Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai de

>Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai de
>Second Life In Another World
This isn't a title, this is a genre description.

>[New Life+] Young Again In Another World
This isn't much better either.

>All of a sudden, out of nowhere.
>“Renya Kunugi, you have passed away!”
>So said the young girl who styled herself God.
>Apparently, Renya Kunugi the Protagonist had lived long and prospered. His life already came to a peaceful and fulfilling end, but at the request of Her Holiness, he was transported to an alternate world to start a new life as a young man.
>Thus did Renya, who was definitely your average everyday guy, end up fighting off bandits and vanquishing monsters. Eventually, after his successively blossoming talents coalesce into a force of sheer awesomeness, he will go on to leave his mark upon this alternate world.

Kill me.

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>shameless wish fulfillment series takes itself seriously

They are not even trying anymore doesn't it?

I wish. Because nothing is worse than a series not taking itself seriously. These light-hearted and comedy/gag types have been contaminating narou a bit too much recently.

Edge for the Edge God

Oh new Death March thread, senpaitachi?

That's /tg/'s most favorite manga. Really speaks how shit their taste are.

>Thus did Renya, who was definitely your average everyday guy,

He;s a goblin slayer and a master samurai.

This so fucking much, knowing you are shit doesn't make it less shit

>who was definitely your average everyday guy,
What the fuck did you just fucking say about him, you little bitch? I’ll have you know he graduated top of his class in the Japanese military, and he has been involved in numerous secret raids on enemy forces, and he has over 300 confirmed kills. He is trained in gorilla warfare and is the top swordsman in the entire Japanese armed forces.

Not goblin slayer?

Actually, it's revealed that MC is literally the Japanese equivalent of the Navy Seal meme fairly early on so not sure if OP is trolling or legitimately dropped this shit before the end of the prologue arc where it's revealed the MC killed a shitton of people IIRC raiding enemy trenches with just a fucking sword in the military and then going on to complete in a shitton of underground fights.

Nidome is one of the few isekai series where the MC is decidedly not a nerdy self insert.
Nipps manlets also wished they were as hardcore as Jack.

5730 confirmed kills, before getting isekai'd. Rest is surprisingly accurate.

Isekai was already a barely okay genre when it got mainstream, but now it's fucking shit.

That's detailed. Which chapter ? or in mango?

ALice in wonderland was mainstream long ago. And good. How /new/ are you? 12?

Alice in Wonderland isn't isekai. It's all just a genjutsu.

Tohou is isekai too anons.

Isekai was pretty mainstream back in the 90's and they're way better than the shit we get nowadays. See El Hazard, Rayearth, Fushigi Yuugi, Escaflowne etc.

It's not isekai that's the problem. The problem is that they're based from shitty webnovels by amateur authors.

Chapter 7/2nd intermission of the WN.

Ah! that’s also an option. All I need is to pull up the history on his


Kunugi Renya

Human race , Age:94

Current resource file number: 9201-0846-2525-4985

former world number: 8190-9753-1414-3878

No special events mentioned

14th family head of kunugi one sword flow style.

An accomplished kendoist since childhood, at the age of 13 he takes up

swordsmanship, hence allowing his talent to bloom.
At 15 years old, moved to mainland China for warrior training by taking

part in the underground society.
He killed a large number of people using a single sword, hence was called

by the nickname of “sword demon“ (T: ken no oni)
The number of people he killed in the underground society activities caps

at 912 people in five years.
Then, he served in World War II.

The number of people he killed during the war period of four years was

3712 people. The number of people he killed during the war period of four

years with his blade alone was 3712 people.
Hence the name, “Blade ogre“.

After the war, became the next family head of Kunugi one sword flow style,

spent time training and learning other sword styles.
Carried out performances of swordsmanship through demonstrations in

various places, and quickly made the Kunugi one sword flow style widely

known which lead to having 49 dojos in japan and abroad.

In His later years became a swordsmith, having the inscription of “ka

Ren”(lotus petal), was known as the human national treasure.
Also was a known gourmet, had a high affinity for cuisine.
lived to the age of 94 years and 127 days, and died of old age.
Life Kills, 5730 people. (TL: WOW thats some record) (E: Holy shit, this

guy’s a badass.)

“……. real cheat kita?”*

“Why are you talking like that, Lord?”

Raising my line of sight from the window, which displayed the written

information to me, I denoted it in a surprised manner and my subordinate

dropped a tsukkomi* immediately.
I’m sure that right now, I must have a very blank look.

“What’s this!? In spite of being chosen appropriately, it’s a ridiculous

life, isn’t it!?”

“To kill five thousand or more people with only a sword, but it

impossible!? T-teka*, he must have killed about four digits from

celebrating the end of the war, this man!”

>be a mediocre novelist
>write some shit about a guy...goes to a world with game mechanics...ummmm...there are many girls... a-and they want to suck his dick...oh, don't forget about having a ton of OP and lengthy skills
>cooperate with an illustrator to draw some sexy pictures
>Boom! Now you are rich and that shit sold at least thousands of copies
Why aren't you a novelist anons?

I don't know Japanese. If I did, I would have written a handful of WNs by now.