Darling in the FranXX

Admit it: no other scene this season is even half as good as this one.

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I like how she says "darling". She sounds like a hungry feral animal. Pretty hot desu.


>A common name of the genus is bird of paradise flower / plant, because of a resemblance of its flowers to birds-of-paradise.
>The bird of paradise represents faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness
>The symbolism generally associated with bird-of-paradise is freedom and good perspective. When a woman gives it to a man it symbolises faithfulness.
>The 9th wedding anniversary for a married couple
>Freedom and the ability to travel, due to the flower’s resemblance to birds in flight (note similarities with the bird monologue in episode 1)
>Magnificence, excellence and success
>Joy through challenges and successes alike
>Faithfulness in romantic relationships
>Optimism towards the future



Best girl really.

This episode was much better than I expected it to be.

I feel like A1 and the creative staff around it is holding back the show

I admit it, the music here is really good too, it was really ambient and dark, this scene along with a couple others in the first episode stand so far out compared to everything else this season.
I really feel like this can be one of the greats, they clearly have talented directors and animators, lets hope the script continues to be this good.

If you don't like mecha you shouldn't be watching anime at all

and great BGM after the kiss

lame scene
lame plot with forced character developer. these are not characters, but plot devices

Why is 016 running like a girl?

Nah, they definitely came up with all of the good things like all the sex an companionship metaphors and intwining that with all the mecha and character interactions.
They are all old gainax, that's really what it reminds me of.

02 was inspired by Lum from Urusei Yatsura and Haruko from FLCL.

Wait for episode 3. That's fully produced by Trigger.

>That run

Kino in the franxx

A-1 is just a company. The people working on it are what's important.
Stop trying to force this shit.

I don't get the hate boner Sup Forums has for A-1. They've put out some bad stuff, but they've also put out some great anime, like Uchuu Kyoudai and Sora no Woto. At least they usually have decent production values, unlike most studios.

At least try next time.

The prodigy run

>Found you, my Darling in the FranXX

Everyone working on this is ex gainax
Even the A1 guy's

Yeah, a company who has old gainax workers making aots.

it's just shitposters trying to start a shitflinging session, or newfags who think studios are what matters, not the staff working on the anime.

Do all prodigies run like girls?

Youtubers hate A1
So their followers also hate it

the soy run*

Yeah, this is the one, this show is genuinely in a whole different league.

So many times I stopped to just think about how someone came up with such a quality shot like this, all the smoke and the camera, then you see the orange light in the background, perfectly timed and synchronized.
Like this is really fucking special,and it really can't be taken for granted, I personally want to thank whoever wrote and animated this among many other scenes in this premier.

Chad run*

He's not a chad yet though.

This shit seems like its really trying to appeal to teenagers hard. Reminds me of Guilty Crown in that way.

Is this pasta?

>forced character developer

He kissed a hot girl, now he's a Chad.

Think about it this way: at best, this will be a return to form for GAINAX. At worst, it will be a trainwreck. Either way, it will be an extremely fun watch.

Then were is Anno?

Dying inside somewhere probably.

>an Eureka 7 (aka discount Eva) clone mixed in with Diebuster (aka discount Gunbuster)
>but it's made by my favourite meme studio
10/10 AOTY

That's the reason I'm watching. Just hoping for a good time.

If it where pasta you could google it newfag.

>Eureka 7
>discount eva clone

Its like you designed this comment specifically to trigger me.

>there's only 1 episode out yet but I already know what the entire show will be like

Well, Khara is doing the CG, so maybe someone from there will direct some of the episodes. Masayuki showed up on LWA after all, and his episode was one of the best in that series.

Hiro is a girl in some way


Lets examine that!



Does that mean OhNi is a futanari?

I love it when she says BOKU NO DARLING

Well it seems that 0ni is the one piloting the FranXX while Hiro is the rod control, as opposed to other partners.

I clapped when she did it twice in one episode


What a faggot.

>Khara is doing the CG
You could really tell too. They have a pretty distinct style for their models already. Really reminded me a lot of Ryuu no Haisha and the Rebuild movies.

Freedom and faithfulness, huh? So she'll probably be free to have other partners, but he'll still consider her faithful to him. That's how relationships work in this day and age after all.

Is Naomi alright?

But she didn't. The second time she said "mitsuketta, boku no darling".

This but unironically

Dedder than ded

I probably just couldn't hear the mitsuketta because of my clapping



Ever relatable I see.

Why does she say "boku"? I thought boku is for boys.

t. can't speak nipponese

This is bait. Don't fall for it like in the previous thread.


>Darling in the FranXX
The name is fucking stupid.

And nobody in the show cared

At least we don't have Aoki on board, I couldn't handle 24 weeks + 3 months of cliffhangers.

sup redditor newfag

She acts boyish and dominant.
She's gonna switch to watashi somewhere down the line for sure since she talked like that in the intro.

Hiro is Darling an he put himself into the FranXX(002)

The studio does matter, don't kid yourself you retarded piece of shit.

Its doujinbait

Literally the first one will be named 'Darling in the FranXXX'

Of course given the whole point of the show is BREED TEENAGERS YOU NEED TO BREED thats not surprising.

Dibuster > Gunbuster

She's a tomboy

is the show still not ready yet for Stalker, I'm super curious to see if it will flop or not

2 weeks

FranXX reminds me a lot of Diebuster actually.

What does XX stand for?

People will wait a few more episodes. Not easy to tell for original series.

I hope it fucking flops hard so A1 will fuck off already, same with Aniplex, this show is just recreators 2.0, fucking garbage, it was so boring, holy shit

Aniplex series don't get listed for preorder until the 3rd episode airs.

Its chromosones. thats why the girls wear two Xs and the boys wear an X and a Y, its SO FUCKING OBVIOUS.

Shit taste, user, you should feel bad.

So in a way the Robots are their children?

Wow. This show is actually way deeper than I thought

It's stylish.
Gunbuster is superior, but both are pretty good.
It will sell like crazy, and A-1 will literally never go bankrupt. They shit money.

Hiro said "ore" when she was first talking to her though. Does that mean he's trying to show an alpha image of himself?

I thought she was gonna taste it and comment on the salt and how it feels like the ocean.

That's just normal

remember qualidea code and recreators(which wasn't a1, but a big wannabe aniplex original)

Excluding devilman? and i be lying if i said you where wrong.

So, Hiro is her first darling? Did she call her previous partners darling?

Probably not. Hiro is her one and only Daaringu.

A1 has the most bestsellers and makes 4 shows every season
They will be the biggest studio soon

they slowed down their output compared to 2014 though



You're right user, that scene made me wet

Yes. No. Did you even watch the episode?

Better than being their moms