Sup Forums hates fairy tail

>Sup Forums hates fairy tail
>one piece does same shit
>Sup Forums loves it
explain this faggots

in fairy tail, MC wrecks any threat, no matter how strong they are.

At the moment ruffy isnt even on par with the yonkos, as shown in the particular chapter.

One Piece is overall many times better written than Fairy Tail. The big thing that FT has going on positively in writing is that it's much shorter and even then it was too long.

>Sup Forums loves one piece
Hi there, you seem to have mistaken Sup Forums with Sup Forums.
Sup Forums hates the 3B. Sup Forums crossboarders however love them!

OP doesn't do this every two chapters and doesn't rely only on fan service to sell.

>Luffy struggles quite a bit to keep up with a Yonko first officer, pushing himself slowly but surely to improve up to his level. Yet even still, it was shown he's nowhere near being yonko level yet.

>Natsu, facing a seemingly unbeatable threat, thinks of his friends to punch a man with nigh omnipotent space-time god magic really just extra super hard this one time, and wins.


The what now?

Thanks for reminding me I have to filter it.
Also One Piece is a parody. FT isn't.

I think they're both shit. r8 my onions

it does post timeskip desu

You're right OP, One Piece also does this.

However Fairy Tail has nothing aside from muh friendship power. One Piece still has a great big world with good writing and themes. Though I'll admit the villains and fights are really shitty.

I assume he means the big 3 as in Bleach, Naruto and One Piece.

Bleach died prematurely, Naruto is over. 3B has ended years ago, not even Sup Forums gives a shit about the past anymore.

>has nothing aside from muh friendship power
Wrong. It has boobs.

Pro-tip: once a series crosses 300 chapters it tends toward pure shit (FT, OP, Bleach) or incompletion (Berserk).

>liking either

Boobs can only take you so far. It’s a real slog to read/watch after a while.

No, it's not at all true. FT was always shit. OP is still great and Bleach is probably too intellectual for you. Berserk was never all that great. Also you're comparing 40 page and 20 page chapters in the same post. Only further proving you have no idea what you're talking about.

>Bleach is probably too intellectual for you

well said. Kubo's art is only for enlightened individuals.

It's because mangakas rarely plan that far ahead, they only have vague ideas what's going to happen later on in the series. Which is sorta understandable, who's gonna plan for 300 chapters when your series might get axed after 5. It's amazing that One Piece is still this coherent.

Minimalism aside. There's nothing wrong with his art.

Doesn't Fairy Tail outright copy the shit out of One Piece in those regards while barely having substance on its own?

Fuck off shounentard.

>Bleach is too intellectual

Pro-tip No. 2: If your head is perpetually up your ass, everything seems ‘intellectual:


I forgot that's how he was called in the German dub.

>One says Kubo’s art is good
>The other says it’s shit

It's far from being the same though. Yeah, it's both about friendship, but there's a big and important difference in how frequently, to what level and in what manner they do it. Fairy Tail is a thousand times worse because of this. Plus One Piece has much more going for it besides the "muh friends"

all me

Without fanservice FT would've been forgotten after the first two arcs.

Does it have nudity?

Wan Piss is trash as well, naturally.

I guess target demography and how they achieve it. Wan Piss is targeted at children and manchildren, with no real otaku fan service or romance. There are more sexy women in Pokémon than in Wan Piss. Fairy Fail targets horny teenagers and otakus who have given up on life and real women and succombed to 2D. Losers would be a more correct word.


I will never not be mad about that, but regardless is still a powerup asspull in the middle of battle without even a fucking training arc in between.

Fairy Tail:
>I just got my head cut off but the power of friendship put my head back onc full healed me, and the plot armor and horror of me being such a zombie monster has my opponent terrified.
One Piece:
>I won’t surrender to these punches or let my opponent psyche me out like he’s trying to because I’m doing this for my friends, not just myself. It’d bees still to give up now but I won’t!

What power up? Describe it.

In one word, execution.

>this thread
It's like a baiting competition

because out of the two, one piece is the original.

one piece is just for kids, more kids more views

the true question is: Does it have nipples?