Momoyo a cute

Miyako a cute

Miyako is life

So fridays have become tuesdays?

Wanko still best girl tho

If I may BUTT in

I want to chill out with the maids


Momo > who cares

>Tfw TEN YEAR anniversary soon

Hers doesn't get spanked, though

Not even Friday.

It's her fault for having such a cute butt


All the girls in this thread are in fact cute.

I think you mean Benkei = Miyako > All

All Majikois are the best.
Especially the guys.

What are her positive qualities? She seems to be losing against all other girls.

She's easy. That's it.

>no Captain route
Why were we permitted to live just to suffer enough to die?

She is the Main Girl for a reason

And what would that be?

Best design. Most persistently relevant. Take your pick.
There is a reason A-P closed with Momoyo

Because she is perfect

Best girl, best route.

I want to bully Kokoro-chan!

>kokori in actual uniform

Kokoro should learn to control her bladder.

Miyako is the type of girl you knock up and eat her ass.

Sexy, Funny, Intelligent, Perverted, and is a rapist that likes porn. Supreme Girl.

man translation never ever again


I don't know if its even worth learning Japanese anymore. Years ago sure but now I'm tired of the same old same old cliches and soullessly implemented archetypes over and over and over and over again. I'm also going farther and farther away from high school age and the feeling of being high school student.

how much good works are untranslated across manga and vn? Is japanese lit a meme? I think I could get through it on learning for books

Because piss.



I like her body, a lot.

I will never understand why there was no harem routes with the original girls. The threesome scenes were nice but come on.

And we're never getting a new route with the three sisters.

Kazuko deserved better than her route.
Momoyo = Kazuko > Everyone else

Then you play Sayaka's route and her dad is like "they are not training Wanko right lol".

I want to fuck this silly dog

Ten adorable

I only date demi-gods, I will have you know.

Benkei >= Momoyo > Margit > the rest
But don't forget, every girl is best girl. Except Tsubame, she is a cunt.

benkei a besto

I haven't gotten to A-1 yet, user. Kazuko's end kinda soured me, so I took a break. Though, this thread has inspired me to pick it back up. Start and finish the Agave Route.
She really is adorable. I think her loyalty is her best quality. "I don't care what your problem is, I'm here to help!"
I'm interested to find out why so many people are into Benkei

The best way to describe her route is "comfy". She also has probably the most natural progression from acquaintance to friend to close friend to lover. Also her confession was incredibly sweet. You also get a little sister and a chuuni brother as a bonus.

Is it worth downloading the second game just to play this girls route? I really like her design.

I download the game for the same reason as you but it was for Momoyo, not Benkei. ended up falling in love with all the cast and had one of the best time in my life reading the VN.

Sounds interesting. Thanks for the info, user. I'm partial to "older sister" type, which is the biggest reason I'm into Momo. Though, the "spoiled younger sister" type sounds fun too.

man you will love Lee when she's TLed

A-3 never ever

She is already my favorite maid.

The Genji trio is such a fun little group.

(Except by miyako)
Shit Taste


And the pervert monkey

I had heard that A-1 was basically just a bunch of sex, but it ended up being better than some of the main game routes. Sayaka is third best girl

Really? I'm already an Azumi fan. Her route should be fun, when I get to it.

Awe you poor schmuck. Azumi is my favorite character but her route is atrocious

It is not, the ending is a bit rushed the route itself is good. If I had to rak ethe routes in A-1 it would be
Benkei >> Azumi >>> Sayaka

Aw, really? She has such potential!

Best taste.

True Yamato Nadeshikos.

Who is the girl with purple hair second from the right? I can't find her.

That's Marple using the same technique as Chris's dad.

>Her technique was only shown in a snowball fight

Thanks, user. Now I remember, and I just lost my boner for her.

It's only S that's overloaded with sex.

And it's mostly just Margit and the after routes.

Where can I get a torrent of A-1. I've looked around but I'll admit I'm a retarded.

another vote

Because drunken laid back nee-san.

I forgot how fucking long they are all are.

Stop being gay.