reply sure will show me.

Seriously, stop being a weeb and acknowledge that this country is in fucking deep shits and only stays afloat because the japanese people are severely autistic and stoic and wouldnt change an expression or change their daily routine even if a nuke goes off beside them.

Military Otaku have been a niche thing since forever. Mecha fans have a thing for all machines too, not only giant robots. And even shows like gate have been watered down through adaptations.
You're overthinking this.

Oh, I agree with that, but that isn't exactly what the other user was saying, was it now.

>acknowledge that this country is in fucking deep shit

Is there a country today that is not in deep shit?

That’s what the robot army is for.

The earthquake was the result of a nuke, japs suddenly payed 100 trillion yen to the jew banks.
Abe replaced the weak leader they previously had.

>why isn't his government pushing military anime?
Because no one likes those

because Abe is a fucking moron and no one actually cares about what he has to say

Theres a lot of military anime out there. Youjo Senki, Drifters, Kancolle movie, and the list goes on. But military stuff its not the only thing they want to push, look for things that appeal for japanese culture and nationalistic views. Even Dagashi Kashi can count as one.


Doesn't feel like they are really free of problems.

>no loli nazi anime

>What is Youjo Senki