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These look so bad, who the heck wold buy them?

What don't you like?

Aerith Porkchop figure when?


Well shit, skytube is starting to behave like Alter

I disagree. Probably the only Madoka figs I'd ever get.

She's 14470 yen on Amiami and is 1/6. Where'd you get that info from anyway?

nvm it said 1/7 at moeyo a few hours ago, and I talked about msrp

Very reasonable actually.

She is 15,800.
Literally in line with their other scales.

Actually 1k more.

I said 17k without discounts, again my main concern was the scale itself.

Wow, that base is ugly and most of her hair looks terrible.
Not digging the wings either, but I do love that starry skirt.

I've linked you to the manufacturers page, what discounts are you on about?


>finally get a figure with a properly sculpted butthole
>paint makes it look terrible
>the rest of this figure is this shit

There are just too many sluts in this hobby. Glad they're going up, my wallet can skip it.

Thay wen't a bit too far with that skindentation

LZ6 design

>panties in the glass
>castoff pants

I want a thicc Pyra not that shitty figure announced some days ago.

Is it worth getting aniplex figures to scalp? I can get one for a decent price right now. Not sure I want it but the exclusivity is tempting.

Go ahead, every single exclusive figure goes up massively in price after release.

Are there any US sellers that end up being cheaper after shipping, or is buying local always more expensive?

Cute slut.

Nope even Amakuni Astolfo is 21k sealed nowadays.

It's a shame because i really like the pose (especially with both together) but the hair just looks so bad. I just wish every manufacturer stopped doing this translucent hair garbage, it always looks like shit. On another positive note, i really like their faces since they are closer to the Ume artstyle than any other Madoka scales i've seen so far.


Same, yet skipping each one pains me. Pick related is what in currently kicking myself over.

I've only found situations like that with a few heavy coldcast statues or chinese figures (i.e. coreplay stuff). For normal PVC figs by Japanese companies it's almost always cheapest to go with ordering from Japan and shipping via SAL.

The two that did seem to always have good deals shut down this last year. KirinHobby prices are fair but preorders take months after release and TOM sometimes has decent point/membership prices in the long run (i.e. the 40x deal).

I want at least one of these, which one is better?

CR with deal of the day for Megahouse P.O.P exclusive scales, I don't know if they're still that cheap, I haven't checked them in months.

Forgot about them. Found R63 Luffy there cheaper than anywhere else.

Both or neither.

the singular scrunchie is annoying me somewhat
like, shes barely beginning to disrobe but shes already taken half her hair out of the scrunchie while leaving it in position???

This guy's right.

What does it mean? Is this model kit missng some parts or smth?

It's not a prepainted, preassembled figure.

Are you pretending?

I fucked up guys. I found a figure that I've wanted for ages but put off buying yesterday because I was swamped. Now it's gone and the only other place I can find it is on amazon and I'm really unsure if I should buy it because I don't know if the vendor checks out. I want this figure really badly but I'm just not sure if I want to throw down $90 because I could get ripped off.

Which one?

Post link ;)

My waifu. It's also available on mandarake but I'm to much of an autist to figure out how to use paypal.

If you can't figure out paypal you can't figure out Amazon. Give up now.

aniplex figures go up inthe aftermarket? Where do you typically purchase them from?

>I'm to much of an autist to figure out how to use paypal.
turn back

Figure out how to kill yourself

I've been buying most of my figs through amazon prime when possible. I'm really nervous about buying through Japanese storefronts./spoiler] I've just personally read yo many horror stories about figures lost in transit.

Ask an adult for help.

You really are dumb and autistic.

Is she getting another fig aside from the one of the next month or did i get it wrong?

Don't be a fucking idiot. Shipping companies don't make billions a year because they lose a bunch of packages.

Thanks guys. This has done wonders for my self esteem.

Why would you come on this site and expect a self esteem boost?

Fuck off.

You're really going to feel great when you realize how many of your figures are Chinese fakes.

Leave and never come back.

>People who buy chinese cartoon toys of semi-nude girls in general
>Self esteem

I just signed up for both 2you4 and Blackship because I want to try forwarding instead of a proxy service for the first time. In the signup process Blackship requires address and identity verification, claiming it's a legal requirement, while I didn't see it mentioned in 2you4 when I signed up. Does anyone know if 2you4 will require me to provide those at some point in order to forward packages?

Pretty sure it's some shit bait, people at disc* somehow think is funny,

Fuck off.


>post autistic things a 10 year old that just discovered the internet would say
>call it bait when people call you out on it
pretty sure you're baiting us pal

I don't know which law they are basing it on, but basically every forwarder requests an id, 2you4 shouldn't be any different.

>pretty sure you're baiting us pal
He is. That retard always mentions Discord out of nowhere for no reason trying to get replies about it, and he always ""censors"" it the same autistic way.

I really hate that design. She's barely wearing anything. Worse than Nero's final form in Fate/Extra Umbral star

Who are you quoting?


>buy figure from Mandarake because it was twice as expensive elsewhere
>pay for EMS because I don't want it to take forever and I have bad experiences with DHL
>wait a few days, checking the tracker often
>after it leaves Tokyo I don't get any any updates for 3 days
>decide to look into it because it seemed weird
>google the acronym of the last known location
>Port of Tokyo
>tfw transpacific shipping takes like 2-3 weeks

Is this shit normal? I never order from Mandarake, and I paid for EMS which I was under the impression that it was air shipping.

Nope I have seen them posting here like retards and then laughing there like if it were some kind of clever joke, I don't put the whole name because I think they're not worth mentioning.

ThE gUiDe

Fuck off. You're just as autistic as them, if not more.

His conscience.


Thanks. I find it strange that 2you4 wouldn't ask for that if it really is a Japanese legal requirement.

No it seems you are for defending them that much, I'm just telling it's not funny and to fuck off.

i use them and never had to


Here, it was this pic from the other thread. What does it say?

My nigga

>it seems you are for defending them that much
I'm not the retard who constantly mentions an unrelated group of fags circlejerking out of nowhere because I want replies, and then proceed to imply you're just "informing" people of shit no one cares about. Stop mentioning this garbage and fuck off.

Fuck off already.

Is there a reason to use a forwarder over a proxy?

next black scale figure

cost less and no risk of selling out

don't even bother if you're retarded though

It sure got faggy in here. Post bingos!

2you4 seem to be a lot more willing to work the gray area. They also shipped paint to me that technically should've been surface shipped but used EMS instead without batting an eyelash. Could be they're just the cool uncle of forwarders.

Go back to jerking off to Porkchop. Fat is disgusting and you're the too degenerstw among degenerates for liking it.

Forwarders are cheaper than Proxies, the only difference is that for forwarders, you need to order and pay for the stuff yourself.
If a shop doesn't allow international credit cards or has some other limitations, you need a proxy, otherwise forwarders are usually the better choice.

Looks like Sephiroth's gonna need a longer sword.

What are the odds of Violet getting a nendo?
Kyoani girls never get anything it's so frustrating.

Long and Thick

Now lets see if this panty will be truly castoff so we can finally see that starfish.

Better if it does well. Buy a few BDs user.

>Buying BDs
Nah. I already do my part with plastic crack.

Every good kyoani show got a nendo like hibi.. I mean amag.. um yeah, and there's chuun.. oh wait, I'm sorry user.

Then you'll just have to hope others make the show popular enough without you.

You shouldn't buy with your dick.

Then who's gonna buy dem bunnies?

This looks so much better painted. Still not getting it, but it looks great.