Aikatsu, Pripara, Cocotama and friends

Which dork wud u fug?

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all except koharu


Koharu, she was taught how to please women and men by Yozora

>Rola thread
>It fucking died
As expected of a loser.


>Pripara day
>thread fucking died
As expected of a shitty series.

Well seems like next episode is a skip for me.

I'm sorry for waking up late.

ara ara~

Jesus fuck Mia is so smol.

dork means penis

Why the hell is this jew blushing so much?

She is a not main character related to Pretty Rhythm.
Daddy issues, obviously.

She's literally a friendless loser trying to make her frist one, of course she's blushing a lot.

Shuuka used to be a friendless winner, but now she's just a friendless loser.

Elza is also a friendless winner. She doesn't have friends, only worshippers and enemies.

I can't stop watching this.


Jesus fuck she's blushing way too much.


Falala and Garara song ZABABA version when?

This episode made Shuka my favorite Idol time girl, I knew she would the one during this scene, but this episode cements her as my favorite
She is a good girl

Same here, she's way too cute and good, too bad her only friend was just using her.
Are Aikatsu oji-sans the most talented?

I wonder which version of KFS is Mia gonna use.

I want to marry a rich idle

I want to marry a lewd idle

I want to die



Just finished episode 2 of DMF, I enjoy the boisterousness of Mia but for some reason I find it harder to sit down and watch than AD, not sure why

>not sure why
Maybe it's the QUALITY.


AD had plenty of quality too, I mean the PriPara franchise as a whole is made off the back of cheap korean animation

I feel Pripara is getting cheaper, just one tier above Fairilu when it comes to frames.


Because it's still just one character that doesn't suck.

I want to die.


Is Shuuka pregnant?

I enjoy new Pripara ending more than the opening.

With my child.


Yurika and Kaede are a cute (canon) couple.

I'm gonna fuck the baby, I hope you're awww right with it.

It might be a boy.

You might be a boy, but I still want to fuck you.

Even better.

Are you cute?

I hope their upcoming Photokatsu song will have the gayest lyrics and visuals ever witnessed by mankind.


That's not relevant, I'm still going to fuck you.


Stop being gay.

Akari a baka.


Is there any couple cuter than these two?


Me and you

Rin's face and a punch

Does Shuuka even know she's friends with Mimiko?


It's a one side friendship.



Aoi Ichigo was pretty homo. I wonder if there's a way to top a literal gay marriage.

I knew I was right in not letting my daughters play this game!

Are the lyrics translated anywhere?

Sexy forehead.


/pc/ scum is not welcome.

The wiki has the translation.

I'm so gay.

>I wonder if there's a way to top a literal gay marriage.
Gay sex.

That's much less gay.

With hats on?

Thank you user-dono.

>I wonder if there's a way to top a literal gay marriage.
The average /ai/ post.

I'm super cute and not gay.


/ai/ is 100% straight

Tuesday slosh.

Does Sophie even know what boys are?

Sophie lost any grasp on reality long ago.

Maybe when on Red Flash.

Sophie can be surprisingly perceptive sometimes.

And she's also super cute.



I'm trying to find a certain Pripara screenshot but I can't remember which episode it's from. It's of Cosmo helping Sophie get dressed. Onegai.


Which episode was it? I'm specifically looking for when she helps put her stockings on.

I'm so turned on right now.


This is the only website that I visit.

Thanks a lot user.

Don't get your hopes up. AkaSumi is ded, but IchiMiya still has a good chance of winning.

How long is left and why would it surpass YuriKaede?

Nobody cares about it, I mean besides (You).

>first place for weeks with a good lead
You're right, I made 50,000+ alternate accounts just to push my OTP.