Nanatsu no Taizai 250




Why are all those "mc was part of a famous group in the past and now is a loner" so fucking gay?











So first Hendrickson went all-in on becoming demonic, now he's all-in on the Goddess' side.







>How dare you harm a girl's face?
THAT is what you choose to focus on?


Vore art when?

>Character development

At this rate Hendry is gonna end up being the vessel for the last archangel

Has this gotten better since Merlin sealed that many-faced commandment in the bottle? Stopped keeping up with it around there

Why don't you read it and find out?

Ah yes, the infamous Haircut of Determination.

One of the worst tropes in shounen.
>boob laser charging: 40%

Odds of Estarossa siding with the angels cause he wants Elizabeth?

Absolutely based.
Shrugging off an Archangel attack undefended with barely any injury and then retaliating with the coolest looking and sounding attack in the manga.

Best boy, he deserves better.

Wonder if the angels need more time to adjust to the new bodies, like how the 10C's needed souls to power up after they got out. Also wonder how limiting the bodies are compared to their originals, regardless I want the 3 brothers to kick their shit in

>Wonder if the angels need more time to adjust to the new bodies
Not really, they always were bitchboys.
Their main strength is ability to route and control other clans.


Merlin pulls one over Goddess and Demon clan to become supreme ruler of the world when?

When she starts dating Eacanor, so never

>Angel's, the righteous paladins of justice
>Siding with demon scum
How preposterous

So Ban’s still in the Purgatory searching for Meliodas’s emotions and his power up, right?

They sided with Mel before
Yep, probably going to come back at some extremely convenient moment

She looks better like this but it's a shame that her retarded healming powers prevent her from getting a real scar.

Lot of low key sexism in Japanese culture that's perpetuated by writers.

Looks so much better this way. He hairstyle was always so dumb.

He’ll probably show up when Elizabeth is about to expire, or maybe even before that and his power up is an ability to steal commandments.

I was hoping she'd get some brain damage out of that.

> Yep, probably going to come back at some extremely convenient moment
Not only convenient moment but convenient power too.
Maybe he can now steal space and basically is capable of teleporting to everywhere. And he can steal more energy from people. And someother nonsense. MAYBE he will be ableto steal the "energy of nature"?
He gets a supermode by absorbing natures energy.

>willingly reads shounen
>can't stomach the tropes inherent to the medium
every time

I don't really care for how or why he gets a powerup, my man Ban desperately needs it.

>literally Naruto

What haircut? She just trimmed her front bangs.

Goddamnit Hendy.
Is Vivian still alive?

She's too crazy to die

If she isn't dead, her chancer to win the Gilbowl tremendously increased.

Elizabeth is the perfect woman. I love her so much.

Fuck off Meliodas

Well, she is literally a Goddess.

I think that would be pretty cool. It would parallel what happened to Dreyfus, but it looks like Margaret has more or less taken that role already. Hendy definitely does have the goddess aesthetic in terms of clothing and hair color though. Deathpierce is somewhat similar in that regard as well.

>that Liones knight
>Escanor being scared of Diane
That's actually kinda funny.

Or estarrossa

New characters when? We still haven't seen the 6 black knights or the 4th archangel that were mentioned like 40 chapters ago. I also expect the goddess clan to have some extra soldiers like Chandler and Cusack and probably a sibling or two for Elizabeth. Nakaba also mentioned Elizabeth having a falling out with her best friend a while back so she might show up as well.

Im going to guess Zeldris is stronger than Ludociel. But Ludo cant escape because of Zeldris commandment. Still it would be stupid for Ludo to lose now so he is gonna pull something.

>I also expect the goddess clan to have some extra soldiers
The Seven Holy Virtues?

Since we lost Mera, I guess Elizabeth is her blunt bangs replacement now. I dont like Elizabeth at all but now that she is acting a bit more ballsier im digging her a bit more. Her bitchslapping Meliodas to escape was great.

>But Ludo cant escape because of Zeldris commandment
Unlikely. The Supreme Deity gave Merlin protection against the commandments as a blessing. Chances are she also gave similar blessings to her elite soldiers. Would be pretty dumb for all of her forces to fall because they accidentally killed someone near Grayroad or got angry at Estarossa. Also keep in mind that you have to be within range to trigger a commandment, otherwise there would be massive amounts of people being affected by them throughout Britannia. Ludo is not exactly close to Zel's location so he should be fine even if he's not immune.

