Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul

So now that the dust has settled, we can all agree this this was one of the worst sequels ever made right? What the fuck were they thinking?

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>We need the teenage girl audience.
>Let's hire a writer who never worked on anime, but wrote plenty of J-drama!
>What a brilliant idea!

Kaisar didn't deserve this shit

It sucks but I want to see the last scene in motion, I thought neko-raws would get the rips done.

That correction makes me think that they only changed it because of the bad reception it received because they send two completely different messages

This could work if the producer did his job. The writer obviously was lost and her hormones didn't help and it's the producer's job to put order but unfortunately he's Sup Forums

>What the fuck were they thinking?
They weren't.

Left side is the greatest love story ever told.

Not as bad as Eureka 7 Ao.

You mean the director.

Is this true?

He outright said Cygames had a vision of what they wanted and there was nothing he could do about it.

Yup. They actually changed that part because it pissed everyone off. Kaisar is supposed to be sentient, but in the TV version he looked lifeless doll.

Good thing i dropped this when Nina betrays her companions for the second time.

Nina is such an unlikable cunt, unless you want to fuck Hitler

Everyone made such retarded decisions.

>What the fuck were they thinking?
Nothing at all.


>Animes that men will never understand

I'd be more mad if I wasn't so baffled at how they fucked up on such a monumental scale.

Kaiser was already ruined. He went from a man of principles and justice to a cuck and King Hitler's #1 fanboy

>kabedon leg
Why didn't she just laugh? That looks ridiculous.

i thought it was ok


I liked it more than the first. First was generic clichefest. This one at least tried to do it's own thing.

She should've use the chance to suck his dick.

I felt so uninterested in the story I dropped it in the middle. Some bullshit kept happening but it all felt pointless and hollow. The season should've been twice as short.

Such a waste of good characters from the first season.

So they realized they fucked up? It's still shit though.


You should add a Kekistan logo or Pepe

Isn't there already another sequel planned?

Go back to where you came from, retard.

They said so but the BDs have sold even less than S1 and the new characters aren't popular.

What happened to afro guy?

>its another how it didn't turn out to be gay shit episode

what are the odds

It's even worse considering he sleazy betrayed the former king for his ideals.
Why the fuck would he now pop a boner for the new one?

Because the writer wants to fuck Hitler so she assumes everyone want

Probably something happened between season 1 and 2 which cause the 2 MCs from season one to change their ideal?

This season was a betrayal on multiple levels.

In other words somethingsomething change.
Don't bother with showing vital character change. Just take our word for it.

The Disney/TLJ shill excuse?

So, any dragon nipples?

>introduce a girl with the makings of best girl of the season
>she stars opposite Kaiser
>was trained by based Favaro
>will they/won't they with Azazel
>she falls for an actual despot who captures and/or kills most of her friends
>director thinks this makes for a good romance story
I honestly can't think of more disappointing series, especially considering how surprisingly fantastic the first season was.

So, if I loved the first season for being a cliche, yet well made and solid, fun action adventure, then I shouldnt watch this one?

It really rubs me the wrong way because this was probably one of the most expensive shows of last year as well. There's plenty of shit anime, but few that look that good.

I wouldn't advise watching it at all

That looks like a reaction image right there.

Cygames funds it. It doesn't need to sell well to have a sequel.

It's hilarious how little impact it had the more time passes.
>So how did VS end
Far eclipsing the "main couple's" romantic epilogue.

S2 was a mistake.

No. Forget that it exists. VS was a fucking mistake. Not only have they managed to make everything S2 original absolute garbage, but they also took everything that made Genesis enjoyable and destroyed, including the characters.

There was no S2

I didn't even finish it. Shame, loved the first season.
Never ever


I meant scripwriter. The director is actually really good.

This. I'm hurting on a physical level when I think of the director, the background artists, the animators, every single person who worked on this show. God. All this work, ruined. It's always way worse than the other way around. This is unforgivable.

With the exception of the tumblrinas, the majority of tge viewers only care for the old cast, not Nina and her genocidal boyfriend

Can we all at least agree that there is no bad bit (off the top of my head) in the series when Favaro's there?

It looked good at least

VS Favaro is pretty terrible at some points, but that's them destroying his character like they did to everyone in VS, so it doesn't really count as Favaro.

Wait, so does zombie loli get a bad end?

I stopped watching right as they were headed to prison.

I can't agree to that only because of all the time they make him encourage Nina's shitty behavior. As if we should be okay with it because they gave her Favaro's seal of approval.

She learned nothing from episode 3 series 1 and turned Kaisar into a zombie.

Man this show looks so fucking good i'm still pissed that its story is worthless, they wasted amazing visuals on a terrible story

Maybe? Kaiser gets killed and she's the only one who seems to give a shit. Then at the very end she's shown with zombie Kaiser which kind of seems to go against the entire arc of her character. Especially because, as you can see from OP image, Kaiser looked pretty braindead. But apparently he was supposed to be sentient, so I guess that's better?

