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Is that all?

she wrote the first 4 together and now released the 5th

Aspechan is cute! CUTE!

This is actually pretty cute I'm surprised. Felt like I learned something too.

Maybe she has Asperger because of her bad diet.


>understanding only detailed nuances
>sensitive about only my feelings
>not being able to deal well with expected events

what is this?

This hits way too close to home.

Aspe-chan is very cute!

post her gravure shots

man, she really nailed the character design, Aspe-chan is a fantastic autism loli.

Please don't lewd Aspe-chan.

So aspergers is just a nice word for retarded?


>"whatever", "a few" "those"
>a detailed nuance

hol up

Doujin when?

being a dysfunctional loser
I should know, because that's almost me

emotionally retarded

I want a doujin of a fat bald man walking her home gently, then bidding her goodbye and commenting about how she is a nice girl as he walks away.

socially retarded

Lewds when?

Don't lewd aspe-chan pls.

My superpower is autism

My autism gives me superpowers.

Anyone reading Yuugami-kun? The MC is autism as fuck.

Who the fuck do you think you are coming here piggybagging my fucking joke? Ill give you space aids!

Sorry, one of my superpowers is to take an improve.

Post favorite aspie characters.

Already fapped to her.

Is that the girl from Sakurasou

>family member asks if I could check something for them
>I'm busy right now. Do you need me to?
>No, it's okay if you're busy.
>[three hours later]
>user, have you checked what I asked you to?
>my face when
How the hell are you supposed to decipher this shit?

my superpowers are not limited to space aids and autism, behold the fabled meymey!
As you can see from the picture i posted to you i am indeed chilling and not mad at all, that shows you that you were rused and the victory is mine, unless your counter ruse was to get me to respond to your post in which i case i would have been rused myself instead of you which would have made it quite awful, however due to arrogance i am going to assume you did not infact do that and instead did the other thing

People with aspergers basically have to learn how to deal with meek / indirect idiots to "cope" with their "condition", thanks for making us into the bad guys, how about you learn to speak what you mean instead?

The author only makes lewd Fate/Grand Order doujins for Comiket

If someone here knows how to read moonrunes, we might be able to find out the penname/ doujin circle name she goes by at Comiket.

>girl with Asperger syndrome
Suspension of disbelief broken

Aspergers is actually more common in females then males, atleast that's what I've heard.

Aspies are sorta fun to interact with if you know how to communicate with them and don't mind inevitably being associated with them. It's funny as fuck when ill-intentioned sarcasm goes right over their heads and they end up really pissing people off.

Well, you're completely misinformed then. Regular old autism has a male:female ratio of like 3:1. Asperger goes way beyond that, the ratio is around 8:1

Nigga She advertises her doujins herself
Last time she made one with Nero Fgo
No need to play detective Conan

Having Aspergers gives you plenty of chances to learn how handle yourself in a fight, i used to wonder why so many people were violent at clubs, apparently people can't handle honesty and hate it when their remarks doesn't sink

Fuckk this hits to close to home, had my boss tell me to "throw that package over there" so I actually threw it and got yelled at. I'm fucking 20 and still do shit like this.

Only instances I have seen this is in movies, as well as when people decides to meet at night in the mall without any specification.

Doesn't mean they don't exist, I don't know what you're getting at anyway.

Reminds me of this African-American gentleman who was very upset that i did not think his ridiculously bightly colored shoes were "cool", lucky for me they were apparently poor fighting shoes as well cause he kept tripping over

you're just dumb, sorry

These things aren't the only things that make a autist. Do you happen to have issues with certain stimuli?


How is that autism and not the idiot of your relative not getting the fact that you are busy?


I will buy mai daughteru aspe-chan a nintendo and we'll play splatoon together only to find out painting improperly drives her up the fucking wall. we will then go to the local hardware store, buy paint and paint our walls properly.

>Doesn't mean they don't exist
Sure, they're just way rarer

It can be hell if you're dealing with a corporate environment. "Please send it to me soon" can be "in an hour", "tomorrow", or "in a week" depending on some very nebulous circumstances. I generally just do everything ASAP to save myself a headache.

Getting violent because you can’t handle honesty is also a mental problem.

Does she use the same name when releasing doujins as well?

Usually, manga authors release under a different name when selling doujins

Ideally the more functioning person looks at the context of what the request is taking place in.

e.g. I am a sperg and was asked at work a "That tray over there". What was meant was the tray that was needed for the task that was being performed.

Apparently no additional information was necessary.

ITT normalfags jerking off to 3DPD like in SSR threads.

