Anybody have panels in an anime/manga where there's a cool shot of a bunch of interesting characters meeting together...

Anybody have panels in an anime/manga where there's a cool shot of a bunch of interesting characters meeting together in one place?

S-Class Heroes from OPM as an example

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Here is some real art.


Luffy/law meeting Doffy

yes, stuff like this


They're all in order except for Genos.

Is this a Bleach reference?


They have nothing on Aizen's minimalistic mobilia.

Good paneling is an art in and of itself.

Literally can't get better than this

I miss Bleach, guys

the guy to the far left looks really uncomfortable and stiff

Bleach was the worst of the Big Three and you know it

That's pretty much is character.

I know, but i still miss the trainwreck after the first big arc.

I enjoy Kubo's wild ride

There is not much point in this kind of comparisons. I had a great time reading Bleach.

I miss it too.

Bleach is the most intellectual manga of the big three. Fuck off for making this into some sort of competition though

My opinion of the big three was always this:
Bleach had best art
Naruto had the best fights (INITIALLY)
One Piece has the best writing

This is now a Bleach thread

I mean he does do good character spreads

This arc started strong and imploded towards the end.
So much wasted potential


That's Bleach in a nutshell

you just described the whole lot of bleach



>zoro is on there twice
every time

Murata loves zoro


on that note, where's ichigo?

>Merum and cell are fighting
Where's the second one?



bottom right, next to hikaru

You miss the character designs and the aesthetic, you don't miss Bleach dude trust me

I do. Bleach was great.

At the end of the rope in the middle top of picture

I really do, as i said even with the shitty writing, etc. i miss it.

Isn’t there a triple double page spread of the shichi, admirals, and vice-admirals gathering at marineford

Part of the appeal of Bleach was reading the chapter and then going to see how bullshit everything was. I don’t have the final version of this but this was hilarious

Going to Sup Forums*

This. I love it when a story forgoes cliches. I love subversions and it's rarely done as well as bleach did it.

They just piled way too much shit onto more shit and they forgot to flush it out. I don't regret reading it, but man it got reeeeeeeeeeally bad. I won't go away from the original topic, so I'll just stop there before this turns into a bleach thread.

I really liked bleach out of the big 3 in SJ




Kubo gifted me Ichigo superduperfinalopower-up being shatterd in one (1) spread. I won't forget the first time I read the chapter and thinking "wait what is there a duplicate page" and then going "oh shit":



>realistic shading
>cartoony faces

I don't like this



I miss trolling guys on tekken 3 using this guy.


>that tatsumaki
What did murata mean by this?


Fuck this looks nice. Probably shit but it looks nice

I really hate those white outlines around characters. Takes me out of it.

Eh you get used to it. Really it helps characters pop out and adds more depth to the image

>and adds more depth to the image
The opposite

>I really hate those white outlines around characters
That's because Oda artstyle went to shit post-timeskip, the art used to be clean, strong and unique. Now he has to do the outline thing because if he didn't you couldn't distinguish the characters from the background, everything is cluttered.

I meant depth as in 3D space

I know what you meant. And you're wrong

>tfw stark will never not be a disappointment
>tfw yammy number zero

What a fucking waste. The espada were so hype early on and it just fizzled out.

Oda has always done the white outlines

No u

I know Stark didn't deliver as in having a flashy fight, but he did have some great feats. Maybe I'm overthinking this but I believe his fighting style being unremarkable adds to his character theme.



Go Worms!

Tats is looking at saitama?

Is this a fucking baseball team

Beat me to it.

Stop saying stupid shit and people won't call you out on it



>Boss smiling
Now I really want a spinoff of the crosseyes before the events of the manga.


>Kaiman catcher
>Nika pitcher


>Fuck this looks nice. Probably shit but it looks nice
It's actually quite good.

yea she's pissed a low rank is there talking

wait isn't this getting an anime soon?

I’m not saying stupid shit. I’m explaining the effect and purpose of the white outline and all you can do is say “no ur wrong”. Oda’s art style obviously resonates with people and you’re more than welcome to like it but you’re not welcome to deny its intent

Why do you post the wrong image?

More than welcome to not* like it

We already know how he was like around his minions, remember the cross-eye higher-ups recall stories about him. Bossu was a cold blooded freak but he showed some signs of care for them from time to time. In all likelihood it was due to some of the original personality being there. But when you take those stories into context (they idolized him) you realize Ai just did the bare minimum the keep them alive because he needed them. As soon as they outlived their utility they were discarded.

Because you are wrong. Simple as that.


Good argument friend. It’s okay to admit you’re wrong or just stop replying to me if you don’t have anything to say. Nobody will think lesser of you

It's not an argument. It's a simple fact.


Is this rouge already? Need to catch up on ti

It's not though. It's just you making a statement without anything to back it up.

That doesn't mean it's not a fact nor that it is an argument.



>A Down Syndrome manga
Truly reaching new grounds there

Because 3 of those are not on the council anymore