So she can apparently raise Kaiser from the dead, but the child she watched bleed out was out of luck.

What are the best subs for the first season? I wanna give it a rewatch

Watch the dub. It is reallt solid.

Depends on how zombification works with angels and half-angels.

Is this an actual TV vs BD comparison or is it just a meme image? I haven't seen the show.

I was actually thinking something along these lines, but it seems like something they'd want to explain. I guess there's always a chance for a 3rd season to fix all the bullshit. I'd give it another chance on the back of the 1st seasons greatness.

what else was fixed in the bds, is it worth watching with the fixes? Hated S2

It's real.

Every character existed only to shill for that shitty pairing in one way or another. Even Mugaro died so the writer could portray Azazel and Jeanne revolting against Hitler as a petty and selfish revenge instead of rebels fighting a delusional tyrant.

The BDs don't fix the story, so obviously no.

It's also a bad idea in general to zombify someone with a surviving mother, else she can go a bit funny-obsessive in the head with her baby boy.

Thanks for reminding me of this clusterfuck. All those great characters and lore ruined.


Unironically TV is better even if only because it is more ambiguous as to whether Kaiser ended up as braindead meat dildo for Rita, or if he retained his personality like RIta.

VS is on the same level of season 2 of DtB to me. Doesn't exist. The original cast was so great together that they could've had them just roving around getting into shenanigans and it would've been better than that steaming pile of shit we got. Fuck Cheerios and Nina.

So is the franchise ruined? Season 3 never?

Is Nina the biggest Stacy in anime? At least in terms of an MC

>Season 3 never?
That's up to Cygames.
I don't want to see a season 3 though, not unless they retcon VS.

They can't Retcon though, if they make one it stould start with everyone except Favaro and Jean dying horribly.

Or they could do one that takes place far enough in the future, that the characters wont be around anymore. Just whole new cast.

The entire cast of the first season got shit on so hard. It still pisses me off.

Not really, the way the series ended everything basically starts back from square one. Bahamut is still alive so literally everything that Charioce did was for fucking nothing. They could do a S3 if they wanted to, problem is that VS did worse than Genesis. Which is ironic since all these retarded changes that they made was to make the series more profitable in the first place. But I don't expect a season 3, especially after Satou himself came out and shit on VS which shows you how bad they fucked up since Japanese people generally don't speak out negatively like that.

I hope they don't make a season 3 and instead they start something new virgin soul ruined everything.

>VS did worse than Genesis
Woah really? I thought it did better.

Nice work, cygames. You pooped on your fans.

I have been out of the loop because my anger kept me away from anything VS related. What interviews and articles I should look up? How's the staff doing?

Director was rejected from doing Tiger and Bunny S2

>The first series created a stir, but it didn't sell all that much. It seems that the IP holder, Cygames, found the numbers not as great as they expected, "but this time it won't be so"! Bahagene was over, so they wished for a new main character and a different series. Last time I had the freedom to work as I wished, this time Cygames took control, but wanted me to see for the direction, is what happened. When I heard Ooishi-san would be writing the script, I predicted it would be a love story. Having it decided for ahead, it was hard to maintain motivation at the studio.

>I liked the idea of having a girl that's positive to the point of an idiot for the main character. I'd like to try directing a heroine like the ones in Disney movies, who's so cheerful that terrible situations just bounce off her. But the backstory and setting was created by Cygames, so it was oddly like making an anime from a source material like a novel or manga. -- Adjusting to the creative differenced was very stressful. There's a lot of people who do like what came out of it, so I find the odd combination might've borne fruit.

First part of the translated interview with Satou.

I know, that isn't VS related.

>Nice work, cygames. You pooped on your fans.
They do that all the time. You'd be used to it if you played any of their games.

I played the English version of RoB and yeah that was sure a thing.

>When all you're asked for is "anime-like" direction, it doesn't make a difference who's directing. Amidst everything that's to be expected, it was important in Bahasoul to somehow end it on a personal note. After the B-part of the last episode that concludes the story of Bahasoul, I wanted to return it once more to the world of "Shingeki no Bahamut" where Favaro and Kaisar are and leave it with something SF-like. I reserved time for the C-part to connect (the story) to the future in my way, and [to make the audience accept it? 納得させる] Personally, I prefer a sequel where a previously foolish character is still the same old fool. People don't change just like that.

>I would've liked to simply make a Bahagene season 2.

Poor guy. Cygames butchered his work. Genesis had flaws, but you can tell Satou put his heart and soul into the series. So seeing what became of the characters he created must have been depressing.

Cheerios did nothing wrong.

Shouldn't have hired a writer for tv dorama series to do the script. Pour endless funds into animation, then cheap out on the writer. It was doomed from the start.

>favaro voiced by space dandy
Well now I'm interested. Still, I'm hesitant in rewatching the first series since I know how badly they get shit on in the sequel. Especially Jeanne and Kaisar.

It's painful to see how much shit Jeanne received and she can't get a revenge because the writer is in love of Cheerios. At least she left Earth at the end