Because the idiots are the majority, welcome to the biggest redpill of your life, morons are the majority and they dictate what is normal and what is not.
>Twerks furiously into the sunset

Most definately, but people who are drunk tend to be rather sensitive to honesty and eager to fight

Oh fuck no.

What is this? Who the fuck made this? What motherfucker thought it was a good fucking idea to meme autists/sperglords into a moe?

Fucking hell, goddamn it, I was hoping no one would ever do this. Now even anons are going to start accepting autism because there's a fucking loli attached, and soon everyone will start getting buttmad when you use "autist" to troll people because "muh moeblob". Everything's turning into a fucking safespace now.

God fucking damn it, there goes that weapon. End of an era.

Apparently, there's an unspoken nuance that they need me to do it after I'm done with whatever I'm working on.

This is the ideal situation when someone gives a autist a vague statement. Without practice some of us can't exactly conceptualize a estimate like that.

"autistic" was was tired years ago

If you seriously don't think "autist" and "retarded" like "fag" before them basically mean "I think you're a dumb fucker" on this website instead of being linked to any mental illness at this point, you're retarded.

In my country, most killings (both domestic and between strangers) happen under the influence of alcohol. Yet the older generation still drinks like crazy and whines about muh evil weed.


As far as I can tell, most autists don't care about their condition flung around as a insult.
Even then it being tossed around is just a phase, just move onto the next insult like normal.


Sheldon from BBT started that trend. I find sad and worrisome that autism and aspergers are turned into the cute fairytale of so funny behavior. Also, I am seeing a pattern when reasonable behavior to something is seen as an autism trait by lazy assholes who just can’t ask proper shit.

>e.g. I am a sperg and was asked at work a "That tray over there". What was meant was the tray that was needed for the task that was being performed.

that's completely obvious

Go back.

Their intentions can also be harder to guess if you don't know the person you're talking to very well.



>I want a safe space in which to use "autist" as an insult.

Boy, when you're right, you're right. Everything IS turning into a safe space these days.

Just accept it that the older generations are not going to approve of weed, their generation got spoonfed that the shit was evil along side their national anthem, they respect law if it's legal to smoke weed they shouldn't give you too much lip unless you do it in excess
+ weed still has the smoke inhalation part which makes it unhealthy for lungs, but then again if they smoke cigarrettes they are hypocrites, everyone is an individual case don't trust stats too much

Not to them, apparently.

Though, while I have no mental illness myself, I've always been slightly peeved by "few" and "a couple" not only being basically interchangeable, but able to mean from 2 to 5 or more things, instead of a specific number.

Nah, it's older than BBT. The autistic savant trope for example has been around for decades and was really popularized by Rain Man. That really screwed over most autists, who had all the emotional retardation and no cool superpowers to compensate for it.

Is it really so hard to understand that not everything is supposed to be taken literally? Is it not teach people these things? Aspergers is just an excuse for laziness.

>Yet the older generation still drinks like crazy and whines about muh evil weed.


the author of this comic is a cosplayer who show skin on twitter for all to see

Asperger's was always accepted online, only edgy Sup Forumsfags and Tumblrinas getting butthurt that their narcissistic web of emotional lies get shut down by our cold hard logic ever tried to use it as an insult. The internet was made of Aspergers, by Aspergers and for Aspergers.

It's actually impossible to teach aspies the differences, that is why it's a problem.

Here's your (You)

Something about the face she makes and her mouth bothers me. It's the same expression in every picture and I've followed her for months

Nah fuck that, I am no aspie but people need to use the correct words.

>not posting the webm

maybe one day my life will amount to something involving this type of individual

Actually is possible to teach such things to a kid/adult. but that's the thing, you need to teach them and so they have a natural disposition to understand most things literally unless they know is something said in a metaphorical sense.


With years of training it became obvious, I was giving an example of a situation that without that it will be difficult.

The lazy one is the idiot who can’t ask for six items and says a bunch because they didn’t know how much they wanted and decided to meassure their needs based on how much someone brings to them. Fucking usless idiots.

Not aspergers, but I really hate when people gives me vague instructions. Don't tell to me bring just "a few" if later you're going to get all bitchy because I didn't bring enough of the stuff and make me do the same shit twice. Same with "its over there", just say where it is instead of playing a game of guessing.

3DPD out. OUT.

>tfw women live life on easy mode
fuck this gay earth

>all these people who need to bring "a few" items to people

get better jobs

oh wait you can't because you're aspie lol

It's literally Aspe-Chan though