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When will we see him again? Isn't he supposed to be Luffy's counterpart in the Marines and yet he's only been in 3 arcs and 1 cover story

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Coby, more like, kill me.

>toei art
Please don't. Post good art instead. It hurts to look at.


>still doesn't understand that one piece is a parody

nice artifacts

Coby seems like a guy who makes friends easily or at least sticks with you whether you want him to or not. Helmelpo went through a lot with Coby not to mention him not being able to shake him of hence him becoming positively disposed towards him

All the groundwork is there for him to be a good rival to Luffy mirroring Garp's relationship with Roger even down to him having a subordinate Marine who favours bladed weapons

He should be above smoker level since he has both Haki and rokushiki right?

Smoker isn't exactly a weakling but he should be shooting up the ranks and be soon to be of the same rank. Too bad Oda already made every rank below Admiral garbage

Oda said during the Jump Fest that we will see an old and strong ennemy un 2018, which will be Morgan and with him will come back in the story: Coby

>Buggy D. Clown

Morgan is the very opposite of strong. If Luffy can't beat him simply by a demonstration of his haki then he really hasn't grown at all.

That was my thought. Buggy makes the most sense


And Buggy has Gohan levels of hidden potential, he can bullshit something

But Buggy has already showed loss of strength
Like when Hajrudin left, he was one of his strongest fighters..
How Oda will handle Buggy is an enigma

He can pull a Golden Freeza, he being stronk and lazy is canon

>Isn't he supposed to be Luffy's counterpart in the Marines
No, not really.

On the end I just want that
And Alvida doing anything badass, and Mohji and Cabaji too

All things come together with Kaido and Revery.

Coby is stronger than Smoker by now. His strength has grown faster than any character except child Big Mom.

I think Oda already said Buggy's fruit is strong as fuck, but Buggy hasn't trained enough to unlock his full power.

Buggy could creatively go as far as splitting atoms. Imagine a Muggy Bomb fueled by nuclear fission.

No gives a shit about Coby

who cares about coby

>Isn't he supposed to be Luffy's counterpart in the Marines

>Luffy's counterpart
Lol, no. At this point, the closest thing to Luffys "Garp" is Fujitora or Akainu. Coby's just an admirer who will never catch up to him.

I do. I always has a liking ofr the guy, but his actions at Marineford really sold him for me.

Will we ever see a Marine with Conquerors Haki?
Or does being a government dog automatically bar one from the Conquerors Club? Is Oda trying to call anyone who joins up with the Marines inherently beta by nature?

>source: user's ass

Fuck off. I do.

Is he, Sup Forums?

>Coby is stronger than Smoker by now
Bull-fucking-shit he is. Do you have any-


Shit, this is bait, isn't it?

>closest thing to Luffys "Garp" is Fujitora or Akainu
>Coby's just an admirer who will never catch up to him.
Are you a brainlet?

>avatarfagging this hard

>mfw One Piece is on break this week


Who's classier between Bartolomeo and Perospero?

>Katakuri can only get hurt when he's distracted
>luffy will try to provoke
>too calm and confident, won't work
>luffy will beat katakuri with jokes
Calling it now
>mochi mochi, dogtooth desu?

Coby's a fucking scrub as is Smoker. Both Fujitora and Akainu would wreck Luffy but the gap between them is shorter than that between Luffy and Smoker/Coby.

>Are you a brainlet?
So you actually think, Coby will become PK level by the end of the story?

Krieg or Kuro? Or Enel with his army of space pirates?


>Luffy will beat Katakuri with jokes

No he wont. He literally said he wants to beat him at this strongest, meaning when he his haki is at full power. This isn't like any of the other Luffy fights in that theres a country to liberate or a friend to save cause of the fight, Luffy is only fighting him for training purposes. Beating Kata with cheap tricks wont make Luffy any stronger.

Nah there are Coby fags around. I would hate if Coby is that strong. I mean ffs, there should be a limit to how fast someone can grow. Luffy is growing fast but at least he has been fighting since he was a kid and was put in survival mode by Garp since he was a kid. I wouldn't mind if Coby is as strong as pre-TS Smoker though.

That's lame as fuck though

What would happen if one of the VA dies?

I disagree. Beating an FC with cheap tricks is even lamer.

>gap between them is shorter than that between Luffy and Smoker/Coby

>So you actually think, Coby will become PK level by the end of the story?
Of course he will, he was trained by Garp for two years, is around the same age as Luffy and his dream is it to be an admiral, he will most definetily end up being one of the major forces of the marine in the end.

Recasting. It's a manga adaptation after all, not anime original. Roshi's VA died during DBZ's original run, but they didn't cut his manga appearance even though it was the Buu Saga where he pretty much only makes a few cameos anyway and could have been removed without issue.

It took both Garp and Sengokui to take down one of Roger's rivals. Coby will be insanely strong but he will never approach endgame Luffy tier strength.

The only way I could see him being on New World level is if he spent every day since Marineford honing his Observation Haki to the point where he's gotten much better than Luffy and maybe even Sanji. I doubt he'll ever be a physical powerhouse in canon
>inb4 someone posts the gif of him One Punchmanning a wheel of cheese
But I can picture him being very good on a technical level. Hell, maybe he'll even surprise us by learning a martial art like Fishman karate to compensate for being underpowered physically
>inb4 hurr durr a human can't learn fishman karate
says who?

Coby is Green Bull confirmed

This, Toei has no artistic integrity.

So what do you guys expect from the forthcoming live action series?
How would you adapt the East Blue saga into a first season?

