Tsumi to Kai

If you want your Nagotoro, etc. a little more hardcore and grown up.

What are some other dominant girl manga out there?

This fucker is certainly legitimate crazy in wanting and acting her dom part on some vulnerable dude. I hope this wont turn into some sappy love series and shit.

That looks pretty good. Not sure if this is what you're looking for but Koharu no hibi is about a yandere.

He also deserves the torment too. Although I suppose he'll grow to like it.

>Although I suppose he'll grow to like it.
Him growing to like it would diminish the fear and total control she gets from tormenting the dude.
>she starts to draw blood and shit
I'm not sure I'm man enough to follow through, nigga already getting bruised from the bondage.More humiliation settings before it comes to that I suppose.

The love will be with that nice girl and he'll be outed as a pervert in front of her.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the nice girl. Seems like a aku no hana setting but with the mc actually scared shitless.

I remember reading this and it was kind of tame. I'm not a masochist though so I won't hold that against it.

>jams a pen in his ass while using him as a chair
Oh boy

is it ongoing?

I like to read completed manga.


4 chapters translated. 18 chapters raw. Ongoing.


Why does he deserve it?

He really did ask for it. Also the female MC is scorching hot.


Dem thighs.

He doesn't though, his life sucks.


He could jerk off to porn like a normal person. Also she may just make it better in the end.

>old hag
Into the trash it goes.

Got anything better senpai?

High school girl, old hag. Only on a/

I wish more was translated.

Reading the raws made me feel hot and bothered

>chapter 5,6,7
Made me checked it out.Good stuff.I feel like this is a better read translated though its seem easily understandable looking at the panels.