One punch man

Our Lord is streaming.
Royal ripper and bug good have appeared

I think he finished around 15 pages

This is the progress so far.

So 10 pages

Take the spreadsheet with a grain of salt because he has pages 1-4 inked already but they're not circled for some reason.

What a cute card.

I think Murata is thanking the fans for the New Year's letters they sent him.

Who is that samurai monster? A new one?


Pretty sure murata only circle the fully inked pages and cross the ones with backgrounds

RR brother

His system is:
circled = inking finished
circled and crossed = digital editing finished

Sometimes he doesn't circle pages if he needs to do really TINY inking touchups. But the first 4 pages are pretty much fully inked otherwise. We saw them on stream.

I see /our girl/ there too.

>the way he inked his RR hair

hentai air

So RR appears in page 15



So the Jobber Squad becomed a Jobber Squad, but for monster side.

I think they'll be killed by Sweet Mask, futher showing that he wouldn't stand evil in any form, even if they're possessed humans.

>tfw I can't help but feel nervous when I see him hesitate or struggle at drawing something
I think I've fallen in love

Do-S after whipping the Gantz squad.

>DoS DoSs with hint of aerola and nips

Murata my man

Is there any release date yet?

end of the month probably

And the chapter might be longer than 31 pages if One gives him more storyboards.


Ok thanks


> end of the month

The last time he mentionned a release date, it was for in two days. At worst, it will be moved of a few days, but it's quite likely we get it this weeks. The hell you're talking about him releasing it in two weeks.

>Those nipple lines
Damnit murata

Wait, a robot is part of the MA?

I thought ONE removed the two webcomic ones because it doesn't make much sense as robots aren't monsters, but a new one was added?

probably not a robot, maybe a cyborg or just something that looks alike
but ONE is a hack so maybe

That Cyborg would be a good opponent for Drive Knight(if he ever returns), Atomic Samurai will be busy with Black Sperm.

This design is really similar to DK's.

I want to be whipped by DoS

This is some dope design

So is the new samurai monster's role to make Atomic Samurai look cool before the latter jobs to Black Sperm? That'd be my guess.

probably, I don't think Atomic Samurai did anything in the manga except job and kill monster offscreen

Could he be a spy of the organisation?

Haragiri already took that role, it would feel repetitive for Atomic to blitz another Samurai. Maybe this one will fight the disciples instead of the hair monster.

>see you next time

Murata just erased an entire panel and decided to finally go to sleep. Don't know what his deadline is at this point but he sounds really tired.

>bug god
did he showed the design of bug god?


>Maybe this one will fight the disciples instead of the hair monster.

Why the need to replace something like that? The hair monster fight was plenty good enough besides the offscreen part, which can just be extended.

Maybe the robot samurai is the one dying to Garou in the demon group fight.

>and decided to finally go to sleep

He didn't stream much today. But guess he did a good amount of work offline. Anyone saw the remaining amount of pages? He can probably pull it off for today or thursday.

Maybe the samurai is a replacement for Senior Centipede during Garou's 3 vs 1 later on.

Spreadsheet was posted ITT and he’s about halfway done. Don’t think he can finish everything that soon. Maybe on Friday.

Doubt it. The replacement should be either something really huge or a whole group of monsters.

Maybe it is DK

Disguised? That'd be hilarious.

Didn't they say drive disappeared in the ghost town after going there solo? I can see this happening

Except you need to take in account the remaining pages are already partially done (sketched) at least.

Murata is so bored of drawing OPM

And we're so bored of your stale bait. So could you fuck off once and for all


>see this thread every few days
>have the link bookmarked
>jump in
>it was 5 hours ago while I was at work
>just like last time
>and the time before that

It's ok user, he may stream again later today

I was thinking about that too, we know DK can transform depending of his equipment, it would be funny if he is that Samurai and rescues the Narinki group after Mask kills Do-S.

Some comments on recent streams:

From previous stream where Murata was drawing Do-S:

Murata: switched to new computer, forgot my Amazon password, had to call customer support to reset it.

M: for identity verification they asked me to list my recent purchases in an email. My assistant sent email in my behalf.

M: let’s was JULIA’s photobook, Ayumi Shinoda’s photobook, and some other photobooks.

(Btw these are Japanese AV actresses)

M: JULIA’s body is like a manga character.

