Dresses slutty

>dresses slutty
>smokes cigarettes
>gets in fights
>out all night partying with older necromancers in their necromancer-caves
Our kingfu's daughter is out of control Sup Forums. How do we fix her?

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>Seibah attempts to spend time with Mordred
>neither of them know what to do since they're both as dense as bricks
Sounds like a Carnival Phantasm skit.

See, this is what happens to little girls that grow up without a proper father figure. This is why we have to save the nuclear family.

She seriously just wants her father to love her.

She sounds perfect to me.

Mordred is the king’s son. I don’t see why this is so hard to understand.

>Worse than Saber in every way
She jobbed to Semiratis hard. Even Medea could beat her and Mordred

>they end up just hitting up every restaurant in town and pigging out

>bring up Semi and Medea again



>Mordred misunderstands and thinks they're on a date


He didnt deserve it
>Nobody had the thought of ressurecting the dead,granting inmortality or human form

You can’t bring souls back in the Nasuverse without the 3rd magic.

Ding ding ding, they have a wish grating grail capable of using 3rd magic on world wide scale

Mordred in general seeing Seibah's life in Fuyuki would be liable to give her a brain contusion.

God dammit why can't we have more Carnival Phantasm. The F/GO whales would throw tons of money at it.

Oh, this is because Mordred wears a suit in the real event, right?

Given that Magic seems to be born of attempts to reach the root, Necromancy is probably more immortality-focused than you give it credit for.

What was even the point of these two characters?

What exactly did they contribute to the story?

You could say that about half the cast.

You could, but they were built up as these greatly important, almost MC-level of significance, characters, who will do something big in the end to change the outcome of the story. And all they did was run around like two doofuses. got into a few random fights, and in the end accomplished nothing.

Set-dressing so that His Most Exalted Imperial Majesty Sieg-sama had a mildly-amusing backdrop for the parade of everyone sucking his dick.


post her to the Royal Marines then on to an embassy in the Caribbean usually does the trick with wayward royals

Literally the only girl in Apo who isn't a massive slut is Evilcat.

B-but Jannu is pure! Pure maiden!


We will once Type-moon hits another anniversary.

Though, let's be honest, who wouldn't? He's the cutest Fate boy next to Flat.


If Mordred really is the son (female) of the king (female), then why doesn't she just tell Saber?

Adoption into the best family in Fate franchise.


she's a genetic clone and autism is genetic.

Nero is still the best.

She did though? Saber told her to fuck off.

Saber is a deadbeat dad.

>ywn give Mordred the attention and affection she deserves

Caules is cuter. Also, he specializes in electricity in El Melloi Case Files' universe. Fran and him were best pair

Like all rebellious girls, maybe all she needs is just a good dicking.

You can't dick King Arthur's son.


Wanna bet?

We're on this earth to defy expectations and achieve the impossible. Yes, we can!

What a cute boy (female).

Why does King Arthur's son dress slutty if she doesn't want to be seen as a girl? Is she retarded?

Only rough anal fucking with no lube to the hilt will fix this hussy.

Is Mordred really good in therms of power levels? Sure, I know that her biggest advantage is that unlike the other knights she'd have more freedom of use and acceptance of master's strategies that disregard honor and could use underhanded methods, but as far as was shown, knights like Gawayn and Lancelot were shown to fare better overall against their opponents, and the same seemed to apply for Agravain. It really felt that the only knight equal or bellow Mordred would be Bedivere.

I want to lick her tummy.

It's not slutty, it's practical.

>attempting to make sense of TM's powerlevel system
That, user-kun, is a good way to go mad.

Arthuria doesnt seem to like Mordred

Don't we all?


The official reason is that she feels claustrophobic because in life she had to wear her armor all the time.

Use first command seal to make Seibah grow her futacock again.
Use second command seal to make her rape Mode Red in every hole until she blacks out.
You won't need the third command seal for anything. Mordred will probably start crying out of happiness thirty seconds in.

You can't rape the willing.


If we really game TM powerlevels we conclude that pic related is above Ciel,Rin,Shirou, Arcueid,Shiki,Dead aposteles and weak servants. All according to statements from nasu

Mordred took NP from Siegfried, later took self destruct NP from Fran and was still standing, thats pretty fucking amazing endurance at least.

In VN seiba defeats her in one attack in all 3 routes so Seiba is above everyone.

You always lose once you use that last command seal. For one reason or another.

What if the roles were reversed and eggplant was the master and Gudao was the servant

If Taiga was given a route I might actually play that VN.

Against Siegfried it was a beam clash that was advantageous to her by CS and distance.

But her armor really is noted to be quite good. She has more endurance than Arthuria and the way it's built helps deflect sure-killing arrows (Chiron aimed at her heart, but the arrow hit the shoulder because of that)

>Against Siegfried it was a beam clash that was advantageous to her by CS and distance.


It was a giant ass explosion with them standing in the middle of it.

I feel Mordred is a shit chracter and only counts as "good" because most of Apo cast is just shit.

Would you let your son dress like that?

The autistic King who doomed hisboeb country.


Possibly. EX rank luck is a bitch though, I doubt Saber can kill her

She's just in her rebellious phase. Literally.

sounds fine to me
maybe Arthur should have been a better father

But Medea can without a problem apparently.


Only true solution.

Wtf, why did the anime portray like that? It was a curves beam against a straight line

You forgot
>Kills more likable servants and and showing no remorse afterwards.

Because explosions are cool, right?

She killed herself. No one told her to use a suicide attack.
Same with Jeannu. If you're using an attack that will literally kill you afterwards and it doesn't work, you have no one to blame but yourself.

>Uses self destruct on Mordred who already defeated Siegfried and Astolfo
>Cant finish the job

Is Fran the worst servant ever? At least Hassan died to full power Gil on his home turf.

Jeanne didn't know Amakusa had such a trump card.

Got her retribution.

Eh. Spartacus jobs harder and quicker

Worse berserker excluding Spartacus. To be honest powerlevel in apo is way below 4th and 5th grail wars but come on

I actually didnt remember he existed in Apoc until you reminded me.

>"Why was [aspect of Apocrypha] such shit?"
>answer is literally always "Sieg."
I legit wonder what the fuck Nasu was smoking the day he read Higashide's manuscript and said 'Yup, this is quality writing right here. Let's drop this off at the animation department and go re-up at Kojima's.'


Fran didn't realize her NP was actually a teammate buff that kills her in order to electrify her ally so they can shoot lightning while they shoot beamspam.

At least Fran's sacrifice brought Sieg back to life to stop evil Shirou and his wish.

All Fran's sacrifice succeeded in is injuring evil Shirou's girlfriend.

>Fran's sacrifice brought Sieg back to life

Biggest asspull of the year y/n?

With anal sex in front of her father.

The plot was fine, the execution was bad though. Turns out that socially retarded homonculi isnt a unique,conflicted or interesting character like Shirou. Sieg was just a flat and boring plate

Too bad Toole wasn't the mc. She could've carried it.

Make them impregnate each other.

Fuck I mean Mordred's sacrifice

I hate this fucking Captcha making me restart.

Anal sex that makes her bleed, it's the only way.

I want to lick every inch of her.