Perospero obviously. He might be vulgar where his language is concerned, but he would never pee in public, and his posture is impeccable. Just like his clothes.
He is the picture of elegance. Not even being ironic.

Who are the actors that is gonna portray he crew. It will be up to the part where they will go to the Grand Line right?

Coby went from weaker than an Alvida Henchman to using Rokushiki in ~3 months.
Luffy was stronger than an Alvida henchman already in his flashback with Sabo and Ace.
Sabo’s increase in strength to time spent ratio is only below Big Mom.
He will be stronger than Luffy in the end.

>He will be stronger than Luffy in the end

This has to be bait right?

>It took both Garp and Sengokui to take down one of Roger's rivals.
How do you come to this conclusion?

>Coby will be insanely strong but he will never approach endgame Luffy tier strength.
If Coby will end up as Luffy's Garp than yes he will be on his level.

Now imagine Luffy training like this with garp

One season for East Blue. At least one episode per SH joining. No flashbacks in the middle of the episode, each episode is told from the pov of the protagonist SH of the week, and starts with their childhood.

Coby was introduced technically before Zoro and in that chapter he literally saves Zoro’s life by taking a bullet for him.
You didn’t know that because you are a speed reader.

>Garp was as strong as PK Roger

Roger was above Whitebeard. And whitebeard was later acknowledged as the strongest man. If you think Garp and Roger are equal, you are retarded.

They both had to fight Shiki and he almost killed garp even being 2-1

Who cares, you might want to throw away any expectations in this regard. Whoever is gonna take the role you won't like it because it's different from the manga.

Awakened Buggy is literally Law


Law can do a lot more in his room than just split things apart

Non canon.
Prime Garp was strong.
Post prime Garp knocked away the Phoenix and it didn’t keep coming back, Kizaru couldn’t stop his advance without seastone and a VAs help.

Things I learned today.

1. There are actual Cobyfags
2. They believe Coby will be stronger than the pirate king EOS

> non canon
> episode 0

Are you retarded?

>They believe Coby will be stronger than the pirate king EOS
Nice headcanon.

Shiki fighting Garp and Sengoku 2v1 is canon retard. Him fighting Luffy isnt.

how would they even accomplish that with nami and arlong park?


>Roger was above Whitebeard.
>If you think Garp and Roger are equal, you are retarded.
Roger stated that they nearly killed each other many times, if Garp would not be on the same level as Roger (not saying that he was stronger, just on the same level) than this wouldn't have happened.

>They both had to fight Shiki
Because Shiki attacked MF and both were present at the time, doesn't mean that one of them could't have done it.
Did you expect one of them to just chill in the back, while the other is fighting one of the most dangerous pirates of the world?

Coby is the future of the marines, if you don't believe that he will get a ridiculous powerup you must be retarded.

No, he just doesn't have any hax-tier doctor abilities which makes him shit compared to other doctors we've seen.

Strong world could have perfectly happened in the frame between triller bark and shabody

Moving the goalpost, the fought 2-1 and still almost killed garp

I want to flirt with Big Mom.

Name some One Piece characters who are probably going to end the human kind due to their twisted mindsets

And he has the same level of resolve as Luffy. He is the first rival Luffy made on his journey. He learned Haki at a younger age than Luffy and he learned it latently while in combat just like Luffy.

He was acknowledged by Yonko Shanks and saved by him for his courage.

You’re a retard if you can’t see he is the future of the Marine and will be stronger than Akainu.

Yeah my bad.

Shiki will be revealed to be weevils true father. The stitches on weevils body are there because shiki stole whitbeards body and let Dr. Hogback enhance his sons body with them. Thats how it will go according to my headcanon.

How are Perospero and Katakuri gonna dress up at their mother 's funeral?

This, remember when Chopper's VA took a maternity leave during water 7?

Coby learned CoO without being taught it.
Luffy didn’t and was older when he was finally taught.

>Scared to even say he wants to become an admiral
>Same resolve as Luffy

No I’m just familiar with the difference between canon and non canon.

End Baratie episode with Nami leaving. Start the next episode with Bellemere finding Nami.
Hell we could even play with this by not making it obvious Nami is the kid Bellemere is raising. Secondaries would fall for it.

Yeah so? So did Aisa. Luffy learned COC without even being taught it.

Episode 0 is canon user, said by oda himself

>Moving the goalpost
>almost killed garp

why did the artist give her a nosejob

Reminder Coby didn't get taller.

No it isn’t.

He's just following Oda's design

Show Oda’s statement.

He witnessed Shanks do it as a child.

Imagine Perospero pouring melted candy over Nami, Robin and Hancock, then tying them up and enjoying his meal.
Then, Pudding rewriting their memory to think that their job is being Perospero - sama 's slaves.
It looks like Hancock is gonna be a slave again.

Unlocking =/= Learning.

I would say that Luffy has shown Haki usage (subconscious use, tho) many times before being taught how to properly use it by Rayleigh, and thus many times before Coby displayed his one instance of CoO.

That said, does anyone else think that the way Oda displayed his discovery of CoO give the impression that Coby coulld develop a "Mind Reading" upgrade to his CoO? Like he'll be able to "hear" people's thoughts?

It'd be funny to see Luffy's Future Sight v Coby's mind reading.

Hope my headcannon turns out to be true because it'd be cool.

what i was trying to say is that nami got introduced with orange town so
>No flashbacks in the middle of the episode, each episode is told from the pov of the protagonist SH of the week, and starts with their childhood
doesn't make a lot of sense