How lewd are you Sup Forums?


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>adding new variables to rock, paper, scissors
fuck off and go to bed


I'm an INFJ, that means I am almost asexual.


Proud of being a skank, huh?

probably too lewd

>trusting meme personality types

You're just a dumdum

What the other user said.

I am very lewd and also very fat.

hand holding followed by gentle cuddles

Only one type of person needs to prove they're lewd.

w40k anime when?

I would kiss you on the mouth if I could


As lewd as my waifu. That is, extremely.

Hope I don't get banned for this

Is this what you want you pervert?

I touch myself while looking at lewd pictures of lolis.

Holy shit user, is that even legal?

the normal one?

handholding? whats that?

I'm high grade degenerate.

I held an user's hand at the last Sup Forums sleepover/tea party.

I almost convinced my waifu to hold hands the other day.

So lewd I'm touching myself right now

I'm an INTP that means I'm basically gay but just straight enough to not accept it.

I'm NEET, which means my sexual preferences do not matter, except in the off case I end up becoming a male prostitute.

If you dress like a cute girl you can pretend to be straight

I'm a dirty fucking slut. Don't know about lewdness.

My fetish is NTR.

What part of NTR? Fucking other people's waifus or having your fucked?

I don't get it.


either way he's sub human garbage.

I jerk it to loli every day.

I want to take some fuccboi user for a nice long ride on my cock as he blows load after load.
That lewd.

That makes two of us.

For me, both.

Post you're waifu.

Fuck off you faggot plebbitors.

Can't do it ITT, sorry.

Too lewd for my own good, really. Obsessing over porn is unhealthy.

My favourite tags are:happy sex, condom, wife, married, only sex for have a children.
S-sorry, i'm a pervert.

But how are we supposed to fuck you're waifu, then, user?

The fuck are you people typing? I swear by the time I'm in my sixties kids will literally be speaking a different language to me.

I'd prefer it to be one on one, if someone wanted to post his contact info.


Personality type brainlets

traps or lolis?

Is she a loli?

Yes, why?

Pure curiosity. I like lolis.

oh you got me there u cheeky cunt
ill let u off tho cos thats sum good banter

chill out chris i know bait when i see it


I exist in a constant state of sexual arousal

You've got top taste, then. Maybe you'd like her.


Maybe. I don't know. You might need to describe her. How is she?

Why did you post this song?

Why are you triggered by it?

Smug, in one word.

I just don't see its relevance

I'm 30, baka

Same as last year?

>What part of NTR? Fucking other people's waifus or having your fucked?
Neither. I just enjoy watching the cuck suffer and the woman getting corrupted. The whole situation is so enjoyable. Take out the NTR and it would just be vanilla. But with the NTR, there are so many delicious emotions in it. Betrayal, anger, lust, misery, pain etc. Seeing other expirience that, gets me rock hard every time.

I feel almost the same, but corruption is a turn-off for me. She has to remain herself, otherwise the delicious emotions you mentioned are diluted and lose their impact.


A lot, something like a 30, or maybe even a 24




Yeah, it adds a lot. That's all I can say about her ITT, though, it'd have to be elsewhere for more.


Maybe through email?

Yeah, if you want to post one.

I own a very sturdy and thick dog collar, that's how lewd I am.

honestly, I find pedofillia more tolerable than NTR
shit disgusts me like nothing else

Are we talking irl pedo or loli-pedo?


I prefer Netori or whatever it’s called when the woman is on the receiving end.

Netorase is good too.

Also just saying NTR isn't enough, you need to specify which types.

I just like cliché breaking, especially if the main girl is an “abusive” tsundere.

I'll admit, it took me a while to lewd Hibiki. Need to see those tanlines


both, I have a serious problem with cuckoldery

Why? Did you get cucked?

I'm INTJ so I'm an M


no, I just find the concept disgusting.
a relationship with someone is ment to be the closest bond you can have.
and being intimate with someone is the physical way of expressing that bond.
having someone violate that bond by being intimate with another person is worse than them killing them because not only is the bond broken its torn and mutilated like cutting someone with a blunt saw instead of a sharp knife.
having that happen to someone is bad enough.
but then you have someone who willingly lets this happen and even worse enjoys it...
that is something that is unforgivable and unbelievably disgusting in my eyes.
if I found out someone was a cuck or was cucking there significant other else I would consider them the lowest of the low
hell I'm a nazi and I would faster be friends with a jew than I would a cuck

now cheating is diferent, if someone cheats on their partner they are scum, but the person who was cheated on could not have known it was happening and thus is not in the wrong (granted they break up with them upon finding out)
also if someone's partner is refusing to have sex (a duty in a relationship) and the other goes and finds someone else (again without them knowing) this is acceptable for both parties (the person cheated on does not know and the person cheating had no other choice) however unless the problem is fixed soon after they should still break up and the relationship will never be as strong as it could have been
cheating =/= cuckoldery

and finally rape, if someone forces the someone into sex who is in a relationship then no one is in the wrong (other than the rapist), it was something that could not have been helped the partnership can be healed. like a broken leg it may hurt at time but that is a burden both parties share and that is ok since both will feel its pain (revenge should however be sought for upon the one who committed the act by the man)

Too lewd for this world. Nanashi delivers.

last topic is displays of power
e.g. a man is in a relationship when someone breaks into his house and attempts to have his way with his wife. if the man then proceeded to skull fuck the shit out of the perpetrator this would be ok. it was done out of anger as a way of showing dominance and making the criminal pay for there attempted crime
I have no issue with this since its not being done for pleasure but rather as a way of taking out anger on someone who tried to harm the said intimate bond
Yeah, cheating is fine, cucking is not,


>Yeah, cheating is fine, cucking is not,
>posts article showing 21 ways of cheating that is harmful to a relationship
not a single one of them was a good reason to cheat
the only acceptable time is when the significant other point blank REFUSES to put out and even then it should be a complete and utter last resort

pretty lewd

Sorry, user-kun. I'm not sure what you mean.
I turn 31 in August.

Im into almost everything. FUCK DOUJINS! I cant even get a boner from normal vanila sex anymore. It has to be some fucked up trap-shemale-loli-anal-handholding-watersports-gyaru-ntr-tanlines-rape-gokkun-horse-tomboy-drugs-gangrape stuff, to even give me a boner. Why has anime and doujins done this to me?

You brought that evil upon yourself.