ITT: Characters that existed for no reason other than to sell toys

ITT: Characters that existed for no reason other than to sell toys

More like characters brainlets will never understand


pen pen exists for NO REASON other than MERCHANDISE. toy characters are somewhat acceptable if they actually do things sometimes but pen pen does nothing, ever


Everything in Eva is deep *BURRRRRRP*

so NGE was a comedy all along?!

ITT: Characters that existed for no reason other than to sell h-doujins

Who would buy a Pen Pen toy tho?
The real answer

Post the character you hate here, user. Tell us about your feelings, let go of your hate.

>Pen Pen.
The other cast have toys ontop of toys, statues, and so forth, what the fuck are you talking about, even Eva One has a Primeone studios statue costing over $1000 for.

Did you really not get what PenPen was to be? I mean, it tells his purpose in the show, even the blonde bitch who has a similar pet lets it die and she wasn't even there for it, if anything PenPen was helping hand to character building.

I should have said plushies not toys because figurines fall under toys. pen pen doesn't do anything, ever, he only exists to sell plushies to dumb japs. for instance, the demon kitty in konosuba, or the blendS dog


>Look at this duuuude

anime as a medium exists for no reason other than to sell toys and manga desu


>he didn't get PenPen
For how many people like to shitpost the 2deep4you meme you'd think they'd have some sort of understanding.



This entire show was made to sell toys.

Actually that character exists because old mecha anime all had an animal sidekick and Anno is a talentless hack who mindlessly copies everything he has seen.

Technically everyone in Saint Seiya.

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Pen Pen.


What's the best Madoka onahole?



What a terrible thread



>le shinji is a pussy xD
>le I would totally pilot the eva and fug misato xDD
>shinji gay LOL

You are what Anno criticized when making eva

I bet you love Tarantino

Fuck off.

I don't expect less from the studio that brought us Gundam.

Show me all the pen pen merchandise. I'll wait.

As a guy who studied NGE for more than 10 years seriously, this is the first time I enter to a/ (I'm a v/ native) and reading stuff like this makes me terribly, terribly sad

>Sup Forums
Go back there

It’s just /m/ being brainlets as always. Eva is pretty simple though, not sure what you studied for 10 whole years.

>studied NGE for more than 10 years seriously
That's kind of funny. I'm gonna steal this shitpost.

Looking at the state of a/ maybe it's the better choice yeah, but I really think that there are people here who are not brainlets.
I actually think the whole Sup Forums has been invaded by brainlets like you it is

Get out of Sup Forums

Schopenhauer, pic related, C Clarke, Freud, Nietzsche, theory and analysis, Santayala, and stuff like that, of course it was not straight up 10 years, but I started there and it was more like a hobbie.

Wrong pic OP

Evangelion is too deep for you. None of you truly understand what this anime is about. Some say its a deconstruction of mecha, or say it's about depression. Both are wrong. Evangelion is a deconstruction of anime itself. Anno did something truly genius with this show nobody has ever done in any other anime, perhaps any other medium in general. He ripped off a bunch of truly great anime, but then made it as bad as possible (Gunbuster was the prototype for this). One element of this is present in the characters Rei & Asuka. Anno took the best girl Rei Asuka from another anime and split her between too giant piles of shit known as Rei Ayanami and Asuka Souryu. Evangelion is truly deconstruction in its purest form.

>(I'm a v/ native)
opinion worthless

I fucking love penpen, he looked so realistic.

Is this elaboration purely based in the relationship between NGE and Gunbuster or there's more?

Yes there is more.

I always thought about NGE like an humanist tractate, more in the lines like the Divine Comedy but in an audiovisual format and not so exhaustive. Hence we can see it as a kind of an attempt to deconstruct the human issue.

the human issue itself*


ikr, waifu fags and losers pretending that if they were Shinji they would wreck shit and be totally alpha and fuck so many chicks piss me off to no end. Shinji isn't Chad thundercock, he's supposed to be uneasy around people, I always pegged Shinji as having more moral standards and class to just try and fuck women. He's afraid of people hurting and using him, which red blue and purple would end up doing. He would probably rather just have a good friend, like Kaworu, just someone to talk to and hangout with without any sexual pressures.

>without any sexual pressures