Once Part 5 gets confirmed there'll be a lot of stupid "how King Crimson work? xD" memes. Be prepared.

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Part 5 is confirmed for 2018 guys

Gappy makes me happy

Can't be worse that what we have now honestly

Joshuu makes ME happy


part 5 never

>In The Court Of The Crimson King
will have to be renamed
>In The Court Of The JoJo Meme

There is no go explication how it works.

Araki is on break this month, yes?

He ded yo

this guy is urban guerilla you cant prove me wrong

>when you nut but he keeps succ
I don't understand why people think KC is confusing.

Based hairwindow poster
You're early today. Hairposter is supposed to go first.

Yes. Come back in February.


Based hairposter

Oh fuck, I forgot.

And people say Araki can't predict the future.

He predicted 9/11 though.

I was being sarcastic

what other predictions did araki have?

What's even worse is that there were some complete retards last thread that couldn't understand that Bites the Dust rewinds time whenever it's activated, even though it's explicitly stated.

>there'll be a lot of stupid "how King Crimson work? xD" memes.
Yeah because we never had millions of those before or anything, dumbass

What did Araki mean by this?

It means he's fabulous.

Oasis falling out with Green Day, Alexander McQueen committing suicide.
Probably not, we'll probably never see Urban's "human" face. I men, it'd be a nice touch if it were considering it's clearly a defined Doctor compared to the ones at the start of JJL. But I doubt it.
Besides, I'd kinda prefer it if we never did. There's a kinda irony with Urban that the only time he can truly be himself as a Rock Human is when he puts on a mask. A invert of the usual phrase.

Why is DIO so goddamn sexy?

Vampirism and charisma.

no one knows

>today is Kakyoin's death anniversary
Fuck. No wonder I've been feeling more depressed lately.

> For all that Kak's parents know, he ran away from home and was never seen again.

I can't imagine Jotaro told them, or even deigned to make up a lie about what happened.

His parents will forever be waiting for him.
And so will I.



I miss Bruno.

We all do.

I really wished for Isshin Chiba to voice DIO in the anime. His MUDA and WRYYY were perfect.

Hey, that's fucking cool. It seems like Japs really do like JoJolion.
>JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 30th anniversary
Got any more pics of that guy or his classmates' cosplay?

Not of Urban, but he does some fun cosplays. Shows the process too:
Old Joseph:

There's actually a Rai cosplay already floating about, but I can't find it right now does it work then?

i Wonder why Dio decided to not eat the 4 womens he fucked with his sons after he was done with them , cause he was clearly just eating girls after fucking them without trouble in egypt so why did those 4 escaped such fate ?

DIO obviously wanted to have children, otherwise it wouldn't have happened. We know that he likes to have a lot of followers, he probably planned on training them and possibly turning them into vampires themselves, maybe even using them as his "friends" to attain heaven.

Kakyoin will be missed. Fuck Araki for killing characters with potential too.

I don't understand where he found the time to travel and have gay adventures with Pucci and fucking all these women all while Stardust Crusaders was happening.

I wonder why Dio still sucks blood when he could feast on those milkers for years

DIO surfaced in 1983, Stardust Crusaders happened in 1989

>Muh normalfag manga is getting more viewers
Don't be so elitist

>implying normalfags would actually read a manga

Don't be so stupid

Is it just me or is King Crimson strikingly similar to Star Platinum? Who would win in a fight?

>thinking anyone can possibly win against an optimally used KC

Depends which Jotaro and if he knows King Crimsons powers?
Assuming yes:
Stardust: No
Stardust ending (the world): yes
Part 4: Maybe
Part 6: Yes

Giorno did it??

>Giorno did it
Giorno didn't do shit, the requiem arrow did everything, there wasn't even a fight.

Giorno couldn't be killed even if he wanted to with GER

>Jotaro could ever win against KC
He would lose harder than he did in MiH. Timestop would always be skipped if it were to cause Diavolo harm.


Made in Heaven

>Skipping time when time is stopped

Yes. Jotaro's time stop doesn't entirely stop time, it just slows it to a snail's pace. KC is capable of skipping a femtosecond.

Fucking christ I'm going to have this argument again with you speedreaders.
>Epitaph sees 10 seconds in the future
>Diavolo sees whatever happen (time being stopped and the results of what happened during it)
>Diavolo skips it
It's not fucking rocket science, you need to grow a brain and use it, the last time this argument happen it kept going for hours and everyone in the thread was trying to convince one idiot he was wrong but he was just too stubborn to understand.

Oh ok thanks

No need to get all autistic about it.

Is this why Tusk can move in "stopped time"?

I don't believe in "spin magic".

Defend this.

>Once Part 5 gets confirmed

I am prepared, OP

For when JoJobronies like yourself are exterminated


No, almost all the spam is going to be 4 posting.

Русский сок вкусный

Part 3's artstyle looked terrible but actually looked somewhat like the manga while Part 1/2's didn't and would have looked terrible on Part 3. Pic related

Get your eyes checked.

Again, what are these cards?

Любимый tastes like piss, even army juice is better.

That's okay I'm already reading Part 6 and I already know everyone who dies in it.

t. animeonly

At least it's better than the 90's OVA style.

Ah just like giorno, you taste of a liar

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Joshuu.

King Crimson is shit
Rush and BOC are the superior prog rock bands


Based based poster
you're supposed to say only one sentence and one sentence only

well how do crimson of king work? pls help

manga knives look the cooles

>Lord Inglip has been playing for 5600 hours!

Imagine you decide to start masturbating, and the next you know is you've already cummed.
That's how it works.

I miss that meme. Good times.

How could he see stopped time. He'd only see the aftereffects

So King Crimson stops time as well?

And Diavolo is actually Giorno's son from the future.

If that's supposed to mean that he doesn't, then explain this to me:
How does Diavolo get out of the way after seeing his future, without the others noticing?
If he just moves without stopping time because he already saw his future, what's the point in erasing time?

Look, there's no real answer to how King Crimson actually works, because even Araki didn't know back then. His powers are inconsistent as fuck and that's why you can't really explain it in a logical way.

He can move freely in the erased time but he can't attack anyone

The art styles work for the characters designed with them in mind.
That's why the Jojonium covers look weird since the characters weren't designed with Araki's current art style in mind.

It's sorta like how Dio's stand was originally going to have every stand power, which is why Dio is seen using Hermit Purple early on.
Araki realised that this would be too OP, so he replaced it with the ability to stop time. In the novalisation of Dio's Diary (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Over Heaven) done as part of the 25th anniversary of JoJo, the Hermit Purple thing is retconned to be the manifestation of Jonathan's stand.

He literally erases time. For 10 seconds (or whatever duration he picks up) time does not exist. Diavolo is standing alone is the absolute void.

>If he just moves without stopping time because he already saw his future, what's the point in erasing time?
Because Stand attacks are complicated business, not everything can be avoided by simply dodging it, so he takes no chances.


If you like Kira so much, then you'd shitpost under a tripcode using his name

Jojo had a shitty 30th anniversary. Just some mobile game and merch.

I didn't even know it had a 30th anniversary.

Now that I think about it, makes sense for his name to be "The World" if he was supposed to have the powers of every stand in the planet.