Neko no Otera no Chion-san - Ch. 8

Just look at THAT

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This art looks like that hentai NTR guy






Thumbnail made it looked like some muscular as fuck, 0% fat ass.


hey user if you have all the chapters of this manga please head by and host it there if batoto is affecting you


You are so wrong









This author just knows how to draw Thick women. And he is also excellent in writing love stories.

How do you go from Kaitekin to cute shit like this?

Author was probably a slut that settle down for a "nice guy" after years of roasting

>heart pupils

More likely a young guy who got older and realized what's important.

>19 year old thicc christmas cake

Why is this allowed?

I've seen people say this is heading towards an NTR end. Is this true?

How could they know that? Based on Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki and the way it's been so far, it's highly unlikely. Sounds like you were just dealing with shitposters. Same kind as in Okusan threads.

Somebody said that there are like 30 chapters unstranslated and that Chio marry a baldy as her grandmother wanted (not for love, just for temple shit and stuff) while her cousin does not even try to make a move on her

Sounds like if it's in the raws they could've easily posted proof right? You really shouldn't fall for stuff like this man, it's obvious.

I didn't fall for it, man. Just telling them from where that rumor came from

if only she didnt have those hideous eyebrows

Shit taste. Big eyebrows are great.


This is a dream, r-right?

Most likely

Actually, I think that's a relative and his kids.

nope just another NTR bait


Stop lying user

Chion is a eyebrows goddess

Thicc eyebrows are the best.


First glance made me think the seat went through her ass.

>19 years old
> Christmas cake
Something doesn't add up

From the art I recognize this is from the same mangaka as Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki, which means it will ultimately go absolutely fucking nowhere.

Anyone who picks this up will be catfished and blueballed HARD.

I enjoyed Fujiyama-san wa Shishunki but it really did fake me out, for the first 10 chapters it was moving rather surprisingly fast, but then proceeded to grind to a halt as soon as they were getting somewhere.

If they end up together at the end, no problem for me, also the art is good (most of the time)

Chion-San has nice boobs.


Go on?

Is the MC still a bitch and letting himself get cucked? Dropping this until no ntr is confirmed honestly. You never know with this author.

It is a mystery

there is no NTR, they like each other

Do you even know what NTR means? Or are you just babbling like every weeb who discovered this word 1 year ago and posts on gooks porn site+kissmanga/etc?

If there's any ntr risk it's eyebrows getting her man stolen by that love rival, but of course we know that wouldn't happen.

She is fat.


How is it not ntr? Blonde likes his cousin but doesn't act on his feelings and lets the cousin marry the priest. Maybe understand the plot and read the raws before you post some dumb shit user.

That made me think, how hairy is her asshole? Can you still comb it to the side or you need a machete to access her backdoor?

Main girl looks too fat for my taste.

Has he made any yuri stories before?

If you want easy (you)s so bad, why not go shitpost on Sup Forums?

what is her power level?

I don't know, but her booty level is an awful lot

>Only 1 doujin of this series
It's a nice start.

Jesus, there's so much wrong in how she's working there.

Glancing through the raws on lhscans, there's nothing like that. Raws are 45 chapters ahead too.


t. lumberjack

Are you sure?

Chion-san showing us her extremely hairy pussy



>translated to ch 8
>raws go to 54
looks fun but fuck me

at least it IS being translated

Butts in Japan can't be this big.


Now that's fucking evil.

This is going to end with ntr, isn't it.


Needs more NTR

can we get some moderation on people shitting up threads of every romance manga with "ntr this" "ntr that"
what the fuck is up with this shitposting

drowning in pussy

They just have to push their shitty fetishes on everything that may have a hint of it "Woah, there is another female character besides the main protagonist, she must be the one getting fucked"

hehe morning wood hehe

There is 54 chapters until now, yes there are a priest that is all over her, she go to do some temple works with him and find him very similar to his late grandfather, his cousin loved her but is too childish to make a change in the relationship, all around him want him to man up, even the dog and the cats, lol.

Chion is happy with his cousin and living his life like always.

Seems more like a typical love triangle.
Hopefully author won't shit the bed and will just deliver a good romantic story.

Damn look at all that bountiful flesh.

I think she is gonna end with the cousin, the priest is there only for the drama what is really no necessary, the rest is godly tier content.

Muh dick, picked up.

Who does outdoor work in tight jeans?

legitimate question that needs an answer

I would also like to know, preferably with picture references.

What's wrong with it? I haven't read it.

I wouldn't call him excellent.

>Katekin author
What do you think?

Why do so many retards remember this author for his half scanlated ancient work and not the recent fully completed one?

I want to slide right into her anus.