Did this studio die?

Did this studio die?
They have nothing coming out in 2018

meme studio

PriPri S2 announcement in April

They have nothing so far announced for 2018.

Nor is it a requirement for a studio to make an anime every year, especially a small fledgling studio like 3Hz.

It's not uncommon for studios to wait one or two years between shows

so how they make money then?

>They have nothing coming out in 2018
And? They didn't do anything in 2015 either after having done Celestial Method in 2014.

mhh i wonder

For the summer season of 2018 there are 7 shows officially announced to air. I think you overestimate how far in advance most anime are announced.
Only big-marketing projects that live off of the fan hype train are announced long in advance.

Announced to air at this point in time, I should clarify. Summer 2018 will get filled out as we get closer to it of course, which is my point. 3Hz could very easily release an anime this year. We're not even a month into 2018.

i really liked flip flappers and princess principal
pls don't die 3hz ;_;

They'll come through with another season of Princess Principal

>their last anime barely earned them enough money to pay dinner
>ACTAS took away all the money from their collaboration project
I wonder.

>arthouse caring about profit

If you go to their page, you can see that the last thing they made is the animation for some vidya called "The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III", which was released Fall 2017.
Crossing my fingers that they're working on the PriPri pachinko as we speak.

Pripri event soon

Other production projects if I had to take a guess

>>their last anime barely earned them enough money to pay dinner
Lies. PriPri sold decently enough. Plus there's also the mobile game.

And then there will be season 2 right?

Are they the next BeeTrain? Will they make a third series in the Alliterative All-girl Adventures that will rival BeeTrain's "Girls with Guns" trilogy?

I think that he simply meant that they didn't really get much money out of it.
PriPri was made in collaboration with ACTAS, which was absorbed by Bandai Visual and they're the ones who hold the copyright. The official staff book was sold at ACTAS booth for example.
The mobile game is a different company by the way(Showgate), so that doesn't count.

Next BeeTrain in what sense?

BeeTrain was a studio literally created in order to train newbie animators with no experience. 3Hz clearly has a lot of very talented animators on staff and focuses more on arthouse-slanted works, rather than pumping out regular series for the sake of marketing.

In that they both clearly like yuri.

That's not fair, everyone likes yuri.

ACTAS needs more money for GuP, so I see no problem with this

making the odd commercial spot for TV I suppose?

ACTAS now belongs to Bandai, money certainly isn't a problem anymore.