Wears dresses

>wears dresses
>has boobs
>feminine face
>no one notices King Arthur is a girl

What did the king mean by this?

Merlin was one hell of a wizard.

>has boobs

She wore her armor and comfy-cloak all the time back in Camelot.

Unless you're fat, she has more boobs than you

Still looks like a dress

Dresses were manly back then. They wore kilts, right? Same thing. In fact, the more girly you looked, the manlier you were.

>the more girly you looked, the manlier you were
>British standard

King Arthur is basically a product of Welsh mythology.
They wore kilts in Scotland, not in Wales or England you pillock.

It’s implied at the end of the Fate route that at least some of the knights knew she was a girl. But even if the knew or had suspicions no one would bring it up.

It's all British, my dude. No one knows the difference. It's like New Zealand. No one really knows where it is but it's basically Australia.

I wouldn't want to believe anyone out there is that stupid and clueless.

Male Arthur from Prototype has a similar armoured dress, looks fine on him.

That's just the reality of being a little irrelevant country near a larger more relevant one.

I think it's more a case of not knowing geography is a reality of being ill-educated.

Bedivere is a saber clone too user, and he isn't a girl.

Why learn things that don't matter. It's a waste of time. Do you know who the president of Nigeria is without looking it up? I doubt it. Why would you need to know that? You wouldn't, so why learn it. Do you know how to shear a sheep? How big is Neptune? Who discovered Antarctica? What's the half life of plutonium? People don't learn things they don't need to know.

>pretty as fuck male saber clone
>voiced by noto mamiko at the height of her popularity
I still don't know what they were thinking.

That being said, you're sitting in front of a machine that will tell you ANY piece of information, as soon as you ask for it, because it contains the easily-searchable grand sum of human knowledge. So if dumb fuckers can't bother to research the most basic of shit before posting, or at least not act like they're wise for being deliberately ignorant, then they can fuck right off, because it would take them less effort to do so than it took me to write this post.

You should try reading the thread from the beginning. It looks like you forgot what started this autistic tangent.

Red cloak was better.

Best Seibah right here

>Will NEVER be finished

Fuck i love this guy

>Woman playing a character who's always been portrayed as a man

Japan is so progressive and ahead of the times. Hollywood would eat this up today.

History is a whitewash.


You should have seen twitter reaction to trans Da Vinci when FGO NA came out

Excalibur gave Arthur eternal youth so everyone just expected Arthur to be stuck looking like a teenager.

Richard A BEST!

I don't think it's unreasonable for non-brits to confuse the differences in traditional dress between the Welsh and Scottish since to the rest of the world they're both just the West Virginia of the UK.

>there are photographs of Okita Souji
>TM says 'fuck that shit' and gives us this
Welcome to anime.

Probably that Pizza is tasty.

nigga, I'm a fucking SEA monkey and I even know kilt and bagpipe are Scottish traditions and not Welsh

>White girl

No they would not

Well, she's cute.
I don't think we need any other reasons.


Everybody did. It's called a Tabard.

Okita Souji is known to have been girly and Seibah there doesn't look that different from other versions of Okita in anime. Other than the skirt.

Not even the best king Arthur in Fate


true dat

Not even the best male saberface

Seibah has cute feets!


Praise the Emperor

Arthur was an effeminate cuck whose legend often strayed into homo erotica. Making him a girl helps me to take the subject matter more seriously.

that wasn't the real Okita, it was all a ruse!


>Merlin, the second best candidate for Grand Caster, is your court wizard
>durr what is a glamer?

As expected of Sup Forums


>New Zealand. No one really knows where it is but it's basically Australia.

More like people don't even know it's near Australia.


Why didn't they just go with the "legend has some basis in truth but not always fact"? At least with Mordred you can just say she was angry she was born a girl.

Glad I'm not the only one.

Because magic lol but the main reason is waifubucks.

Maybe King Arthur is a rather successful transvestite

From Merlin and Bedivere's appearances we can infer that feminine men may have been common at the time

Well Merlin was a wizard

She had Gawain stand in for her a few times

It's probably worth mentioning that pulling the sword out the stone stopped Arturia from aging physically, meaning she never developed the va-va-voom figure we see in her lancer forms. The people around likely thought she was a short, very androgynous boy, which wouldn't seem out of place considering most of the Knights of the Round Table were bishies/ikemen.
That, and Merlin's illusion/glamour game stronk.

Post the nero one.



>Whore of Babylon
>only tits 1 cm bigger than Rin

Oyakodon when?

How is that relevant, whores come in all sizes

Would Shirou be a good dad and scold Mordred?

It's ambiguous if she becomes a MILF due to normal growth or Rhongo's influence though

Stop lewding Mordred already!

Saberface Okita only exists for the sake of a joke. The author of the stupid ancient Japan holy grail war manga actually got Takeuchi to design a servant just for the manga. The magazine hyped the hell out of it for months. The "punchline" was that he just drew another cheap Saber clone genderswap and called it a day (the characters even call bullshit on it).

Shirou would be a good dad & fuck Mordred in a family threesome.