Dragon Appreciation Day

It's Dragon Appreciation Day apparently

Post dragons

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Tooru a cute! CUTE


How does she bend her elbows back like that?

My chubby choragonfu



Behold, the legendary kuma doragon.


this always gets me

I appreciate this dragon every day!

Feisty dragon.





I need more!



I'll take twenty.



well nobody can say that fat old men are not profitable.

Kitties? Kitties.




Best Dragon (Wvyern)


Season 2 fucking never. ;_;

Too soon, give it time user


There's a season 2 in manga form. It's Kanna centered


but I want my dragons nooooooow




I'd appreciate this dragon

What are some good dragons in anime/manga?


Elma's got a bigger butt then Lucao.



objectively wrong

>this kills the crab

Kagutsuchi from Mai Hime

Y-you guys are being ironic when you say don't lewd the dragon loli


Of course user, you think anyone doesn't know how to use a standing blowjob machine with deluxe handlebars and thighzuri attachment? Kanna is like a Hitachi Magic Wand or Panasonic Reach Easy, everyone has one, no one admits what they use it for.


Have you SEEN Elma's butt?

Have you?

So how does one appreciate a dragon?

lots of backrubs


What about tail rubs?

>the people in back teleport to their original position
Kyoanus at it again

if another mythological dragon was added, which dragon should it be?

Why it's she so perfect?


>not metal
Adopted by a dark wizard while still young and innocent; corrupted by evil powers; fights against his tragic past and remnant emotions; now slays dragon and sympathizer alike as head of the harmony faction.

Turns out that computer languages aren't the only way to convey magical power. Music is also a viable means to capture and convey magical power. Power metal bands are, in fact, all collectives of mages. Next-door neighbor Yana is actually an ancient lich who has lived on Earth for thousands of years and now just goes with wild earthling fads.

Smok Wawelski of polish lore.
Make her a 7 foot musclegirl who spends her time eating almost anything and breaking shit for fun.

Is Fucky a knock off brand of Pocky?

And she kidnaps Kobayashi on a whim because it's the only way to break something that is otherwise unbreakable: a dragon's heart.

She's not. No pantyhose


Why does this make me want to start a family?

>Tohru manages to get her back by trading her with a fried tale
>she keeps coming back to harass Tohru to make her more

Tohru and Faf-kun

Please refrain from posting low quality images.

Because you also want a fat dragon to appreciate and give back and tail rubs while you both melt into the couch at day's end.


That happened to me as a kid.

Several times, in fact, I really loved trying to push those things under the water despite how often it backfired.

Given how Tohru has more or less officially abandoned her forced tail meals, that would be an adorable callback and a nice way to keep doragamazon within arm's reach for chapter reappearances.



> isn't even a dragon-type most of the time

Did people like this when it came out? I just watched it and loved it

Weird and good. Classic style I thought.

It felt more gainax than anything trigger has put out so far
It makes me have hope Anno will bring Khara up to be a good studio after he's done being autistic about quick maths

I do too.

What's the name of this anime?

Tohru-san's Human Master

how to discipline your big reptile

I assume you're still here a day later. Pic related: my chubby dragonfu in her casuals.

It's all concentrated cute.

Did they make an actual show out of this? If so, I totally missed it somehow. Loved the short though.