Is this the epitome of eastern animation and writing?

Is this the epitome of eastern animation and writing?
I can't watch anything else after this masterpiece of intellectual self-discovery.

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try outsmart this little fella

I treat it as Adult Swim of anime. You need different mindset to get into it.

>I treat it as Adult Swim of anime.

You hit the nail on the head, user. Just sit back and enjoy the absurdity. Though this show is much better paced than anything on Adult Swim, much better for an audience that isn't high constantly.



Is Robot Chicken the epitome of wastern animation and writing?

There are hidden ideas in this familiar landscape,
Which are you always looking at,

An Unconscious Bias,
Nobody knows the reason to exists,

It repeated, an imagined speed graph,
a geometric pattern of life and death,
a paper to meet us at the end of the ceremony,
traveling in a parallel world,

I looked at those desires you crossed out.

Why does horriblesubs use the censored version?

Wrong channel I supposed; certain stations have certain standards.

Yeah, pretty much. They can just stop making anime now, it'd only be downhill from here.

Has anyone translated those panel?




>You hit the nail on the head, user. Just sit back and enjoy the absurdity. Though this show is much better paced than anything on Adult Swim, much better for an audience that isn't high constantly.

This, I'm dying on the inside and this is the first show I've managed to watch since 2014

So is Popuko really an idiot or is it just impossible for her to give a shit about anything other than her current impulse?

How do I into uncensored?
Is [hhhhh] the only group doing the uncensored version? Their version split the audio into 1st half and second half so you don't get the pure 24mins version.
What do?

so is every episode going to be 12 minutes x2 with different va? also why even is it like that

It's a giant season long joke
I just hope they keep making the second version more and more different until the second loop is a like another episode

The latter.

I enjoyed the second episode. I think it's mostly the character design, they just make me happy.

Has anyone translated the OP?

I mean how can anybody hate these designs


They're pretty cute

Love Me is song of the year

Does anyone else instinctively expect CG Jonathan Joestar to pop up?

i see oreki

A parody of endless eight, I hope

>yfw the dub actually rerecords the live action scene with the actors getting mad as fuck about the script


Who would even be fit for the dub?

I'd probably want Patrick Seitz or Richard Epcar as one of the two girls

>song about embracing original and non-traditional ideas during a creative process
sasuga bkub

Chen cameo when?

It's all a setup for pic related which they're going to use at the end of episode 11.
The finale is then going to be used entirely for the cuckoo clock joke.

Crunchyroll gets the broadcast cut for their simulcast. Wherever they're getting it from put in the censorship.

I want Girldrop to be real just so I can have a full version of that OP.

Yuri Lowenthal as Popuko and Johnny Yong Bosch as Pipimi.

I thought only the west had the "lol so randumb xD" humor problem.
This anime showed me that even Japan has it's own Rick and Morty.

While most of those panels are taken from the manga, the lines are all changed to refer to anime.
>Hello? Video Research?
>This is a present for the viewers.
>Anime Poptepipic hajimaru yo~
>When watching Poptepipic
>Make sure your room is well lit. That's what the warrant says.
>All haters~ Smash your TV and go to sleep~
>Maintain some distance from the TV.
>Will you keep your hands away from the remote?
>Buy the discs!
>Hey you! Can't you watch this in real time!?
>Something about anime graphics and 4K

Watch more anime, this kind of humor is nothing new and there's tons of shit based solely on it.

What about Jim Cummings as Popuko and Kevin Michael Rochardson as pipimi

i keep forgetting ケツ and reading 欠 in jukugo as カク

Do you think that, somewhere on 2ch, their is someone labeling Pop Team Epic as shit because it appeals to gaijin?

Repeating the episode with different voices is already ballsy enough. I'd be surprised if they have an entire episode for the cuckoo clock joke.

Let's go to the sea!

>epitome of eastern animation and writing



i watched it and only laughed at the male version of the pop song
its good because pte have the most adorable designs ive ever seen


What did she tell her?

Which other female VAs can deliver this Popuko's line better than Aoi?

Hank Azaria as Popuko and Harry Shearer as Pipimi.

Were bitcoins come from

>changing their mouth, ever
it's almost good


The 'blank' and 'blank' of...

It's FUNimation, so it's more likely it'll be Chris Sabat instead of Richard Epcar.

If they do the living toilet scene, I want it to be voiced by Ian Sinclair for obvious reasons.

I want to die.


They did fix Konosuba, tho

It's great, but using the Keit-ai scene as the background is pretty uninspired.

>implying it wouldn't changed based on what phase you're on


>that elf face

>at the start Cup and the girls fall into the TV from the OP, background changes with each phase
>in the last phase Popuko's hand becomes gigantic, stretches out of the TV and hits it with her nail bat as they fight between the shards
Too bad Cuphead can't be modded desu