Cardcaptor Sakura

>we want the Precure audience

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I want to stick my penis inside Sakura!

I want to make babies with Sakura!


Kill yourself.

pls Tomoyo stop it



Original CCS always made me hungry with all those beautiful cakes and sweets

You're messing with my filter, faggot

user maybe put it up on megaupload or something?

When is ch 20 coming out? I'm assuming early February?

Yep. Last chapter had raws and a translation out the last couple days of the month before though so it'll probably be the same for this chapter so expect something late this month.

This is gonna be so satisfying to watch on a diet

I need that key release OST immediately. It's adorable.

That's because we got two chapters in December to compensate for having none in January

They are somewhat the same.

we're taking back the precure audience*

Have fun user

I find that hard to believe. The magazine comes out on the first or second of each month so even if there were 2 chapters they both would have come out at the beginning of December. Raws and translations for chapter 19 were up like December 29th which would indicate the chapter would be in the magazine that would go out on the 1st or 2nd of January.

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dekirika na

Platinum > CLEAR > Catch you catch me > Tobira wo akete
Jewerly > Fruits Candy > Honey > Groovy

How can there be anyone this retarded?

Platinum > Catch you catch me > CLEAR >= Tobira wo akete
Groovy > Jewelry > Fruits Candy > Honey

I can understand people who like Catch you catch me better than CLEAR, but what's so good about Groovy?

Hitorijime > everything else


>not watching Precure
Casuals can fuck off anyways.

Ashita e no Melody>All

Precure's audience are mostly pervs and nostalgic women, that's why the ratings are on the toilet. They can keep them

Yeah you're just dumb


This moment will, for me, be the greatest moment in anime.
It is been 20 years yet I can remember exactly what I felt at the end of the movie.


fair enough, but let's not forget best boy's song

too lewd

Cute as fuck, I can't believe I never heard this drama cd before:

>as if CCS didnĀ“t have its own audience

Platinum > Catch you catch me > Tobira wo akete > CLEAR
Groovy > Fruits Candy > Jewerly > Honey

See, this is what i was talking about yesterday.

Can't wait for it to surpass the manga.

Well so far it's struggling with its own continuity since the main storyline has a few things that conflict with what happened in the anime and movies.


>few things that conflict with what happened in the anime and movies
I'm curious what they'll do about Eriol's house

So are the original cards dead or did they want a reason to mass manufacture cheap plastic instead of paper?

I am almost certain the old cards will return at some point. I don't think they will just kill them off forever. It will probably become a plot device later on.

Magic evolves to become eco-friendly.

>Sakura captures all clear cards
>Big bad appears and steals control from her revealing they're components to summon CLAMP dragon
>With help from her friends Sakura finds the way to unlock her original cards
>Final battle ensues
I would accept this.

>sakura gives the new cards to akiho/the D
>gets her old cards back
>it was all part of an elaborate plan!

That's actually very possible

Who is the best CLAMP waifu? Is it Sakura? Or is it somebody else?



>all according to keikaku


shut up, Tomoyo


Hikaru. But Sakura is up there.

TRC Sakura



Mokona is Mokona!

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Stop that.

That's kinda hot if you're a despicable human being who wants to live the rest of his life in the torturous pits of the underworld for all eternity

Great. I can't unhear Hopeboy. Do another voice Ogata.

Sakura's just showing her hospitality.



It doesn't matter how many years CCS has been out and how many internet rules apply to it. LEWDING SAKURA WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED unless it's with Tomoyo



>when you're so in love with your perfect bf that even your little sister being nice to him makes you jealous

Touya pls

Have to chuckle at filterfags. Literally safespacers.

>not going all the way to the plate as designed

There is a reason for layers, it's to balance shit out.

>Yukito spending the night
I don't think the girls will be able to sleep...

Post more Sakura lewds please.


Just go to gelbooru.


This is as lewd of a Sakura you are all allowed to post!

Sakura is too sexy.

What about the episode where her and Kero are in the bathing room? That's the lewdest the series got.

You don't have a penis Tomoyo


Anons, do not imply such things.
Tomoyo would never have impure thoughts, her love is completely pure.
She doesn't have any carnal desire for Sakura, it is pure unconditional love.

Too lewd.

Which one? The one that got stabbed by everyone except Kurogane or the other one?

>cake propaganda
The only thing bad about it.

Nadeshiko died also believing that lie as well.


Well the one that got stabbed was the "real" one iirc, her soul and body just got separated. And the clone is a clone so they'd be identical.

And he even knows about Syaoran. Touya is ridiculous.

Mmm mmm, look at this!

No, that was the fake one. Real one never got stabbed.

This is correct.


No it was her clone, after she gets stabbed she tells real Syaoran "I'm not your Sakura and you know it"

Oh yeah, that's right. Whatever, the clone is the same as the original since it's a clone.

Please, user. Don't compare Tomoyo with her mother. Tomoyo never once was angry like her mother because of her unrequited love. For Tomoyo, Sakura's happiness is a higher source of joy than her own feelings. Her love for Sakura is nothing next to Sakura's happiness.

The real one isn't even a Sakura, but Tsubasa.

Piggy! For your trouble:

More or less, indeed.

ignore post more cute girls with delicious sweets

I don't understand your comparison. CCS has always done cute things like that.

This but with Syaoran

>250 calories for just one slice
Fuck that. Here user, try this:

Now back to the cutest girl in the universes!