I love girls who fight back when I hit them

I love girls who fight back when I hit them.

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You can't one hit KO girls? What a fag

better move to Detroit then

Reminder that OP was autistic enough to make 10 Shinka threads on friday, nigga's a roleplaying parasite:

There are no anime girls in Detroit.

Well, there are animal girls there...

That's a bit racist.

>hitting anime girls

Well I personally love girls that thank me when I hit them.

It's all good as long as they're capable of fighting back.


Anons are kinda weak.

my cardio is very weak and it may because over masturbation

>hitting anime girls
Y tho

pleasure for dominance to make up of inferiority complex

More satisfying to fuck them afterwards

They make cute sounds.

What would punching an anime girl out feel like?

Is it cute to hear "yamete kudasai"?


like punching your computer, satisfying at first but instant regret

just yamete


Best girl to punch in the face

And the second best girl for the same kind of thing.

>hitting a girl period

At least put them in a submission hold or something. Hitting a girl in the face is not cool, as most go through a lot of trouble to make themselves look nice.

I love girls who overpower me without even giving me a chance to fight back.

>as most go through a lot of trouble to make themselves look nice
That's what makes it more fun.

I'd rather Shinka dodge my punch and put me in a chokehold.

Why is ryona the best fetish?

What would you do with her?
Tell me your darkest fantasies, Sup Forums.

Make nude filters

Mixed fight is the most patrician fetish.



I have a hard time seeing Taiga even remotely hurt me without breaking her hand.

i want Taiga to hit my crotch

What about the 165cm (5'5"), 57kg (126lbs) Shinka?

Same thing there, since I'm 195 cm 100 kg.

You're a big guy.

I'm shorter than my younger brother.


Thanks for the heads-up, I didn't see that thread.

she weighs more than me


I want to see you two go at it.

Am I the only one seeing a political question here? If we allow the fag and the gold digger to freely express themselves, have we also enabled the OP, implicitly or explicitly?

Kill yourself for bumping this shit thread from page 8+ with more garbage.

You seem upset.

Why do you babysit threads that you hate?

layered bikinis are God's gift to mankind

The girl wearing it isn't too bad herself.