This a fun page, I like wizard Chandler more than berserker Chandler.

I think the goddess faction is going to have less soldiers overall, so maybe something like the Three Sages or the Holy Trinity.

Oh wait they were actually called Wise Men instead of Sages.

This is the most significant thing Diane has ever done

>Zeldris went after Merascylla
>Estarossa will go after Monspiet and Derriere
This nigga is going to slaughter them
RIP cute demon couple

>yfw you realize because of the anime that Merlin's power level is absolute shit despite the buffs she got from the DK and Goddess
How is this possible? She may be versatile, but she should be way stronger too.

MS with their typo game on point I see

dat rape face

His abilities counter Derriere but Monspiet can actually damage him, and from a huge distance if he will notice him.

>mfw Estarossa commandment cleanses Derriere dirty mouth.

Best new haircut, but yes, boring clichè.

1. Elizabeth dies and we get a huge time skip
2. She survives through some bullshit

Which will happen?

>We get a timeskip
>Ban still hasn't come back from the purgatory

The golem did. Unfortunately Diane stopped him from doing the rest

>tfw the golem was 3 days too early
Golem #2 will do the deed.

>Diana sawllowing villagers whole


>when it would take 15 years for Elizabeth to grow up again and there's HWII about to start right now
Yeah I don't think so. What's going to happen is that Estarossa will obtain all the commandments and then remove Elizabeth's curse since he wants her for himself, which means Mel doesn't have to become the DK.

ugh penis hard

Zeldris is the best brother.

>Dies Irae
It's interesting how the Ten Commandments feel more religious than Four Archangels so far,with having divine rules they have to obey and their current leader wielding the power called God (Demon King) and having at least one religiously named spell.

Agree with , Wizard Chandler has had an amazing moveset so far.

Diane should get angry more.

Have we really seen Diane using the full fruits of her powerup yet?

Like, I don't remember if she ever did the fucking dance thing that hey had been building up so much.
I wanna know what'll happen if she does it right.

Her powerlevels rise after she does her dance, without it she is at about 15k. The funny thing is that we still don't know what her Sacred Treasure does.


Is Merlin stuck as a loli because her power was sealed or is that her real form?

Read the manga, come on, she already unsealed her power back with the right magical sphere.

Cute powerlevels!

So the grown up form's an illusion? I dropped it an year ago and just speedread through the whole thing I'm sorry

Well, did you really miss that she reverted to her true form before starting "negotiations" with Zeldris? And yes, she is a loli.

Actually 15k was after a little bit of dancing in human-form. Her base in giant form is something like 9k I think, only like 500 above Matrona. If Diane can dance her way to 40k then Matrona might be able to go higher, since she's more experienced. Diane is just a talented young giant girl, while all the other Sins except Ban are somehow special.

Thanks. Batoto was buggy for me so I read from a site that ripped niggastream's dogshit translations.

How do they not know killing Elizabeth will make her just resurrect fucking again and again?

An unawakened baby Erizabesu has less persuading power over Meriodasu.

It hasn't actually been explained how many people are aware of the curses. Obviously the DK, SD and Mel knew and so did Elizabeth whenever she regained her memories. Merlin also apparently knew although she probably could've pieced it together even if she didn't. I can't remember if the Commandments as a whole knew about it but at least Zel and Esta did, maybe Mera as well. The goddess in the horn also knew but she might be the SD. So it's entirely possible Chandler isn't aware of Elizabeth's curse, though you would think he is considering he must be aware of Mel's curse.

>Hendricksen is a filthy lawfag now
We lost him

Margaret probably just teleported everyone away before zeldris attack reached them

Should I watch this 4ep OVA befores second season ?

So which subs are better for S2? Judging by the comments on nyaa they're all shit.

nigga. he's been a lawfag since always

Escanor´s axe is able of absorbing his power and releasing it at once.
King´s spear takes advantage of disaster to change form.
Meliodas´s sword makes easier to use full counter against various enemies.
And Gowther´s bow may give his invasion range instead of being stuck with being a close distance skill? I don´t know for sure.

So Diane´s treasure special trait must be something that boosts or makes easier to use creation (the only magic that all giants seem to have, so far they don´t have unique skills like some demons and human do. King and Gloxinia also both have disaster)