Would you a Phoenix?

Would you a Phoenix?

Too small overall for my tastes.

I'd just about anything with a nice face and big tiddies.

I would literally all the girls in this series and hell even a couple of the boys.

The fourth most important girl in his heart. How did she do it?

God damn right I would. Now I'm just waiting to see how she looks in the new art style for Hero.

She should look great since the new artstyle fits the cute ones the most.

That's what I was thinking since Koneko looked really cute in the preview.

Is she really?

I would. I'd destroy her with my black cock.



Breed the bird

What's the ranking?


i would, but she can't compete with pic related

Rias, Akeno, Asia, Ravel
Except for Koneko the series kept the order of appearance rule
It's a harem, you fuck all the girls

harem or not, there must be a best girl


Better phoenix

Highschool DxD is a funny ecchi anime in regards to if it turned into full on hentai it'd actually become worse. So many series it's the opposite.


Best slut.

Xenovia is great too

That's certainly an interesting way to use UV protection



I want a Phoenix to do me


No, I would a valkyrie.

A valkyrie is more than fine too, especially when they have such a ridiculous body.

That may finally make her a dencent character.

I want to pollinate this Rose.

As opposed to a fiddycent character?
I'll show myself out.



Fapping to her mobage art is the best

Fuck she's so goddamn cute. The new art better do her justice.


The best body in the series

The comedy is great and all but I really need a hentai OVA for this series

I really wish she could be a slut in the actual series like the mobage art depicts her as

She might do a little after V25, but it will far to late for her character.



Rias went to shit when she started letting everyone walk all over her.

DxD does something to my dick that no other series does, and I have no idea how.

It just has amazing art. Shame about the rest of it. Shinmai Maou no Testament is the best comparison I can think of.

Shinmai Maou no Testament is shit though. The MC is boring, it has inferior girls (except pic related) and the overall story of the show itself is just dull. The only thing it has is some good ecchi moments.

Better late than never I suppose. I'll savour whatever lewds we get from her next volume


Shinmai is a shameless clone that doesn't even bother hiding it. The only good girl turns out to be incest bait too.


sameface galore

>best girl
>didn't get pregnant first
Sure user

>didn't get pregnant first
enlighten me user
t.anime only fag

There a light novel side story that shows Issei's kids traveling back in time. Going by their ages Issei and Rias's child is not the oldest, and thus Rias did not get pregnant first. I think there is a chart that shows the order of pregnancy actually. Someone post it.

didn't find the order but fuckcing hell he fucked everyone didn't he?
he has kids with:
probably a couple more too

Not only this
Obviously Rias was never gonna get the first kid, it was established in volume 2 or maybe even V1 that pure blood devils have terrible birth rates, probably because demonic essence messes with the creation of life, but the main problem is Ex
Never mind that Akeno got the first kid, and called him Kurenai, Rias probably got so mad Asia named half of her own daughter after her, Ex is the main issue
Ex, Rias's child, is a hilarious case of a teenage edgelord with an inferiority complex towards his dad, his parents are barely present in his life and he was raised by Vali of all people. Also there's his possible Oedipus complex, Ex is a fucking mess that feels like he was set up like that only for future character development
IIRC the order is
Akeno, Asia, Xenovia, Irina, Ross, Ravel, Rias, Koneko and Kuroka
There's akso Le Fay, and Hilde
And probably Kunou

Damn, issei really fuck 'em all.

Kunou's not confirmed
But she has been living with them all for a while and she is there for that very reason
>Yasaka nearly decided to take Issei herself before Kunou got mad

Wait are you for real? The dude has kids? Fucking when and where? I NEED THE DETAILS user.

It's a novel that was released to make up for BorN


>Rias was the seventh woman in the harem to bear a child
Now that's gotta hurt her pride

She knew it was going to happen
At least her kid is the most powerful one, technically Airi is on the same level but Ex is younger and has a ton of potential

Why does she lack porn?
In fact why does every DxD girl besides Rias lacks porn?

>besides Rias
Akeno has porn

How did she grow so fast again?

Rias thought process:
>Akeno: Well that's to be expected.
>Asia: She did love him first...
>Xenovia: She really wanted babies I guess?
>Irina: Wait...
>Ross: What.
>Ravel: Seriously?

Irina had an entire faction backing her up, of course she was a priority, same goes for Ross
As for Ravel, who do you think is easier to get pregnant? A girl with the power of immortal life, or a girl with the power of absolute destruction?

I don't disagree with the order, I'm guessing her feelings about the order since the rest began as literally side chicks.

What can she do about it except try to fuck Issei until she faints from exhaustion?
Ask Ajuka for experimental fertility drugs?

Calm your tits user, I made that post for comedic effect. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously.

>expecting people to understand sarcasm online
Poe's law
I can't even understand sarcasm IRL

I only want Sona.

Who does Sona like?

Issei, and Saji as a little brother

Id rather have reverse cow girl anal with Neko Koneko.

Eat her ass before it thou.

Saji is family-zoned by Sona. There are signs that she doesn't mind Issei (like the fact that he's the first one to see her in a swimsuit) but there hasn't been any huge developments between the two.


Please no girl would ever like you not even fictional ones.


I love Rias the most out of all the girls.

Incorrect, but you are right at fictional ones.


the only correct answer, Rias is best girl



>Issei tries to defuse the situation but his boner keeps taking over

>ywn have a group of beautiful women climb all over you in bed

Until you are booted out of the bed by Xenovia and her crazy sleeping.

>not typing Xenovia to the bed before sleeping

tying* fucking hell

Imagine the orgies

This thread needs more Grayfia.

I think it's a situation like Sailor Moon, where we get a glimpse of the future and he has kids then, and we get to see his mini-usa. I'm not caught up.


Fuck me I need somebody to manage my life but real modern family relationships don't do that.