(I think he meant he’s drawing characters using JULIA as reference? Why else would his assistant have access to his Amazon purchases?)

Current steam:

M: received rest of the storyboards from ONE Sensei. Only a few pages, but they’re super interesting, I might delay update til next Monday to include everything.

Next Monday, he received the next bunch of storyboards today.

>M: let’s was JULIA’s photobook, Ayumi Shinoda’s photobook, and some other photobooks.
>(Btw these are Japanese AV actresses)

Does Murata's wife watch his streams?

>M: JULIA’s body is like a manga character.
JULIA is EXACTLY the type of body I fap to. Her tits are of the perfect size and more importantly, shape. Now I see that Murata is a man of culture too.

>Only a few pages, but they’re super interesting
Something new perhaps?

Has to be the start of dine and dash

That's more than a few pages and not new content though.

If we are lucky, we might get to see Garou at the restaurant

And why does it have to be new content? If that user is to be believed murata didn't say anything about new content
Also, the start of dine and dash is interesting, garou's internal monologue plus saitama being so close to him is a single page.

>And why does it have to be new content?
Because of the way Murata worded it, as if the update is new to the story, and because it took ONE so much time to send him the storyboards.

It's not rocket science.

You are overthinking it and being dumb, user.


No, it's only a logical guess to think it's something new. The chapter is full of new dialogue.

What's retarded is to assume that ONE spent a fuckload of time to draw and send Murata a mostly gag scene that already fucking exists in the webcomic, and it's SO INTERESTING the latter reacted as if he's never seen it before.

Yeah it could be more dialogue between MA and Garou or just MA.

obviously, they're used as a drawing reference

Is he clipping his nails?

There is a good chance that Samurai cyborg is part of the Organization or its Drive Knight in disguise.

I'm hoping its him in disguise desu

Murata has finished 12 pages so far.

On a scale of 1 to Prince Vegeta, how badly will Genos job in the coming manga version

We're on some vegeta namek saga tier shit pretty soon
Its absolutely disgusting

Vegeta, by the time King shows up to solo the rest of MA you'll see Genos with only his head left.

Is the robot the samurai in the OP image?

Robomurai? Samurabot?



Robushido with his shockatanas.

>Robot Samurai is Drive Knight, costume made with his tech device
>When the raid team arrives he gets out with the rich kid
>"My job is done", DK leaves based
>Child Emperor detects ugly kid, raid continues as in the webcomic

rubba dub dub
thanks for the grub

Someone mind posting rat garou?

Not in this chapter.

And itadakimasu will finally be translated normally.

What is she thinking?


I assume about Garou, and finding him handsome.

It's kind of a shame that the MA is gone in the webcomic, it's such a great concept that clearly could've done more than it did, and it was obvious to expand it in the manga so much. I know a lot of people think Orochi shouldn't have a big role, or that the new characters are mostly fodder, but I'd really be glad if they manage to expand this arc to fulfill its potential.

So far Monster Cells and the new Dragons have been fantastic. The new Demons haven't been great in my opinion, but I feel like that's about to change now that we are seeing some of the stronger ones, and I also like that they added more numbers to the association. Hopefully RR, Bug God and Do-S have more to do besides losing quickly (RR and Bug God especially, since they barely did anything onscreen in the webcomic).

Monday release it is, then.

Makes perfect sense.

Also seeing just made me notice the Organization's preference for cyclops, assumng Drive Knight is part of it. If you think about it, G4 also has a cyclops design (the outer shell at least)

Aren't all the new demons dead besides Do-S? They had some nice designs but that was about it.

One hundred-eyed Octopus and Choze were really good demons tho.

Hey Namek Vegeta got most of the shit done.
>Fodderized Cui who was the same PL as Vegeta in the Sayain Saga
>Fodderized Dodoria
>Forced Zarbon to Transform in their first encounter and then destroyed him in the 2nd
>Killed Guldo
>Killed Jeice
Sure Recoome and Freiza tossed him around but apart from that he was the star of Namek.
Now Android arc Vegeta...

Gale and Hellfire are pretty much brand new, there's also the Rhino and Jellyfish, and the new Samurai guy. Someone has to replace Senior Centipede for Garou's fight too.
Choze I included in the Monster Cell category, as well as Haragiri. The octopus was great, but honestly he could've worked outside the association too.