Is there anything worth of it in fate series beyond Fate Zero? Seriously, in terms of plot, character development...

Is there anything worth of it in fate series beyond Fate Zero? Seriously, in terms of plot, character development, plot development, good characters and etc. Seriously, UBW is completely shit, Apocrypha is shit, the Fate Stay Night VN is not even 1/5 of Zero.

Should I give up? Or continue this journey cuz waifuism?

Heaven’s feel is objectively better and is the only route that finishes the plot, theme Zero set up. If secondary faggots came into the Visual novel looking for the edge Zero had just read that route.

Zero is not even as good as FSN, what are you smoking?

shit > zero
prisma ilya > all

Give up and fuck off to MAL.


zero is garbage. your hero kiritsugu himself admitted he did everything wrong and would abandon all he stood for if it gave him his family back.
all you zerofags just liked building getting blown and that lancer looser. mentally 5 years old all of you

Actually theme of Zero questioning heroism is much best concluded in UBW. Heaven's Feel rather conclude question of evil behind Grail. Which is rather mere plot point, than actual theme. In Heaven's Feel theme of Heroism is rather simply discarded in favor of traditional "save a girl" story. And while it perfectly works for said story and it's character, it's completely against theme of Zero. So be care full what you actually saying.

If you like Fate/Zero perhaps you should look into Urobuchi's other work. You aren't going to find more of his style in Fate as a whole.

But the theme of Zero was that Kiritsugu's ideal was a mistake. Shirou breaking free of it is the final step of his development.

fate is so generic and uncreative.

I rate them
Zero 4/5
UBW- 3/5
Apoc- 3/5
FSN- 2/5

Not really. UBW was much better conclusion. HF was simply "Fuck evrything. Let's FUCK Sakura."

Heaven's Feel is already bad solely because it doesn't give Archer, the only good character in FSN, any closure.


You need to take a few more English courses before you post here ever again.

How about fuck you.

It gives all the closure he deserves. He saw his past self deny all his ideals and terrible life for the sake of love and pussy. HF is the biggest fuck you to archer because it proves the foundation to his existence was not so strong after all.
It's only a missed opportunity that he wasn't corrupted and turned into Sakura's bitch like Saber for maximum suffering.

Aldnoah was shit , phantom was 6/10 and black lagoon was just fun to watch . why do people like that hack so much ?? name one actually good show he wrote other than F/Z


Everything you said is better in UBW.

it's not good and i don't think he's the one who created it

>name one actually good show he wrote other than F/Z