What's the worse trope in anime...

What's the worse trope in anime? The furburger seeking carpet munching dyke or the gay ass trap that behaves like a total faggot?

probably traps

Traps. Dykes are at least honest

>not liking yuri
Why are you here?

I like both.
Sexually dominating dykes and submissive sissy traps are a huge fetish of mine.
Especially when combined.



But She got her own personal trap who is bigger bitch than Felix.

I always be here.

>not loving both
You have supremely shit taste, user.

You sound upset

>Thinking Sup Forums likes yuri
You faggots ruined it for yourselves by sperging every time something doesn't pander to you.

i don't like the gays
and Sup Forums is very gay :/

you will stray away from god eventually

Hello newfag.


>boku no pico
>calling someone a newfag

The latter. Only because these days they're pretty much the new tsundere in everything and their whole character is they're a trap and nothing else.

Ironic, and it's sad you don't know why your post is ironic. Lurk more newfag, or better yet fuck off.

>implying dykes are bad
What are you, gay?

Why is anime always so fucking gay

Statistically speaking, they most likely are.

>Sexually dominating dyke
She is most unlucky dyke in existence

>gay ass trap that behaves like a total faggot
He's not even human. Why would he behave the human 'manly' way?

>and their whole character is they're a trap and nothing else
Not true in Felix's case.

Have you worshipped God today?

>What's the worse
Sup Forumstards


How old is this statistics?

You are the gayest.

I see people bitching about yuri far more often than I see people calling for it in some obnoxious way